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Everything in the universe is composed of energy including the human body. Traditionally, when we lived in harmony with nature our body’s energies vibrated in resonance with the universal energies, we experienced optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Today, as we strive to meet the demands of our fast paced lifestyles, we have unknowingly become detached from nature through breathing polluted air, eating unnatural food, drinking chemical-laden water, ingesting toxic medication, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using inorganic body and household products, absorbing electro-magnetic pollution and being exposed to continuous stress. This has resulted in our energies becoming congested and imbalanced, which is the foundation for dis-ease.

Traditional energy healers had a wealth of knowledge on how to diagnose and treat the root cause of dis-ease by natural, holistic methods, and through the generations a great deal of this ancient wisdom has been kept alive. Traditional Indian energy healers believe that the root cause of obesity and excess weight gain stems from energy imbalances within our thyroid and reproductive glands.

The thyroid and reproductive glands are part of the endocrine system. The endocrine glands have a profound effect on our entire being as they regulate the functions of our systems, organs, tissues and cells by secreting the numerous vital hormones essential for our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our endocrine and exocrine glands act as buffers to absorb the negative impact of emotional, mental and physical stress, including toxic chemicals from our diet and environment. If our glands are exposed to excessive amounts of negative stress, energy imbalances result, and our glands become impaired, leading to dis-ease. The glands are inter-related; therefore if one gland becomes imbalanced, the health of the remaining glands are affected.

To empower the endocrine and exocrine glands, and treat the root cause of obesity and weight gain, follow these ancient practices:

Plant-Based Diet

Traditionally, a plant-based wholefood diet was well known to nourish and balance the endocrine and exocrine glands. Nature’s food absorbs an abundance of life-giving solar energy from the sun, which makes it positively and negatively balanced, to nourish each and every cell within our physical, mental and emotional body in a form that it recognizes, to reduce unhealthy cravings and compulsive over-eating.

Include the following to empower digestion and generate weight loss:
– Black Pepper and Turmeric Root assist in weight loss by preventing the accumulation of fat deposits within the body.
– Cinnamon and Ginger Root assist in balancing blood sugar levels, to suppress the appetite and reduce food cravings.
– Raw Garlic and Onions are abundant with digestive enzymes to increase the digestive power to encourage weight loss.
– Bitter Gourd assists in regulating blood sugar levels, purifying the blood and stimulating the liver to improve fat metabolism.
– Fenugreek Seeds cleanse the detoxifying organs and are rich in fiber which creates a feeling of fullness to reduce food intake.
– Sprouted nuts, seeds and legumes are highly alkaline and detoxifying to assist in balancing the endocrine and exocrine glands.

Acupressure Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of diagnosing and treating the root cause of dis-ease, thereby curing dis-ease by applying intermittent pressure on specific areas of the body, that correspond to specific organs, glands, nerves, tissues and so forth. This regulates the vital energy within the body part, empowering it to function optimally.

Apply the following energy balancing treatments to empower the endocrine and exocrine glands and alleviate stress and anxiety, to treat the root cause of weight gain and obesity:

Pituitary Gland: Place your fingertips on the inside edges of your eyebrows, at the centre of your forehead. Press gently for one minute, three times a day.

Pineal Gland: Place your left fingertips at the centre of your forehead and your right fingertips on the crown of your head. Press gently for one minute, three times a day.

Thyroid Gland: Place your index fingers one inch below the inside corners of your collarbone, where there is a slight indentation. Press gently for one minute, three times a day.

Thymus Gland: Place your fingertips at the centre of your chest. Gently massage using small circular clockwise movements, for one minute, three times a day.

Pancreas Gland: Place your fingertips three inches directly above your naval. Gently massage using small circular clockwise movements, for one minute, three times a day.

Adrenal Glands: Place your fingertips one inch above and out from your naval. Apply firm intermittent pressure for one minute, three times a day.

Reproductive Glands: Firmly press around the inner and outer wrist bones and ankle bones, using your thumbs. Apply for five minutes in total, three times a day, concentrating on any tender spots.

Lymph Glands: Gently massage around the jawline and earlobes, using your ring fingers, for one minute. Intermittently press the inner wrist, in line with the middle finger, using your thumbs, for one minute.

The lymph gland treatment is the last to be applied, to allow any impurities and imbalances to be removed through the lymphatic system. Breathe slowly and deeply throughout and end the treatment by drinking warm herbal tea to assist the kidneys in removing released toxins.

Ear Acupressure

To reduce the appetite, gently massage the area around the hinge of the jaw, close to the ear, for two minutes, three times a day.

To suppress hunger pangs, press the points shown on the ear diagram. Place the middle finger on the front of each ear and the thumb on the back of each ear. Press these points for five minutes in total, thirty minutes before eating.

Stress-Relief Acupressure

To relax the nerves and release emotional anxiety, clasp the hands tightly together and firmly press the fingertips into the back of the opposite hand, for five seconds. Release and repeat eleven times. Practice whenever you feel the desire to eat due to low mood, anxiety, fear or stress.

The nerve acupressure points begin in the webs between the fingers and the nervous system acupressure points are located on the back of the hands. The regular practice of this simple technique releases anxiety, calms the nerves and strengthens the entire nervous system.

Abdominal Massage

Detoxifies and strengthens the digestive organs and glands and release suppressed emotions:
Infuse two drops of essential oil with one teaspoon of warm organic ghee.
Lie down comfortably and apply small gentle circular motions around the naval.
Gradually widen the circles and apply deeper pressure, covering the entire abdominal area.

Apply for ten minutes in the morning and evening. Do not wash off the essential oil mix after the massage.

Traditional essential oils used to treat obesity include:
– Mustard essential oil increases the body’s ability to burn fat.
– Ginger essential oil is detoxifying and reduces sweet cravings.
– Black Pepper essential oil reduces over-eating and food addictions.
– Fennel essential oil balances the hormones and suppresses the appetite.
– Sandalwood essential oil calms stress and anxiety to relieve emotional eating.
– Cinnamon essential oil enhances metabolism and reduces the body’s ability to store fat.

Barefoot Walking

The ancient Indian holistic practice of walking on the natural earth, barefoot. Within the earth there lies a powerful and unique energy source which we can draw upon. The earth is composed of minerals and the body is mineral in essence, therefore our body’s energies resonate perfectly with the energy of the earth. The earth’s energy is greater than that of the body, and this enables it to be absorbed naturally through the soles of our feet.

Practice walking barefoot on the bare earth, grass or sand for thirty minutes in the morning as the sun rises and thirty minutes in the evening as the sun sets. This traditional practice enables the body to discharge the accumulation of harmful free radicals and electromagnetic pollution, absorb a concentrated source of anti-oxidants and balance natural energy rhythms to re-charge the endocrine and exocrine glands.

Mudra Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of expressional hand gestures to balance the vital energy flowing throughout the body and mind, to regain equilibrium and encourage the body’s natural healing response.

Mudras can be practiced whilst sitting, walking, or lying down during meditation.

Surya Mudra

The surya mudra is effective for increasing body heat and regulating the metabolism, which assists in burning excess fat stores.

To practice, bend your ring fingers inwards. Place the tip of your thumbs on the outside edge of the middle joints of your ring fingers. Relax and extend your index, middle, and little fingers. Practice two times a day for thirty minutes in total.

Detoxification Mudra

The detoxification mudra is effective for clearing the underlying emotional issues related to obesity and cleansing the physical body.

To practice place your thumb on the inside edge of the third joint of your ring finger. Relax and extend your remaining fingers. Practice two times a day for thirty minutes in total.

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July 21, 2018


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