Relaxation in Yoga

Relaxation is extremely important in yoga. It is only through this stage that one can harmonize and balance the energies that were awakened and amplified during the yoga practice (asanas, pranayama, etc.). Therefore one must not neglect this aspect. The more one learns to relax profoundly, the easier the resonance with the beneficial sublime energies of the Macrocosm will be.

By maintaining this state of relaxation for a long time, one will gradually notice that you become calm, serene and less stressed. Everybody suffers from varying degrees of stress, depending on the surrounding environment and society. Unfortunately, this is modern life: being pressured, hurried and always anxious.

The time has come for everybody to understand that life is not a permanent struggle and a source of anxiety; on the contrary, it is a source of happiness and fulfillment.

Find time to relax. Discard any thoughts that pester you, and any source of stress. Happiness actually depends on you alone. Rest and think of something beautiful, remind yourself of how happy you are because the divine spark is within you. Although you might have forgotten about its existence, it never ceases to light up your life. In essence we are all perfect beings whose connection with Supreme Happiness is permanent. One has only to re-discover this ancient truth.

Profound Yoga Relaxation (SHAVASANA)

Lay down on your back, with your head towards the North or East. Place your arms slightly away from the body and your legs slightly apart.

Focus upon the left leg. Begin from the tips of the toes, gradually relaxing all the muscle groups. You will notice slight vibrations, sensations of warmth and of loss of the leg outline. Compare the state of the relaxed left leg with that of the still un-relaxed right leg. Repeat the procedure with the right leg. Then relax the left arm and the right arm. Next, gradually relax the muscles of the the buttocks, the pelvis, the abdomen, the stomach, the back, the shoulders, the chest, the neck, the chin, the cheeks, the tongue, the eyes and the forehead.

You will notice a feeling of loss of body outline, a slight warmth, light vibrations accompanied by a state of expansion of the consciousness. The body feels soft and heavy. Try to look at it from above, as a garment you have left behind. You may feel endlessly enlarged in cosmic beatitude; you are conscious of the complete sensation of being integrated and unified with the whole universe.

Gradually come back from this profound state of relaxation. You will feel much better and happier.

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