Sexual Continence

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The sexual continence!
You shall no longer do it… without it!
For it lasts longer, it makes it better and it’s all yours ever after!

Making love! Such a wonderful thing…
Yes, it is…but making love not sex…!
Sex is good as well, but love makes us feel and even be better, more beautiful, generous, powerful – even like gods, maybe. It’s not for nothing that they say if love is endless the impossible shall be easily possible.

Here we may wonder what makes the difference between love and sex. There is quite a huge difference, indeed, which is love itself. It’s a wonderful thing to be in love and to be loved, but there is a peak of love, which is making love. This means, when love is missing, despite any chemistry – that is sex, and when love is there, to make love is a wonderful achievement and top of love itself.

We all want to love and to be loved, many of us may wish to make love, if possible, no matter when, where, how long, and no matter the age, but, of course not to whoever and however. For, there are things to be learnt even in making love.

Well, is it possible no matter where, when, how long, and is it tremendously wonderful and amazing? Well, it is possible by means of the sexual continence.

The idea came from the East and has been applied along ages by the Indian tantric philosophy adepts, by the Chinese Taoists and those from the adjacent countries. This used to be a great secret of life how to make your love flourish and by making love to become happy and strong. Reaching the West, this love practice – consisting in sexual continence – attained a quick spread, particularly during the last decades. There are lots of people to who have discovered sexual continence in lovemaking and followed it. Why do you think they did? Well, for it is worth.

The advantages in practicing sexual continence:

– it awakens a huge number of orgasms (both for man and woman) and incredibly increasing pleasure;
– a state of appetite and eternal longing for the lover, they seem not to get enough of one another;
– sexual longevity;
– regeneration and rejuvenation;
– increased vitality;
– elimination of feebleness, turpitude after the lovemaking;
– psychic balance, increase of creativity, awakening of intelligence;
– increase of charming personality both for the man and the woman;
– elimination of any unwelcome pregnancy;
– considerable decrease of the woman’s period and of the awkward subjacent effects;
– many women are finally aware of what orgasm is (it’s known for a fact that women need almost 30 minutes  erotic stimulation whereas the man is done within 10 minutes in most of the cases)
– breasts natural enlargement for women.
Moreover we get a chance to reach back to ourselves as spiritual beings in a superior understanding of love and life.

What is sexual continence, then?

This mainly means sperm retention inside the man’s body, without releasing it by ejaculations or pollutions, and for the woman, no explosive juice during orgasm and decreased period secretions.

Why should we hold back our sperm? Since very old times, people have noticed that the sperm a man ca ejaculate in a lifetime is a given amount, which can even stay in the body at old age, according to the wise way it is eliminated. There are undeniable cases known of men that have been fertile even after 100. We normally can see that the andropause (sexual rest that man is forced to by the end of his life) is highly delayed if the man had carefully weighted his sperm resource. As usually, once the sperm resource is over and therefore no longer present into the body, vitality, memory, creativity, physical strength seriously decrease and the subject is obviously prey to the old age. The witted instead only see their age when they look into the mirror and they have no worries then, for they still feel in power.

A woman that practices love with sexual continence gets much more sex-appeal and her beauty and brightness often last for incredibly long time. The prostitutes, on the contrary have too many juice orgasms and they quickly get worn out, lose their beauty and fall prey to physical and psychic decadence more than any other women.

There actually is a quite close relationship between the sexual potential inside the body and the inner force of a man, as it’s known for a fact that all men with special inner force also dispose of strong sexual potential. Things have been pushed that far that in order to attain enough force, famous men or women (businessmen, leaders, politicians, militaries) who are not aware of the sexual continence seldom perform sexual intercourses. They instinctively chose abstinence – a partial solution, by far – as they considered between making love more often without continence and career, they would rather go for the career.

However, abstinence could not stand for a solution, because men often attempt to lose sexual potential while asleep, by pollution and women by abundant and painful menstruation.
Therefore the sexual potential is a physiological gift by birth and it can be used more or less wisely and be consumed sooner or later. Here we realize we really need to know how sexual continence can be attained.

How is it possible yet to make love no ejaculation or no squirt (in the case of the women)?

It all starts from the scientific fact that orgasm and ejaculation – for the man – or the specific squirt – for the woman – are not necessarily connected. There are many situations known when orgasm is plenary experienced without the physiological squirt. The scientific perspective suggested and proved as an explanation to this phenomenon the theory of the biological transmutation of matter for low energies, even inside the human body. This shows that man’s sperm and woman’s sexual fluids can turn into energy inside the human body, according to Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2. The calculation shows that such energy is huge and it stays inside our body at different levels, which secures the above-mentioned advantages.

Whether we have time or not and can read and check the scientific theory of this extraordinary physiological aspect, fact is that it exists and we can directly know it by practicing sexual continence. It’s the best reply for the sceptical: let’s see for ourselves how it functions. For it is really worth!

This has been known for quite some time and been often practiced in secret. For there have been kings and leaders looking for charm and power; there have been courtesans and men after a sexual glory, trying to impress their lovers with their sexual performances. But there have been some others who wisely took the sexual power as a valuable secret for life harmonization.

These days, the famous rock star Sting admitted after some insistence that by sexual continence he may even make love to his wife for eight hours, having just a lunch break after four hours. He says he thereby attained extraordinary results, all the more his relationship with his wife is much more consonant now.
Also, Raquel Welch, an extraordinary beautiful actress, has successfully practiced sexual continence in couple relationship and therefore admitted that part of her charm and her power to live a consonant life is due to this practice.

How to do it?

The point is the so-called sexual energy control, that we can feel proportional to the erotic feeling intensity. The control basically consists of obstructing man’s ejaculation and woman’s squirting by all means. Besides, sexual energy control i.e. sexual continence can be easily performed by a woman and it barely requires basic training. Usually the woman only has to pursue no squirt orgasm, which would lead energies downside and trigger uterus spasms. The woman can mentally direct the energy of pleasure to the upper levels of the being, and the energy will spread in pleasant waves in the whole body.

What makes great importance is the common sense and the rightful measure in all our actions. Although there are some rules, quite valuable in fact, nothing must be taken mechanically but adapted to what we are feelings and to the situations.

After 10 minutes foreplay at least, slow penetrations, are kindly made to relish the ineffable charm of the lovemaking and the beauty of the beloved, while paying attention to the increasing sexual energy. We shall feel the woman’s sexual energies absorption by the man’s sexual organ, as well as by the whole contact area of the two sexual organs. The sexual tension is ever higher and we feel closer and closer to the juice point…

It’s now time to:
-hold on or suddenly move out (according to the excitation degree and to our training)
-stop breathing in or out;
-we strongly shrink the anus (the muscle controlling defecation);
-we strongly shrink the urinary muscle (as if we want to prevent a strong need to urinate);
-strongly shrink the pubis-coccyx muscle (which also shrinks when we want not to urinate, despite a strong need to; this muscle is situated between anus and sex);
-strongly shrink the muscles down the penis or the vagina and clitoris muscles;
-we strongly squeeze our fists and teeth (but not too strong);
-we tighten our back;
-we push our tongue back stuck to the palate (obviously do not swallow it)
-we imagine in our mind some energy in the lower part of the body, concentrated in the genitals area, which we mentally direct to the upper part of our body, along the spine; we shall mostly focus it in the middle of the forehead.

These actions are supposed to be taken all together, with maximum intensity, or just part of them, according to the need and according to how efficient we consider them, for 5-10 seconds or as long as we please, until the sexual tension decreases at some level that affords the sexual energy control.

Then, we resume penetration, slowly rather than quickly as much as we feel convenient for the sexual energy control.  If considered necessary we may stay motionless for some time and only move when the erection lessens, then we stop again (still in contact). We keep feeling the pleasure of the woman’s sexual secretions absorbed through the man’s sexual organ, as well as through the entire contact area between the two sexual organs.  

We shall discover exquisite joy that we couldn’t have even guessed by slow penetrations or by stops (yet in contact).
Such contractions and mental focus can be performed for long whiles, still in motion (i.e. not only during the crisis moments). This will help preventing the near limit situation, drawing to a dangerous moment for the sexual energy control.
In case the man has misevaluated it and reached a point off control, there is the last chance: the three fingers technique, which implies to utterly press three fingers along the urethras in between the anus and the genitals. The contractions and the mental focus will keep going. Ejaculation can be stopped in this way or the sperm amount that still might be eliminated is much smaller.

The postlude is highly important and always required, after which the lovers should stay apart from each other, as far as possible during 7 hours at least.

Therefore, a special chemistry may emerge between the two lovers and they will be more attracted to each other when they next meet.

Serious training for sexual continence can be attained by long and firm contractions of the anus muscle as long as possible, also by practicing the abdomen retraction and the intermittent urination. The latter can be done every time we urinate, by breaking the urinary jet as much as possible, by firmly shrinking the urinary muscle for at least 1-3 seconds in between two jets. The urinary muscle and the pubis-coccyx muscle can be shrunk even out of the urinating process (during any day work), which engenders a quite pleasant energising feeling inside the whole body.
in doing so we shall reach incredible sexual performances. But we shouldn’t perform it like some sport, using our new abilities in order to impress the sexual partner by actions that lack love. Sexual continence is an instrument, some ability for us to satisfy our life and the one we love. In acting without love, the being will decay and waste the gifts and abilities that had been discovered.

All the above physical actions are highly efficient particularly if we display firm mental focus; it may even be possible by simple mind focus to attain the sexual energy control, without using any of the above techniques.
Therefore, let us pursue making love only if love is there. Let us love as much as possible from the bottom of our heart. Besides, sexual continence is much easier to be accomplished when one loves and one is loved.
Just as we have said, what really matters is the common sense and the right measure in all our actions. Let’s keep in mind that a master owes his wisdom to practice!

An exceptional technique!

After lovemaking, in order to feel better and fully fructify the effects of the continence, it is worth practicing as much as possible the abdominal retraction technique. Stages of execution:
-standing in a bending position, hands on the knees;
-to begin we take a deep breath in, then we try to breathe out as much as possible;
– we firmly shrink the diaphragm and we strongly retract upside and backside the belly organs, which will go as if sticking close to the spine; as strange as it may seem, the technique will be the better accomplished the more we succeed this retraction. Do not worry, no matter how unusual it may seem, this position has exclusively good effects;
-during this retraction, we focus just like we do during the lovemaking, so that the lower energy should go up to the superior parts of the body, mostly to the head level, in the middle of the forehead;
-at the end of the retraction, we relax the diaphragm, and release the belly organs downside: this is the only moment we may breathe in; next we may breathe at ease and resume the technique immediately or after a few more breaths.
For serious effects we must intensely repeat the abdominal retraction technique, for at least 30 times. The technique is recommended at least 30 minutes before lunch.
The technique is not recommended (in case of ulcer, colitis, appendicitis, when it may be painful).


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