The Covid-19 Power Grab as “Organized Crime”. A Multi-faceted Deception (1)

Many holes are busting through the thick wall of media-generated obstructions meant to block wide public understanding of the Covid-19 power grab. The fake fight to vanquish the celebrity coronavirus is being widely exposed as a multi-faceted deception.

As delusions are shattering, more and more people are starting to open their minds to the profound nature of the actual dangers engulfing us. In the process the dons directing the covid Mafioso are losing control of the dominant covid narrative. The narrative’s embattled defenders are becoming increasingly desperate to divert public attention away from the scene of the covid crimes.

In spite of the diversionary tactics, a growing constituency is coming to see that human predators, not the surprise invasion of some new type of germ, are the primary culprits driving the malaise that has been overtaking us. Our economy, our rights, our freedoms, our institutions, and increasingly our very lives and wellbeing are under attack as the covid-19 power grab moves into new frontiers of subversive infiltration.

Some of those engaged in the grab for power have exposed their true agenda by celebrating the crash of existing forms of political economy. They have lauded the destruction of our life support systems as a necessary expedient to clear decks for massive structural transformation sometimes described as the Great Reset. See this.

This slogan is best understood as a cynical PR phrase whose propagandistic purpose is to disguise the lawless ruthlessness of the covid-19 power grab. In their internally contradictory fantasies the Davos devotees pushing the idea of a Great Reset, picture a woke and green utopia under the digitally-enabled iron fist of corporatist dictatorship.

To anticipate where this power grab is taking us, we need only evaluate the trajectory of developments delivered to us since 2020. The weight of evidence has become overwhelming that the covid measures imposed in the name of safeguarding human health are doing precisely the opposite. The covid lockdowns accelerated a well-advanced economic calamity and the injections have set in motion a massive global public health catastrophe still in its infancy.

See this.

Covid jabs, the primary supposed remedy for the misnamed pandemic, have so far been shot into the arms of well over half of the world’s 8 billion inhabitants. As imperfect and incomplete as it is, the evidence points to the now-inescapable conclusion that these injections are making a very high proportion of jab recipients sicker rather than better. The jabs are truncating lifespans, not prolonged them.

Moreover all those who have taken the shots are made more vulnerable to the full array of infectious diseases including covid-19. The covid jabs are surreptitiously destroying human immunity, a process of biological sabotage that becomes more and more severe with repeated injections.

The aim of this assault on natural immunity is to advance the conditions for a permanent and universally mandated regime of cradle-to-grave injections. The wonders of natural immunity are being stripped from humans as part of a broader assault design to render most people more dependent on our overlords for our very survival.

Promoting the Industrial Re-engineering of Human Biology

The World Health Organization played a significant role in this coordinated attack on innate immunity through its strategic redefinition of “herd immunity.” Before October of 2020 the WHO acknowledged that populations can reach collective immunity – herd immunity – by widespread “natural immunity developed through previous infection.” Then the WHO proclaimed that herd immunity can only be attained only when a “threshold of vaccination is reached.” See this.

This WHO pronouncement promoted the inaccurate claim that vaccine-induced immunity is more effective than natural immunity. The main health division of the United Nations thereby sanctioned what amounted to an industrial takeover of the core mechanisms governing human interactions with disease.

This change helped to clear the way for the global push to universalize covid-19 injections, an unprecedented campaign that we can now see in retrospect as the thin edge of the wedge in the technocratic takeover of bodily autonomy. So far there has been almost no space afforded by governments or the media for open public discussion and democratic due process on the corporate implementation of this transhumanist agenda.

We the human guinea pigs inducted into unregulated bouts of nonconsensual medical experimentation have not been dealt in to the decision-making process on how our own bodies are to be invaded, reconstituted, and controlled. If it has already been decided by our masters that even our very persons no longer belong to us, what else can we expect from the next stages of the “Great Reset”?

The covid injections have provided the main point of entry enabling the surveillance state to penetrate under people’s skin as part of the industrial re-engineering of human biology. This ongoing engineering project extends to the continuation of the imperial quest for total information awareness and control, including over the digital flow of cashless money. Many of our upper echelon governors want to further empower themselves by making cashless money systems tied to social credit scoring the basis for AI control of all financial transactions.

Accordingly, the imposition of the biggest injection campaign in history aimed at inoculating the entire population of the world is anything but safe and humanitarian. Rather, this campaign is a key element in a determined grab for power pressed forward on the basis of an enormous fraud. Instead of offering protection, the toxic jabs are ruining and snuffing out lives in what is proving to be by far the biggest medical scandal of all times.

See this.

In the face of these developments, the guardians of the covid myths continue to try to expunge and hide as much of the evidence as they can of injection deaths and injuries. The determination continues that nothing must be allowed to call into question the sunny ways fairy tale that the covid injections are safe and effective.

Honest Mistakes or Malicious Intent?

The rapid exposure suggesting the immense scale of the covid fraud is happening in clear view of the many millions of people who have learned to steer around the lockstep deceptions of the now-discredited regime media. The truth seekers have been feeding and absorbing this rush of disclosure. They have developed skills in critical and independent thinking, sufficient to recognize sources of generally reliable covid-related information.

Those capable of making the necessary distinctions between credible and fraudulent sources, however, still remain a minority. Will this minority group now grow into a majority as more and more people lose loved ones or look on as the medical system denies proper recognition, empathy and treatment to family members who well understand they have been severely injured by the jabs?

How much more lying and severe abuse, including acts of premeditated murder, can members of the public withstand before they become outraged enough to demand some measure of accountability from covid Officialdom?

What will happen to those who until now have trusted authorities in government and the media to guide them through the supposed remedies promoted as if they have the capacity to ease and end the claimed covid inflictions? Will the scale and intensity of new revelations about the grave harm being done in the name of fighting covid, continue to push global public opinion in a positive direction?

Will those who have so far trusted in the guidance of authority figures overseeing the covid fiasco find the gumption to put their gullibility aside and start asking some pertinent skeptical questions?

Can majority opinion be stretched enough to embrace the realization that we are in the midst of a monumental power grab misrepresented as an evidence-based response to a medical emergency? Will public awareness develop to the point where a vigilant, aroused and well-informed citizenry can bring forward demands backed by the weight of solid public opinion?

The heart of these demands must call on public officials to put together credible teams of objective investigators with the background to knowledgeably explore many unanswered questions. A number of these most vital questions have been brought to light by conscientious whistleblowers who often have faced severe recriminations for pointing out the lies and crimes of covid Officialdom.

As with the case of the “medical jails” set up for covid patients at, for instance, the Amita Health Resurrection Center in Chicago, the leads uncovered by whistle blowers like Dr. Elizabeth Vliet are often extremely significant. They must be followed up by the work of professional investigators armed with extensive subpoena powers. If properly done, many of the investigations will have to give way to criminal charges pressed against some of the worst covid culprits.

Before society as a whole begins to come to terms with major revelations of covid wrongdoing now captured on the public record, many more people will have to critically examine their own assumptions about what went wrong. It is natural to first assume, for instance, that any failure to respond appropriately to the vagaries of the covid debacle must be inadvertent— an outcome of say honest mistakes, simple misunderstandings, or maybe even unfortunate incompetence.

There can be no doubt that incompetence, stupidity and the naïve complicity of some officials have played a role in the genesis of the covid debacle. Any assumption, however, that this explanation is sufficient in itself to explain the depth of our current dilemma is simply wrong.

So too is the tendency to explain away the genuinely criminal nature of the covid operation with the view that all the professional people involved were simply doing their best to respond to a daunting set of uncharted and unprecedented circumstances. Many of these “unprecedented circumstances,” however, can now be shown to be carefully planned and implemented.

Such shallow and incomplete assessments about the nature of the covid-19 power grab will only leave society more vulnerable to even more audacious crimes to come. The ongoing hunt by multi-billionaires and their accomplices for added spoils is best achieved by implementing methods of more complete control.

Dr. Michael Yeadon has reflected on the difficulty now and in the past that people have had in taking action to block the rise of ruthless regimes whose leaders seem intent on causing great harm. He has written,

Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s that normal people, like you and me, simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family.”

A good way to move towards more proactive engagement with menacing developments is to avoid overdependence on assumptions. To transcend the realm of assumption one must ask questions, plenty of questions, directed especially at those claiming special imperatives to educate the public from positions of well-rewarded authority.

Those who fall into the danger zones where unsupported assumptions prevail are often the victims of groupthink. In this covid-19 power grab, groupthink is often promoted by the lockstep decisions of those directing many media venues.

Since the debacle began in 2020, media people have been leading human lambs to receive their jabs on the sacrificial altars of the TV religion preaching redemption from covid infection. Medical practitioners have performed their assigned role in the ritualized killing, injury and obliteration of the natural immunity of those put under the needle of invasive spike protein replication.

Breaking Social Cohesion by Pushing the Idea We Are All Biohazards to One Another

How is it that the governments of the vast majority of the world’s 195 countries have all made essentially the same set of errors in reacting to the same set of circumstances? The replication of the same set of wrong responses to the manufactured covid crisis began almost immediately.

The decisive move came with the unprecedented decision to follow China’s lead in shutting down global society’s life’s blood of free movement and circulation. The new obstructions put in place extended in many directions, including to the strangulation of targeted aspects of commerce and work.

The lockdowns were constructed with an eye to putting up particularly high obstacles to transactions supporting small business, the middle class, and the independence of working people. The lockdowns enormously accelerated the suck up of assets from the largest mass of humanity to a tiny contingent of wealthy people far above the top 1%.

Especially hard hit were about a billion and a half workers in low-income countries where informal employment is most common.

See this.

The lockdowns promoted the view that even healthy people are potential biohazards to one another; that everyone has cause to picture everyone else as suspects to be spurned, distrusted and subjected to many forms of distancing. This shattering of social cohesion helped along imperial strategies of divide-and-conquer.

The quick and uniform implementation of such an invasive assertion of state power indicates that some global authority was the common source of the directives to national governments. What global authority would be in a position to impose through compulsion a conformist policy on most national systems of public health throughout the world?

Certainly the WEF played an important role. But the WEF takes its orders ultimately from those in charge of global corporations and the bankers that facilitate their operations. Only international banking institutions and their corporate proxies, including BlackRock and Vanguard, would be in a position to compel such uniform and consistent responses from almost all national governments.

The terrible implications of this formidable display of geopolitical muscle-flexing must be resolutely faced. More than that, the existing kleptocracy that forms the dominant financial system must be remade to effectively serve all of humanity, not just a minute minority within it. The required changes point in a very different direction than the Great Reset advocated by the WEF and its most annoying mascot and flunky, Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau’s dilettantish quest to extend “post-nationalist” governance is representative of larger forces pointing humanity towards mass enslavement. Trudeau personifies an emerging class of hucksters trying to replicate the example of the “philanthropic” crime boss, Bill Gates.

Only by building up financial expressions of national self-governance can we the peoples of the world escape further entrapment in the covid-19 power grab and in all the other manufactured crises being made to flow from it.

The stimulation of fear and confusion over everything from moneypox to widespread famine is helping to hold back some careful investigation of who and what is behind covid-19 power grab. Rather than allowing ourselves to be distracted by more rounds of manufactured fear, we need to stand our ground. We must demand formal means of investigating the evidence of organized criminality facilitating the manufactured covid crisis whose devastating outcomes continue to unfold. See this.

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December 9, 2022


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