Are you Awake or are you a Woke? Brainwashed or empowered?

Checklist that ticks the boxes – how you can tell if you’ve been brainwashed:

1. You don’t want to read any more of this.

2. You feel “offended” by the very idea that you might be brainwashed.

3. You see all independent thinkers as conspiracy theorists.

4. You believe the authorities even when they contradict themselves.

5. You can believe mutually exclusive propositions.

6. You believe that men can get pregnant if they “identify” as women.

7. You believe that “right wing” extremism is bad but there is no such thing as “left wing” extremism.

8. You “change the subject” when confronted with an argument you can’t handle.

9. You believe that abortion is a good thing, and “my body-my choice” is sacred, except when it comes to vaccines. (Or fluoride MH).

10. You believe that “white privilege” exists even for poor white people.

11.You believe that only white people can be racists.


December 8, 2022


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