“The Deep State”, Absence of Real Political Leadership: Inflation, Mass Unemployment, Food and Fuel Shortages, Invasive Surveillance, Civil Unrest

This psychological war will be reinforced by a physical war against the population

Following on from the work of Dr. Hughes this essay, by reference to 1930’s Germany, will outline certain historical parallels between that time and the world we currently inhabit. It will also present speculation as to how the Deep State may now proceed in its determination to implement The Great Reset.

After the Armistice in 1918 the German people were devastated in every way imaginable. In addition to having four years of death, destruction and hunger they had experienced an increasingly dictatorial State brought about in order to conduct the War. The future they looked towards was full of humiliation and a seemingly never-ending era of hunger, helplessness, civil disorder and general uncertainty. See this.

The experience of people in Britain and the USA in the last two years mirrors, to a very limited extent, that of the Germans during World War 1.

It is, however, likely to get worse for millions of people. We have lost liberties, worn masks, socially distanced, followed rules, taken dangerous jabs we don’t need and, like prisoners, experienced Lockdowns. The power of the State reinforced by media speculation that there may be another Lockdown or that Christmas will be cancelled. There has been a hellish psychological strategy imposed on the people. See this. Rampaging inflation accompanied by mass unemployment, food and fuel shortages, increasingly invasive surveillance, limits to travel, strikes and outbreaks of civil unrest. The Russians and the conflict in Ukraine will be blamed.

The war on the people by the elite will not be mentioned by the mainstream media.

How did the Germans respond to their post-war privations? They desperately looked for a saviour. They therefore elected a proud nationalist who re-wrote history and promised easy solutions to their misery. See this.

Because of their collective despair they did not care to read the small print and therefore failed to realise the horrific nightmare which was to befall them and the rest of the world. Bear in mind that until the Second World War began the nation was largely grateful to Hitler. The newsreels suggest he was met by adoring crowds wherever he went. In the USA he was, in fact, “Time Magazine” “Man of the Year”.

The current President of the United States is, apparently, suffering severe cognitive decline and his Vice-President does not seem to have any competence or leadership qualities. It may be said that this does not matter as no President is really in charge of the nation. Be that as it may, millions of Americans still believe in the electoral process as a viable force for change and, as in post-WW1 Germany, will look for a hero to deliver them from their trauma. They will tolerate all manner of new rules and regulations if only the pain will stop. They have become a nation of waifs tossed in a sea of fear.

According to economists the inflation rate across the West will accelerate. The traditional response to this is to raise interest rates but if this happens then it may well lead to a total economic collapse. Given the gigantic debts accumulated by Governments across the world it is possible that they would be unable to service their debts. It is a cleft stick. If they do not raise interest rates then hyperinflation as per post World War 1 Germany may ensue. Either way, the ordinary man and woman will suffer.

Imagine, if you will, an American leader who promises to Make America Great Again. Can you think of a former Leader who was thwarted at every turn by the Deep State, the swamp? Was harassed by the FBI and suffered a stolen election? One who was hoodwinked by the scientists and the pharmaceutical industry? One who promises revenge?

Is this how America’s Hitler will be presented to the people? Does it seem likely that Trump would turn against “the science”? Perhaps. A move such as this could be seen as similar to Hitler’s war on the rational.

In Britain there was an election campaign ongoing for the Leadership of the Conservative Party and as a consequence Prime Minister. The Party membership was forced to choose between Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary.

Both characters were flawed and lack charisma. Sunak presided over economic policies which were destined to bring about the difficulties Britain now experiences and Truss, amongst many other defects, has exposed the fact that she was a Foreign Secretary with a limited knowledge of geography. See this.

Truss is now in office as Prime Minister and is likely to be as ineffectual as Theresa May.

Would this make the British people yearn for Boris Johnson to return? The media would point out that he got “Brexit Done”. He was removed “unjustly” and, like his hero Churchill, he will have had his wilderness years. Don’t bet against this scenario, the British always admire a lovable rogue. His “Hasta La Vista” statement in the House Of Commons perhaps indicates that he knows of a plan to bring him back. See this.

The ills that he returns to cure will have been caused, so he will say, by his successor’s incompetence, the Russians, the scientists and the computer modellers.

As we saw in 1930’s Germany the people will accept anything so long as their pain will stop.

Will Herr Trump and Herr Johnson say “I can make it stop. All your suffering will end. All you have to do is take this medicine.”

It might not be Trump. It might not be Johnson. Be sure, however, the Doctors are on their way. The medicine has been prepared.

You look at the Great Reset Medicine Bottle and written in bold letters are the ingredients: Digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currency, Social Credit System, Microchips, Mandatory Jabs, Travel Restrictions, Insect Food and Climate Change rules.

For all our sakes – don’t take it!


September 22, 2022


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