The Deep State shakeup: transformation is beckoning


The Deep State shakeup is in full swing, and all sides are throwing punches. The system is crumbling, and a new one is on the verge of emerging. With each new crack in the system, it creates an opening to be leveraged and altered.

What we are witnessing is a tearing down of a system rife with corruption, that’s long past due. The road ahead requires everyone breaking free from the old system, reaching within themselves, and creating a new way of living and functioning as a viable and prosperous country moving forward. If you are not accustomed to thinking outside the box, now’s the time to start. And, if you are not accustomed to exploring within, and being the creator that exists in you, now’s the time to introduce yourself.

Everyone is exhausted by the Deep State, the coup, lies, censorship, constant battles, impeachment attempt, rage, divisions, infighting, and waking up to the reality of the system we have all been hypnotized by for decades. Understandably so. But now is not the time to slip into a slumber, to step away, or to be swallowed up by negativity. Now is the time to begin planning for the future.

Now is the time to begin creating a new system, and that begins with going within and connecting to the love you hold, your divine self, and the creator within you. This old system must be unraveled from within in order to address the transformation needed on the outside, such as working together to build a new education system without indoctrination, a new form of art and entertainment that isn’t riddled with mind control, a new system of government that removes multiple unnecessary agencies taxpayers are footing the bill for. We need entirely new systems that cover everything from education, job industry, health industry, food industry – you get the idea.

Before you say, “this is too much. It’s too big. How will we ever accomplish this?” there are thousands of people who have transformed the lives of millions. One person, with one idea, can set a path in motion, create a ripple effect, and transform the lives of many. If people in each county, in each state throughout the country, are working to achieve this common goal, it is more than possible – it is destiny. There are millions of people existing right now with dormant talents they don’t even realize they have. All one needs to do is do something for the first time to discover they are magnificent at it. These latent talents need to be woken. Now is the time. Relying on others to accomplish this for you, is the old way. It’s time for everyone to think for themselves, and dig deep.

It’s going to be a great big new world one day, so get your wheels churning, think outside the box, and start sharing ideas with one another in constructive ways. Raise your awareness, raise your vibration, and raise your voice. Every crack in the system presents an opportunity for transformation.


June 20, 2020



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