White hats are doing good work behind the scenes

BardsFM host Scott Kesterson believes there are white-hat operatives working behind the scenes in America.

I have no doubt that there are people behind the scenes doing good work,” he told Dr. Lee Merritt during his recent appearance on the Merritt Medical Hour on Brighteon.TV.

Kesterson continued that there are “two groups of white hats.” The most prominent of them are the elite white hats, which count among them former President Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Elon Musk. However, he expressed regret that some Americans have accepted the belief white hats are going to save them.

According to Scott Kesterson, the other group of white hats constitute the people themselves. He said there is a problem when Americans start talking about white hats and control, which means the elite group of white hats won’t be able to shift the American people that far.

However, I don’t think they would resist our movement. I think what’s really going on here again is they are freeing us from the control of this cabal. We have to make the decision on where we want to go. As the people we are the true white hats, we are the true plan,” Kesterson said.

He mentioned that the current generation of Americans in the patriot movement are far more advanced in terms of talent and technology, not to mention having far bigger numbers. Aside from the digital link, there is also a spiritual link that connects these patriots together.

When you really look at it, from medicine to science, to engineering, anything related to technology – there is a great depth of patriots alone, including an amazing array of veterans and even military personnel, which gives you a standing militia ready,” he said.

Merritt, Kesterson also expound on the black hats

The two also expounded on the black-hat actors that strive to collapse the U.S., with Merritt pointing out that Americans are in a war they cannot win by themselves.

Kesterson mentioned the World Economic Forum (WEF), specifically its founder Klaus Schwab and his chief advisor Yuval Noah Harari. The globalist WEF’s “evil, maniacal darkness,” alongside its vision to totally destroy humanity, has enveloped the world.

He added that the WEF has been quite successful in setting up the base for its diabolical plan, thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) vaccine. According to Kesterson, the vaccine has enabled the globalists to access the human genome and the operational functioning of the human body.

If you’ve taken the vaccine, you are in a bad position because they now have access to you, your thoughts and the way your body operates. They have access to them.”

Kesterson also cited Hollywood, one of the influence centers where the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) works. Kesterson remarked: “It’s in Hollywood. So, there’s a good reason for that. They have infiltrated this nation through information warfare for a long time way ahead of the curve on where the military was.”

Merritt mentioned the example of actor Brendan Fraser, who suddenly appeared in the limelight once more after some time away from the entertainment industry. According to Dr. Lee Merritt, Fraser was among the “blacklisted” artists who would not go along with the “dark activities” in Hollywood.

Moreover, she mentioned that Americans in the white-hat movement are getting some breathing room and space to operate to prevent the black hats from defeating them.


March 1, 2023


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