The Full Yoga Relaxation

Lay down on a mat or on a blanket on the floor with your head towards the South (!) in a well ventilated room. Abandon your body on the floor. The hands are slightly apart from your body, the palms are facing upwards. The legs are slightly apart from each other. Become aware of your body and of the floor.
Exhale several times, slowly and deeply.

Then focus your attention upon your left leg and relax it from the toes to the pelvic area, muscle by muscle, from bottom to top. Experience in each part you relax fine vibrations, a slight sensation of heating and the loss of body outline.
Continue in the same way relaxing the right leg, then continue by relaxing the left arm, right  arm, buttock muscles, pelvic muscles, the abdominal area, the back muscles, the chest muscles, the shoulders, the neck, the head.

In the end you will notice the whole body relaxed, tensionless, soft and abandoned on the floor like a piece of clothing which was dropped on the floor and left behind. Experience a state of profound inner peace, harmony, elimination of the internal stress, self confidence and happiness. Become aware how your individual consciousness becomes one with the Macrocosmic Consciousness. Imagine yourself the way you want to be. Experience with intensity a state of fulfilment, success, accomplishment and inner strength, resonating with the gigantic spheres of beneficial, sublime, elevated energy. By using these extremely efficient positive suggestions you will produce “miraculous” transformation in your being in a short period of time.

By doing so you will notice that after 15 minutes of deep full Yogic relaxation you are completely rested, regenerated (on the physical, emotional and mental level), harmonious, stress free, happy, more powerful, brave, confident in your own powers, kinder and more beautiful.

The daily practice of  the full Yogic relaxation will allow you in a short time to experience its beneficial effects on your overall state, the most visible ones being the elimination of fatigue, tension and stress which affect so much the modern man.  



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