THE SELF (ATMAN) REVELATION INTERNATIONAL RETREAT will take place between 29th of December 2020 – 4th of January 2021, Online.

During this retreat, which will benefit from the telepathic spiritual support of Yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru, there will be offered and exemplified from the perspective of the supramental the fundamental method in 14 stages for the revelation of the essential Self (ATMAN) through meditative introspection, as well as other very important initiatory aspects.


International registration for the retreat starts from 17th December 2020.

The retreat is available for all students of member schools of the Atman Federation. Similar to the online camps in Spring and Summer, this retreat will be held in Romanian and English translation will be provided (other translations will be announced shortly).

For registration to this retreat please follow the process described below. This process is valid for all students of Atman member schools registered outside of Romania (incl. Romanians living abroad), who want to participate to this retreat. Students registered in the Romanian Esoteric yoga school (MISA) or in Moldova, please refer to the announcements on for the sign-up process.

Please allow a minimum of 24h to process your registration. So please sign up in good time to avoid missing any part of the programme.

Participation fee

The participation fee for the Self Revelation Retreat is 80 Euro. The amount of the participation fee is one unique payment and the online retreat is streamed live in real time. Those who register after the camp has started will pay the same fee and will have access only to the activities of the remaining days.

Steps to register to the Self Revelation Retreat:

Step 1: Please send an email to your teacher or the school administration with the subject: “Online Self Revelation Retreat registration” saying that you want to register to the retreat. And please follow the indications of your school.

Step 2: Within 24 hours you will receive an email from Atman Federation with the link for online signup sheet for registration.

Step 3: Fill out the signup sheet from the link and make the payment in the online form. You will receive a first automatic reply email after signing up.

Step 4: As soon as the payment is confirmed and the access codes are available you will receive it by email along with the corresponding instructions for joining the online retreat (on the email address from which you registered). The access code is personal and non-transmissible.

Step 5: Enter your details and access code on the sign-up site of the retreat (link to the site will be provided in the email and will also be available on MISA-TV from the moment the retreat starts). Here you will be asked to choose a password to complete your registration.
From here on, you will login to the retreat with your email and chosen password. Please do not use the access code again, because it will show you that it is already assigned.

If you follow these steps and you have are any problems in the registration process, please write us on with the Subject “Registration issues Online Retreat”.

Other Specifications

The detailed program of the retreat will be available only on the MISA Sensational TV site, and only to those who have registered for the retreat.

For any other situation, which is not included in the description above, please contact The Atman Federation at


“The unique ensemble of information and secret practical procedures offered during this spiritual retreat is meant to constitute the esoteric foundation of direct access, on an extraordinarily quick and effective (but at the same time, easily accessible) path to the essential reality of the supreme and immortal Self, ATMAN. This way, as you will be able to realize by taking part in this exceptional spiritual manifestation, the revelation of the Self, although generally regarded as a hard-to-attain objective which is reserved only to the highly advanced yogis, can be fully accessible through an appropriate spiritual guidance and impulse.

The esoteric revelations that will be offered in this spiritual retreat will allow the access to the fundamental godly Reality of the eternal and absolute Self, ATMAN (beyond any explanations, descriptions or intellectual understandings), as well as the gradual permanency of this accomplishment even in our everyday life.” – Nicolae Catrina, coordinator of the Self Revelation Retreat


December 1, 2020


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