The truth about Russia and the current situation in Ukraine – another masonic attempt to trigger a global conflict


by Mihai Ion and Roxana Florea

Right now the war for global supremacy is being fought between Russia and the USA on the territory of Ukraine. While Putin wants Ukraine’s adherence to the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), the USA wants Ukraine to become part of the EU and NATO, so the Americans can populate it with military bases and control it through IMF debts.
Several political analysts consider that if the USA wins this war this would mean a huge step towards global hegemony for the USA, while if Russia succeeds to bring Ukraine into the Economic Union, then starting from that moment the Russian Empire begins its rebirth. In this battle for power, the destiny of the Ukrainian population is of very little or no interest at all.
In this context, the Western mass media, as well as the eager Romanian media, are making extreme efforts to promote a deformed image of the conflict in Ukraine, of Russia, of Russians and their president, Vladimir Putin. They are attempting to convince us that the evolution of our times requires Ukraine to enter into the frames tailored by the USA and NATO. If we recall Jodorovsky’s movie, Holy Mountain, we can accurately recognize the strategy of setting up a war: if you want to invade a country, then first of all you must turn the people of that country and its leaders into demons.  
In this article we aim to present you several relevant, yet very little known opinions and points of view about Russia and the situation in Ukraine as expressed by journalists and Western public figures. It is not at all surprising that their viewpoints, which lucidly express the shady underbelly of the conflict, have not found space in the mainstream media.  

Protests – diversion – civil war – enslaving debts

Let us first review what happened in Ukraine.

According to the survey made by the International Sociological Institute of Kiev (KMIS), 38 % of Ukraine’s population wants adherence to the Eurasian Economic Union, while 37.8 % want to be part of the European Union.
On 21st November 2013, when the government decided to refuse to make the preliminary steps for entering into the European Union, large protests began on the streets of most big towns in Ukraine.
The protest movement was named Euro Maidan and protesters allied with political parties from the opposition and radical anti-Russian movements. The mass media intensely popularized the demonstrations, supporting the cause of the protestors.  
On 30th November, Ukrainian authorities forcefully intervened to disperse the demonstrators in Kiev and 79 people were injured. Conflicts escalated on 18th February when 25 people died and hundreds were injured in clashes between protestors and authorities. Two days later, around 35 people were killed by snipers. The Kiev administration accused the opposition parties of using weaponry and war ammunition, while leaders of Euro Maidan turned the accusations towards the authorities. Shortly afterwards, Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych, decided to organize new elections, then he fled the country stating that his and his family’s lives were threatened by the rebellious groups.
Immediately after this, on 24th February, Russia took control of the Crimeean Peninsula with a predominantly Russian population.  
At this very moment in Ukraine, there is a civil war unfolding between the authorities and the separatists who want to form a pro-Russian independent republic. Conflicts are taking place in the Eastern part of Ukraine, where the majority of the population is Russian. American officials have admitted that the US administration supports Ukrainian authorities in this war – with logistics and non-lethal weapons (while separatists are stating that the country is now being led by puppet authorities, fully equipped by the Americans with last-generation war weaponry). In the meantime, Russia, on the grounds of the agreements signed in the past with Ukraine, supports the rebels with thousands of soldiers and weaponry.
Ukraine is currently in huge debt. Russia has offered to help the country with substantial financial support and economic benefits. However, after Yanukovych’s exile, Russia has withdrawn the offer. Expectedly, shortly afterwards, Ukraine’s “redeeming cavalier” appeared: the International Monetary Fund offering a loan for getting out of the severe situation and, of course, a long list of conditions which will affect many generations from now on.   
If we look at the background of this conflict with lucidity and full awareness we can see a classical scheme: discontent within the population is in fact diabolically maneuvered by those who lead the destiny of the planet from the shadows – the maleficent “elite” Freemasons, hand in glove with the so-called Illuminati – secretly fed to trigger conflicts that serve their criminal interests.   

Russia did not start the conflict in Ukraine
Timothy Gatto, former president of the US Liberal Party, non-commissioned officer of the American Army, states in an article entitled The truth about Ukraine, published online in July 2014:
“Russia didn’t start this conflict. The United States in tandem with some European nations did. The goal of the United States, regardless of what the government and the talking heads in the media tell you, is to bring the Ukraine into the Western fold, have the IMF and the World Bank come in and rape this nation by making loans that they can never repay.
 […] The next step would be to make Ukraine a “partner” in NATO. The country would be drawn into the European Union and the west would have a militarized presence on the border of Russia.
Putin knows this and he doesn’t want it to happen. I believe that most people of conscience don’t want this to happen either. This is a blatant move by the West and is reminiscent of a Cold War tactic. The idea is to surround Russia and make it subservient to Western Power.
The nation of Russia, not just President Putin, doesn’t want this to happen either. This situation is glaringly missed by the Mainstream Media that should, if it was legitimate, and not just a mouthpiece for the Empire, would mention.
 […] We are being brainwashed by the government, in collusion with the media, to believe we are getting the truth. The fact is that we’re not. We are getting only the facts that they want us to get and this is destroying the people’s right to control their own government. I don’t care if you are Right or Left, Liberal or Conservative or you are in the middle of the political spectrum, you are being used by the bankers and the Empire to “legitimize” the demonization of The Russian nation and the capture of the Ukraine.”
Joachim Hagopian, a journalist at Global Research, states in an article published in March 2014 that the US has spent over 5 billion dollars to bring down Yanukovych’s government, which was democratically elected in Ukraine. The intention is to isolate and weaken Russia from a geo-political standpoint.
President Vladimir Putin reacted to this, by occupying Crimea. Hagopian states that that which seems to be an offensive act from Putin’s side is in fact nothing but a desperate act of self-defence. In fact, in a hidden way, the USA is the aggressor of the sovereignty of many nations around the globe (Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and so on.)
He further states that the USA paid protestors and mercenaries to indiscriminantly shoot at the group of protestors on the Maidan (the Ukrainian word for square) in the center of Kiev, in order to ensure the protests would degenerate into civil war. In this way they hoped that the gates would largely open up for American intervention into the very “ribs” of Russia.
Two other articles available on the internet refer to phone tappings which revealed to the world that the so-called Ukrainian revolution was in fact a coup d’état orchestrated by the USA.
One of these intercepted conversations between high ranking officials can be read here .
This is a conversation between the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Urmas Paet, and High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton. Urmas Paet states in this conversation that – and he maintained his viewpoint also after the conversation was made public – the talks with the doctors who treated the injured ones convinced him that the same people shot both the protestors and the armed forces on the Maidan in the center of Kiev.
In March this year, BBC published the transcript of a phone conversation between the Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador for Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, commented on by BBC diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus.
In the conversation, the two American officials are setting up that which will be called the government, to be installed after the coup d’état, and details which Ukrainian politicians will not be part of the country’s leadership because they don’t serve the interests of the USA.
The authenticity of the conversation has not been denied by the involved parties; on the contrary, they were pointing the finger at Russia, accusing Putin’s administration to have tapped and then given this conversation to the public.
While looking for more pieces of information that reflect the reality – that are not exaggerated or colored by the mass media which serves Masonic interests, we came across the article Washington Has Placed The World On The Road To War.
The article was posted in August 2014, by Paul Craig Roberts, an American economist and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration.
Here are some significant quotes:

“A fabricated report was spread by the UK Guardian newspaper and by the BBC that a Russian armored convoy entered Ukraine and was destroyed by the Ukrainian military. The German media, including Die Welt picked up the false report and spread the hysteria. Once again we have confirmation that the Western media is corrupt and unreliable.”

“The Western use of lies to demonize Russia endangers life on earth and reveals the West to be both reckless and irresponsible. Yet, few voices have been raised against this recklessness and irresponsibility.”

“The slaughter by Washington, Washington’s Kiev stooges and Washington’s EU vassals of civilians in the former Russian territories that comprise the southern and eastern borders of present-day Ukraine is not only largely unreported in the Western media, but also denied or blamed on Russia.”

A recent report by the UN Agency for Refugees shows that nearly one million Ukrainians had to abandon all and flee to Russia because of the war.     

The author also refers to an article written by Dutch journalist Karel Van Wolferen.

In this article, Van Wolferen brings to light the degree of servitude of the European press and public opinion to the American press and point of view. Even though there are many in Holland who are already fed up with this policy of demonizing Russia, inertia and habit make them incapable of conceiving that Europe’s problems are created by the American government.

Russia doesn’t represent a threat to Europe, while Russia’s external policy under Putin’s rule has always urged diplomatic solutions, states Van Wolferen. In spite of all of this, European journalists do not want to hear the truth and they have no courage to say the truth – specifically that after the events of September 11th, the neoconservatives (which have proven to be players in the Masonic games – authors’ note) from the American government have constantly pushed the external policy, more or less openly, towards armed conflicts: in Libya, Afghanistan and now Ukraine and through NATO they pulled the European countries with them.  
Similarly, this articles reveals that in the autumn of 2013, Putin helped Obama to avoid military intervention in Syria – an intervention that was insistently requested by US neo-conservatives (as a follow-up to a caricatural set up of an attack with chemical weapons which was, once again, arranged by them).
The Dutch journalist arrives at the conclusion that NATO lost its initial motivation once the USSR disintegrated, and instead it has become an instrument for pushing reluctant European countries to participate in the armed conflicts initiated by the Americans, on the grounds of the so-called doctrines of pre-emptive strikes and of defending the sovereignity of democratic countries.
These already used pretexts have proved to be false every time: in Iraq no nuclear weapons were ever found, Iran produces no nuclear weapons, and Syria has never used chemical weapons against the so-called resistence, and so on.
The power games played above the heads of Ukrainians have come to light also through the declarations of some officials about the conflict in this country.
Aleksandr Dughin, an influential political analyst from the Kremlin, writes: “In fact this was the goal of organizing the Maidan, which couldn’t have ended otherwise. The USA has pushed things from the very beginning towards an armed conflict. This has been the primary goal of the Maidan operation.”

The spokesman for China’s Minister of External Affairs, Hong Lei, declared: “China condemns the recent violence of extremists and urges the involved parties to peacefully solve the internal disputes […] China respects the territorial independence, sovereignity and integrity of Ukraine. China requires from all involved parties to find solutions through dialogue and mutual inspections, on grounds of the law and of directions of the international relations.”

Romanian president Traian Băsescu asserts that: “the major expansion of Russia’s actions in favour of the separatists in the East of Ukraine is extremely clear. There is the risk of turning over the balance of forces to the Russian Federation’s side. […] If the EU and NATO states don’t rapidly start supporting the Ukrainian army with the necessary equipment so they are able to face the Russian Federation, then chances of the Kiev Government exerting its control over the Eastern part of Ukraine are delusional. The continuation of fights in the Eastern part of Ukraine is at risk of turning into carnage for the Ukrainian army.”
Mircea Druc, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, declared: “If Yanukovych had signed (the agreement with the EU) and had started the adherence, the dismemberment of Russia would have followed; since he didn’t sign, the dismemberment of Ukraine will follow. […]Russia without Ukraine cannot even be theoretically maintained within Putin’s project of re-doing the soviet empire, of making the Economic Union, of making Euroasia. Without Ukraine, this is nonsense, nothing can be done without it.”
Henry Kissinger, foremost Mason and fervent supporter of the New World Order, who was President Nixon’s counselor on national security issues, stated in an interview with CNN:
“Long ago Kiev used to be called Kievian Russia. Thus, the political development and especially Russia’s religious evolution started at Kiev. Then disintegration took place, but until the end of the 17th century – beginning of the 18th century – Ukraine was a component part of Russia. I personally don’t know any Russian, neither dissident nor partisan of the regime, who wouldn’t consider Ukraine to be at least the most important part of Russian history. That’s why Russians cannot remain indifferent towards the future of Ukraine.”
“I think [Vladimir Putin] thinks that this a dress rehearsal for what we would like to do in Moscow.”
“Building the connections between Russia and the rest of the world, between Russia and us is an enormous problem. Russia is neighbouring China, which is a strategic nightmare. Russians are neighbouring the Islam, which is an ideological nightmare. Russia has borders with Europe, which is historically insecure because it has been changing all the time.”

Possible reasons why the Masons chose Russia as the target
Besides the interests in global hegemony, the maleficent Masonic elite has also been disturbed by some actions of the Russians which were meant to hinder the Masons’ criminal plans:
1. Revealing prime time TV programs about the true financial situation of the world and about the financial control exerted over all of humanity by Masons through the use of the dollar

One of the documentaries which had tremendous impact – but not the only one – is the one with David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford, among others.  It was viewed by over 20 million spectators in the summer of 2014 on Russian TV channel REN TV. It can also be viewed online here with English subtitles.
This documentary begins with an appeal to all of humanity to wake up and become aware of the planetary conspiracy of the malefic forces which rule the destiny of the entire planet from the shadows. It follows with shocking revelations by officials interviewed by the producers of the documentary.  
A Canadian official, who prefers to remain anonymous, reveals that in the last six decades over 3000 people witnessed what has been happening in hundreds of underground tunnels built by the so-called Illuminati. They wanted to publish the horrifying things they saw, but were killed before they had the chance to speak out about them.
Further on, we find out that in fact the entire territory of the USA, as well as in other parts of Terra, there are magnificent subterranean cities, with sky-scrapers and high-speed trains, with prosperous agriculture and free energy, where the Freemasonic elite intend to retire if they succeed to fulfil their diabolical plan of destroying humankind and the surface of the Earth.
In this documentary they also speak about the New World Order and about the Masons’ intention to kill a large percentage of the world’s population as well as the plan to install a system of worldwide slavery. The Masonic monument of Georgia is also shown, on which is encrypted: …bring the population of humanity down to 500 million and prevent them from exceeding this number again; that means: to kill 6.5 billion people.
Further on, the Masonic maneuvers are exposed one by one in great detail, starting from the financial strategies to enslave the nations, to the wars that are prepared by the malefic “elite” and the disasters which though considered to be naturally occuring, were in fact provoked by these psychopaths.

2. Participation in the BRICS coalition (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) – a coalition which aims to develop an economic frame which depends no more on the American dollar.

For quite obvious reasons, this attempt to create another financial system displeases the global elite. Let us recall here that one of the most probably reasons why Ceausescu was “punished” by his Masonic brothers was that he was working with Iraq, Libya and other countries from the Third World to create together with them an institution similar to IMF, but independent of it.

3. Disclosure of extraterrestrials

One of the most bewildering disclosures to have stirred up the internet is the interview given in 2010 by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the Governor of Kalmykia Republic from the former Russian Federation, who is also the president of the World Chess Federation, on National TV channel, Russia 1, in which the Russian government is a major stockholder.   
In this interview, Ilyumzhinov states that in 1997 he was taken from the attic of his home by an extraterrestrial vehicle. The extraterrestrial beings whom he met were humanoid and he took a tour in that spaceship, then they even transported him into another world.  
This interview is in fact a sign that the Russian administration has a plan regarding exopolitics, in order to prepare the Russian population for a possible official disclosure about the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations.
The article which appeared in March contains a short overview of the situation in Ukraine and a chronology of UFO disclosures and extraterrestrial contact which has taken place since the dissolution of the USSR.)

4. Anti-homosexuality policy

When Europe, more precisely the Netherlands, celebrated its first official homosexual marriage, the Russian mass media commented on it with great disapproval. Even a half-joking statement was made that in the future many citizens of the EU will choose to immigrate to Russia in order to escape this unrestrained moral decay.
Russia has forbidden adoption in the countries which have legalized same sex marriage. In addition, pro-gay propaganda is forbidden by law and parents with homosexual tendencies have their rights reduced. In Russia, homosexuality, which is fully promoted by the Masons, was considered a crime until 1993 and a mental disorder until 1999.
5. External policy (in line with China) of opposition regarding military interventions in other states of the world

A suggestive example of this is the situation in Syria where the US has tried several times to obtain legitimation for an armed intervention in order to overthrow that government.
The War in South Ossetia – a disaster for the so-called Illuminati

The events in South Ossetia in 2008 are somewhat similar to the present-day situation in Ukraine. At that time, the official mass-media presented the conflict as an aggression by Russia towards Georgia (South Ossetia is an autonomous Republic in Georgia). Several years later the truth came to light and it was acknowledged even by the Western press (for example in this report by the BBC in 2013).
In that moment, humanity was one step from triggering a generalized armed conflict between NATO and Russia. America, through then Vice President Dick Cheney, tried to impose in a NATO assembly a resolution for intervening in Georgia, in South Ossetia, against Russia. Yet representatives of Germany and France used their right to veto.
In an article entitled Georgia – Just the Facts and the Truth, author Karl Schwartz unmasks the Masonic roots of the conflict in South Ossetia. In some key points he presents what happened during the war in Ossetia, highlighting the involvement of the neo-conservatives and Israel.
The author states that in fact the war was not started by the Russians, but by the Americans and Israelis who were acting from behind the scences, due to their economic interests. A few days before the beginning of the war, the Americans had just finished a military training which lasted for one month, in which they taught Georgian soldiers some some tactics to fight against terrorism. The author says that, in fact, these were preparatory moves for the invasion of South Ossetia. Yet the Russian intervention rapidly ended the Masonic dream of conquering South Ossetia, its strategic position and its resources.
In an analysis made at the end of the Ossetian war on 18th August, Paul Craig Roberts predicted the conflict in Ukraine, emphasizing the moves from behind the scenes of the so-called wars for democracy:
“The Ukraine, where a sick nationalism has taken hold funded by the neocon National Endowment for Democracy, will be the next conflict between American pretensions and Russia. Russia is being taught by the neocons that freeing the constituent parts of its empire has not resulted in their independence but in their absorption into the American empire.”
Some documented aspects about the USSR, Russia and Ukraine which are worth knowing:

•The first Russian state was formed on a territory comprised of today’s Ukraine and its capital was where Kiev is today.
•Ukraine in old Russian means “at the edge”
•Due to the Tartars and Mongolian invasions, Russians moved the capital to Moscow (more towards the North)
•Lenin and Stalin were not Russians, but Georgians.
•Stalin had a policy of exterminating Ukrainians and the economic destruction of Ukraine (nevertheless Russians were not having a much better situation during his time). The Right Sector now in the coalition at power in Ukraine as result of the coup d’etat is formed by ultra-nationalist Ukrainians, who are the successors of Ukrainian groups that fought in World War II alongside the Nazis, against the Russians. For this reason, between them and the Russians there is reciprocal fear and hatred. This conflict was cunningly encouraged by the Masons, in order to destabilize and disunite Ukraine  
•The Ukrainian and Russian people are closer to one other than, for example the Spanish and Portuguese. They are two distinct branches of the same people, the third branch being the Belarussians. Even if their languages are slightly different, they are also similar enough to be able to understand each other without having to learn the language of the other.
•Ukraine as a state is a mixture of several nations: besides the Ukrainians, in the West there are Romanians and Hungarians and in the East there are Russians and Tatars. In many areas of the Eastern part the population is predominantly Russian.
•Regarding Crimea, one could endlessly speculate about who it truly belongs to: the Tatars, the Russians or the Ukrainians. Nevertheless, the indisputable thing is that right now a Russian majority exists. The annexing of Crimea is perceived by the Russians as being something natural. In Crimea no invasion took place, because the Russian army had already been there, on the grounds of the already existing treaties. Ukrainian troops were peacefully sent back home.  
•The ethnic conflict between Ukrainians and Russians was artificially created, maintained and intentionally escalated by forces which have no beneficial intentions for either side.
•The idea of ethnic purification is generally very far from Russians. Presently they are so much mixed with other people that they are not even asking themselves who belongs to which nation.

december 2014

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