In attention of foreign participants to Self Revelation Retreat

All yogis from abroad who want to participate in the Self Revelation Retreat that takes place in Brasov, between December 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015 are kindly asked to announce their participation by sending an email to: until December 20, 2014.

The organizers seek to ensure appropriate translations during the retreat’s activities, thus please specify in your email in which language you would like to have the translation.

Attention! If you do not announce your participation, the organizers will not be able to guarantee the translation in the language that you desire. Thank you for understanding!


“In this spiritual retreat, a unique ensemble of information and secret initiatory techniques will be offered, meant to form the esoteric basis of the direct ascension to the essential reality of the supreme and immortal Self ATMAN, on an extraordinarily fast and efficient path (which is, at the same time, perfectly accessible). Thus, as you will be able to acknowledge yourselves by taking part in this exceptional spiritual manifestation, although Self Revelation is generally perceived as being a very hard to achieve spiritual goal, reserved only for very advanced yogis, it is fully accessible on the basis of  an adequate  guidance, preparation and impulse.

Indeed, as the great sage and liberated Ramana Maharishi emphasized, the Divine Self Revelation is not something very far from us, something almost intangible for our current consciousness level. On the contrary, the divine and immortal Self (ATMAN) is the very essence of our being and consciousness, therefore it is really always accessible. Solely a certain form of ignorance prevents us to achieve this initiatory fundamental truth this very instance. Thus, when due to an adequate, competently guided and assisted practice this ignorance is removed (even for a very short period of time), we will ecstatically discover this ultimate essence of our being, which is our very divine Heart, that is eternal and immutable. Then, as all great yogis and spiritually accomplished beings of this planet specify, the common yoga practices, such as body postures (ASANA), respiratory subtle wind modulation techniques (PRANAYAMA), or even different procedures of mental concentration or meditation (DHARANA, DHYANA) become secondary in comparison to the permanent realization of the Self.  

The initiation in the unique ensemble of esoteric aspects and means that will be revealed in this spiritual retreat will offer to all of you a particularly simple, accessible path, of an extraordinary efficiency, to accede – beyond any explanations, descriptions or intellectual or intuitive understandings – to the divine fundamental reality of the eternal and absolute Self ATMAN, as well as (particularly important aspect!) to the gradual perpetuation of this achievement in our daily life.

At the same time, we specify that, in this retreat, novel initiatory elements and practical aspects will be offered for the first time, in addition to deepening and developing those that have been offered in the previous retreat!”

yoga professor Nicolae Catrina, coordinator of the Self Revelation Retreat


December 18, 2014


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