Top 12 deadliest weapons of all time

Modern warfare sure has evolved. Gone are the days of the British line infantry, standing side by side in a wide line firing their single round Baker rifles. Gone are days of the cannons, used as a single shot explosive projectile launcher. Then, dial it way back to the ancient Greeks, when the flamethrower was invented, that projected fire in a long, controllable stream. These were further developed and used in World War I by the Germans, and then used even more frequently in World War II. Some military flamethrowers were designed to project a long flame of gas, and were much safer to operate.

Schwerer Gustav, German railway gun

And that brings us to the top 12 deadliest weapons of all time:

1. RPG – rocket propelled grenade
2. Schwerer Gustav, German railway gun
3. Russia’s Aviation Thermobaric Bomb (of increased power)
4. Nuclear bomb (uranium or plutonium)
5. Tsar Bomba, thermonuclear aerial bomb
6. Nimitz Class aircraft carrier
7. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
8. Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV)
9. The 0.50 caliber Sniper Rifle (DSR-50)
10. Chimera Virus
11. Geo-engineering
12. mRNA “vaccinations”

Nazi Germany‘s Panzerfaust was the prototype for the anti-tank weapon rocket-propelled grenade or “shoulder rocket”

Any soldier with limited training can blow up a million-dollar tank or whole regimen of soldiers with one shot from his shoulder rocket. We witness this in the Middle East quite often, in the hills of Afghanistan or in the deserts of Iraq. The Viet Cong used them effectively against the Americans also, in the jungles of Vietnam. This simple grenade-launching weapon was first created by the Nazis and was called Panzerfaust.

Another weapon invented for attacking armored vehicles is the DSR-50 bolt-action sniper rifle, that fires a 0.50 caliber BMG round. Featuring a hydraulic recoil damping system, this weapon can punch holes in certain armored military vehicles.

What about firing shells that can weigh seven tons and travel 30 miles? The German 80 cm railway artillery gun, known as the Schwerer Gustav, can be shot from a railway wagon. This was used to destroy entire French forts during sieges back in the 1930s. The Germans ended up destroying this weapon near the end of WWII so the Soviet army couldn’t confiscate it. It was the largest caliber artillery weapon ever used in combat up to that point.

The Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are the world’s largest warships

Over 1,000 feet long, and costing close to $5 billion each, the Nimitz Class aircraft carriers can carry close to 100 jets and helicopters armed with missiles and anti-aircraft guns. The US manufactured 10 of these warship beasts that use two nuclear reactors to achieve speeds over 30 knots, enabling them to function for two decades without refueling.

Next comes the ICBM, or Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, that can be launched to reach anywhere on planet and guided to its target, carrying nuclear weapons. ICBMs can be launched from vehicles, airplanes, submarines, or missile silos. ICBMs can act as deterrents, unfired, and are great for actually keeping peace, because they guarantee the ability to “strike back,” launching several nuclear weapons at the same time, thanks to technology advancements, which brings us to the MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle).

This payload for ballistic missiles, called MIRV, contains multiple warheads that can hit separate targets, instead of the old warheads that could only transport one nuclear bomb in a single missile with a single target mapped out. Think of a shotgun times a thousand. The MIRV is definitely a weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

A time exposure of eight intercontinental ballistic missile reentry vehicles passing through clouds while approaching an open-ocean impact zone during a flight test. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Now the Tsar Bomba is still the most explosive device mankind has ever detonated, 100 megatons, going about 40 miles into the sky, unleashing a mushroom cloud and toxic massive fireball visible from over 500 miles away. The Tsar Bomba was practically immovable, though, and any crew that flew with it had half a chance of dying with it. The bomb was later scaled down.

Weapons of Mass Destruction don’t all “blow up”, some just wipe out millions of people silently, like vaccines and mutated viruses

Speaking of WMDs, next on the chopping block (lab table) comes Chimera Virus, made when scientists combine multiple virus DNA. The Russians, in the 1980s, injected genetic material from viruses into smallpox, and ended up producing Chimera, which allowed the newly mutated virus to evade known treatments, making it more deadly.

In 2007 the Russians launched the “Father of All Bombs” (FOAB), also known as the ‘aviation thermobaric bomb of increased power’. This monster of a bomb was four times more powerful than the USA’s largest non-nuclear bomb, the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB). These kind of bombs detonate mid-air, sending supersonic shockwaves and extreme temperatures in sustained blast waves.

Another silent-but-deadly WMD is called geo-engineering (a.k.a. environmental modification), something the proponents of the fake global warming Ponzi scheme, now known as “climate change” (since the other narrative fell apart) think is a good idea. They want to use chemicals to alter the weather or sunlight to allegedly combat natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and extreme heat from the sun.

Globalists, who are usually billionaires seeking control of people and their actions, are now using geo-engineering to try to cool planet earth by blocking the sun’s rays. This is endangering the lives of countless humans and is NOT based on science, as they would all have us believe.

Most Americans can’t bring themselves to believe their own government would use viruses as a bio-weapon against the American people – wake up

If you thought nuclear bombs were scary and massively destructive, take an inside look at the chemical violence being perpetrated on humans across the globe right now using deadly “vaccines” that are WMD bioweapons armed with deadly spike proteins. No, it’s not a conspiracy theory. Covid-19 gene-mutation injections are slowly killing off the human race, and even physicians, scientists, immunologists, and coroners are blowing the whistle all around the world, right now.

That’s right, without a single “shot” fired or a bomb exploded, entire swaths of civilization are disappearing, and the deaths are determined to be caused by anything BUT the vaccines, because that’s the secret weapon of mass destruction. No, covid doesn’t cause heart attacks, but the clot-shot vaccines do. No, the Wuhan virus doesn’t cause strokes, the vaccines do. Excess deaths around the globe are occurring at “Warp Speed” and those who can’t smell the ‘koolaid’ are doomed to drink it.

Make no mistake and have no doubt, “gain of function” for covid-19 was planned out and designed for creating a “novel” (new) virus to create a pandemic in order to crash the economy, steal US elections, and take control of people’s medical rights and freedoms, all while depopulating nations around the world. It’s genocide by toxic jab.


February 23, 2023



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