Yoga and resonance

According to yoga wisdom, everything is resonance

The links that meet and sustain the elements of the Universe (things, beings, processes, created phenomena) have as basis the resonance phenomenon. Due to the resemblance between them, phenomena, objects or subtle energies harmonize, simultaneously vibrate, mutually and selectively evoking each other, by remote action, just like in the case of attuning two emission-reception stations on the same vibrating frequency. In such a case, it is well known that resonance takes place only when the frequency is adjacent or it synchronizes with one of the two frequencies (called own) the resonant system is capable of oscillating.

A transfer of energy from the stimulating system to the resonating one takes also place during resonance. When the resonance condition is reached, the amplitude of the oscillations increases a lot, presenting a certain maximum; it could become infinite if energy leaks due to rubbing factors did not exist. Being a selective phenomenon, resonance offers the possibility to distinguish less perceptible oscillations by other procedures, or to canalize a transfer of energy on a certain frequency in order to trigger a certain phenomenon, like an energy transaction or other kind, for instance.

Interpreting yogi’s performances in the light of the law of the resonance

In assiduously engaged yoga practice, the outstanding multitude of the resonance processes can be indescribably and spontaneously brought into awareness. These processes can be assimilated together with all vibration – energy generated phenomena. Sometimes, this vibration – energy is extremely subtle and delicate; it works on human being structure’s different levels. On the other hand, there are real systems or gigantic focal centres of energy in universe or Macrocosmos that vibrate with a similar frequency of the specific energy points in the human being’s inner universe; under such circumstances, the respective energy spots act like genuine resonators because they are capable of simultaneously vibrating, due to resonance, when they are stimulated or excited by same frequency vibrations as their own frequency.

In yoga practice, resonance is perceived as an initiating and amplifying process of certain vibrations, awarenessly felt, brought under the action of vibrating energies that come from certain levels of manifestation of the universe. If the yogi maintains his attention focused, in order to notice as accurately as possible the unison of his own energy spot with the corresponding macrocosmic one, the resonance has big chances to appear, stimulating full of original revelation amazing spiritual experiences.

The continuity of the resonance in the yogi’s inner universe will be maintained only by sustained concentration. The amplitude of the energy vibrations induced and felt by the yogi, then, genuine waves of carrying harmony, meaning and information, is maximum in the case these frequencies are equal, striving for infinite if the resonance triggers are maintained constant. The attention always focused on the respective phenomenon is essential here.

Knowledge is possible due to resonance

Yoga practice allowed determining that a constant energy and information transfer from its system or from universe (Macrocosmos)’s stimulating spot to the being’s inner universe’s specific correspondent during resonance. From the moment inner resonance is triggered, a state corresponding the related energy appears in the human being; practically, this is the mystery of inner re-living beautiful states previously felt; they can be “recomposed” by simply mental vibration tuning to the wanted state from the past, fact that generates resonance. By a simple extrapolation we discover that science or knowledge of any aspect or phenomenon, thing or being from the universe, ultimately resumes to such resonance processes only, by mutual tuning between connoisseur’s consciousness and the being or the object of knowledge.

Resonance’s esoterical meanings

It is obvious man can come to know the whole universe by exploring and mastering all possible vibration frequencies, meaning all states of consciousness that can be reached, including the latent ones. West wise men indicated somehow laconically, perfectly noticing the importance of resonance: “Know yourself and know the entire universe together with its mysterious energies”. In return, east wise men expressed the same truth in a different form: “What can be found here, in your being’s microcosmos, can be found anywhere in Macrocosmos or universe. What cannot be found here, in the microcosmos of your being, cannot be found anywhere else in Macrocosmos or universe”.
Clearly intuiting these realities, the assiduous yogi discovers with delight and joy that resonance is a constant phenomenon, easy to feel, phenomenon that the yoga authentic methods try to use in a benefic, creating and balanced way only. Thus, it promotes being’s completion and integration in cosmic universal harmony. Human being will get to know the whole universe that holds her by resonance, fully knowing herself; in return, she will hold the universe’s essence of her own microcosmos.
These represent basic characteristics that define resonance as a universal principle. Yoga and tantric tradition present the teachings more or less veiled, having as fundament and promoting, under different forms, exactly this principle that is resonance. They attest resonance actually represents the basement of knowledge and thought; this means that knowledge is globally resonance.

From those hereby presented, we can draw the conclusion that this resonance phenomenon is a selective and reversible, dynamic (resonance is produced and produces at the same time), remote manifesting (in space and time) process and it automatically happens. Resonance is immaterial, energetical (invisible) and creates what we call a resonating field. We can say there is no process of phenomenon in creation that does not obey the individual laws of resonance.


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