5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People (2)


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51. USA, 22 May 2019
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) criticize FCC plans for opening a 24 GHz spectrum band to 5G telecommunications providers, stating that US weather forecasting capabilities would be set back decades. The matter is on the agenda for international treaty negotiations at the International Telecommunication Union’s World Radio Conference (WRC) in the fall of 2019, but with respect to 24 GHz, the Department of State has already submitted the FCC’s out-of-band emission limits as the US position during preliminary negotiations.

52. USA, 29 May 2019
The US state of Louisiana unanimously votes to stop 5G, calling for study of effects on health and environment before 5G is launched (Resolution 145).

53. USA, June 2019

Ongoing lawsuits against the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the constitutional overreach in the rollout of 5G:
• National League of Cities (19,000 cities & towns)
• US Conference of Mayors (1,192 cities)
• National Association of Counties (3,069 counties)
• National Association of Regional Councils (500 councils and metropolitan & regional planning organizations)
• National Association of Towns and Townships (10,000 towns)
• National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisers (local government officials)
• Colorado Communications Utility Alliance
• League of Arizona Cities and Towns
• League of California Cities
• League of Oregon Cities
• Michigan Coalition to Protect Public Rights of Way
• Michigan Municipal League
• Michigan Townships Association
• Texas Coalition of Cities for Utility Issues
• 7 Counties
• 45 Cities

54. Europe, June 2019

EMFOff publishes an exposé of corruption at the World Health Organization: The WHO Cover-Up That is Costing Us the Earth. Video and PDF document.

55. Canada, June 2019
In Toronto, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association files a court application to stop (Alphabet/Google subsidiary) Sidewalk Labs’ “smart city” project as “unconstitutional” because it would allow “historically unprecedented, non-consensual, inappropriate mass-capture surveillance and commoditization of personal data.”

56. Australia, June 2019

Step-by-Step Action Plan: We say No to 5G in Australia: devised by barrister Raymond Broomhall, who has stopped 25K antenna projects across Australia.

57. Ireland, June 2019

Councillor Clare Colloran Molloy, with support from other councillors, raises concerns to Clare County Council about dangers of 5G http://www.clarepeople.com/2019/06/21/concerns-raised-over-dangers-of-5g-ahead-of-roll-out/.

58. Switzerland, 4 June 2019

The Canton of Fribourg introduces a licensing requirement for 5G antennas in order to give those affected a chance to object.

59. Russia, 6 June 2019

A man living in the Tver region saws down a cell tower because he believes the radiation from it is destroying the vegetable, berry and fruit crops growing on his land located nearby.

60. Switzerland, 10 June 2019

telephone antenna is destroyed by an explosion in Vaud, Switzerland.

61. UK, 11 June 2019
Glastonbury Town Council https://glastonbury.gov.uk/2019/06/19/town-council-challenges-5g/ opposes the introduction of 5G technology in Glastonbury until further information has been obtained on the health effects on residents, adopting the following motion: “This council has a social responsibility to protect the public and environment from exposure to harm, albeit unpredictable in the current state of scientific knowledge, and therefore opposes the roll-out of 5G in the Parish of Glastonbury – based on the precautionary principle – until further information is revealed from a newly convened 5G advisory committee (working group).”

62. UK, 11 June 2019
Shadow Minister (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) David Drew asks the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, what discussions he has had with the providers of 5G on whether they have made any provision for personal liability on health and safety grounds and whether any provision has been made for white zones. He also asks the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what investigations the Government has commissioned on the health and safety implications of the 5G rollout.

63. USA, 12 June 2019

5G installer discusses the consequences of 5G. Current radiofrequency emitted by cell towers uses relatively low power (1.5-2.8 MHz), which at short range superheats the water molecules in your brain, eyes and testicles. It dissipates over distance as it has a long wave trough. 5G will be up close, in offices, outside homes, everywhere, including in the back of self-driving cars. It broadcasts in GHz not MHz — 30 GHz is 15,000 times more powerful than current previous levels.

64. Ireland, 18 June 2019
A motion calling on Clare County Council to oppose the rollout of 5G on health grounds is backed by the elected representatives. Leitrim County Council follows suit.

65. USA, 18 June 2019
Pennsylvania lawmakers cancel a vote on proposed legislation to facilitate infrastructure next-generation 5G wireless services. It is the third defeat for the Verizon- and AT&T-backed legislation.

66. USA, 20 June 2019
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that US suicide rates are at the highest level since World War II. Life expectancy, perhaps the broadest measure of a nation’s health, has fallen for three straight years, the first three-year drop since 1915 to 1918.

67. UK, 25 June 2019

UK parliamentary committee discusses concerns about the health effects of electromagnetic fields and 5G, especially with regard to electrohypersensitivity. Tonia Antoniazzi, MP, asks why the inaccurate and discredited 2012 report of AGNIR is still on the Public Health England website. Transcript.

68. France, 25 June 2019
“Bees are producing nothing!” French beekeepers announce a catastrophic year for French honey.

69. USA, 27 June 2019
The state of New Hampshire asks a series of questions about 5G in Bill HB 522.

70. USA, 27 June 2019
US Senator Dianne Feinstein introduces SB 2012, “Restoring Local Control Over Public Infrastructure Act of 2019”, to repeal FCC rules that limit state and local government control over telecom infrastructure. The bill is supported by the US Conference of Mayors, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, American Public Power Association, Communications Workers of America, National Association of Counties, League of California Cities and American Public Works Association.

71. France, 27 June 2019
After victories for “electrohypersenstive” (EHS) people in Toulouse (March) and Bordeaux (May), the Tribunal de grande instance of FOIX issues a decision protecting EHS people who cannot tolerate dirty electricity diffused by “smart” meters.

72. Glastonbury, UK, 29 June 2019

Glastonbury festival-goers are used as guinea pigs in a 5G trial and document multiple injuries online.

73. Europe, 29 June 2019

The European Stop 5G Alliance comprising representatives from 19 European countries is officially founded at an international conference in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

74. France, July 2019
French baby-clothing firm Petit Bateau decides not to wait for the “conclusive” data and launches clothing line to protect babies from electromagnetic radiation.

75. Ireland, July 2019

Councillor Orla Leyden proposes a motion with Roscommon County Council to oppose 5G and this is passed.

76. USA, 1 July 2019

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the City of Berkeley’s right to require cell phone retailers in the city to notify prospective customers about cell phone manufacturers’ safety guidelines to ensure consumer safety, adopted in May 2015.

77. Russia, 1 July 2019
In the Urals, police detain a woman who tried to burn down a communications tower because of concerns about health. The woman believed that her malaise and insomnia related to the fact that this tower was located directly near her home.

78. USA, 3 July 2019

Prof. Em. Martin L. Pall states that 5G effects will take months, not years, and he expects a breakdown in mental function, sterility, damaged heart function and societal collapse.

79. Italy, 4 July 2019
60 regions, autonomous provinces and municipalities question 5G, a moratorium is established in Italy and 14 municipalities approve Stop 5G city council resolutions or motions. The Mayor of Marsaglia issues Italy’s first Stop 5G ordinance and the Mayor of San Gregorio Matese bans the installation of 5G antennas on the municipal territory.

80. Russia, 4 July 2019

Ban on cell phones in schools expected this fall.

81. Ireland, 4 July 2019

Councillor Justin Warnock calls on Leitrim Council to halt the roll-out of 5G on health grounds.

82. Switzerland, 2 July 2019

Renowned Swiss law firm provides legal opinion stating that the Swiss Federal government’s modification of its ordinance to privilege directional antennas is not legally admissible because it would undermine health protection.

83. Switzerland, July 2019

As a result of the above legal opinion, the Swiss Canton of Zug suspends ongoing licensing procedures.

84. USA, 8 July 2019

California Assembly Bill 272 asks all school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to come up with smartphone policies to limit or prohibit student use at school.

85. Russia, 9 July 2019

President Putin emphasizes the environmental risks of new technologies, saying “Hopes that the new technologies themselves will save the planet from the growing anthropogenic influence turned out to be illusions. Nature and climate degradation continues.”

86. USA, 11 July 2019

Leading senators submit bill restoring local control and abolishing FCC regulations: Restoring Local Control Over Public Infrastructure Act of 2019.

87. EU, 14 July 2019
Galileo, the EU global navigation satellite system, is non-operational for at least four days as of 11 July following a mysterious outage. The Galileo satellite system was launched in 2016 and was funded by the EU as an alternative to the US Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian global navigation satellite system GLONASS.

88. International, 16 July 2019

The telcos belatedly realise that the public has found out about the dangers of 5G and launches a propaganda war of fake news, starting with The New York Times. It blames all the bad news on 5G on the Russians, and this meme is taken up and repeated obediently by major media outlets around the world including the BBC, Le Monde, The Guardian, The Infographics Show and Wired Online.

89. France, 18 July 2019
French NGO Alert Phonegate launches class action lawsuit against telco Nokia for selling “smart” phones that were shown by the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) to exceed the European specific absorption rate (SAR) limit. This deception is facilitated by the entry into force of the new European Directive (2014/53/EU), which has relaxed controls by allowing manufacturers to self-certify their products.

90. Switzerland 26 July 2019

The Green party in Lausanne (Vaud) insists on the precautionary principle, saying that 5G antennas are being installed while the consequences of these new technologies are not known. Green representatives call for a moratorium in Vaud and commit to opposing all new antennas until they receive clear and satisfactory answers relating to the impact of 5G.

91. USA, 28 July 2019

Bees dropping out of the sky near two 5G cell towers, California.

92. Austria, 8 August 2019
The Austrian parliament commissions a study on the health effects of 5G networks in response to concern from the public.

93. Switzerland, 5 August 2019

Swiss mainstream magazine L’Illustré reports on the injuries of Geneva’s first 5G victims: “With 5G, we feel like guinea pigs“.

94. USA, 9 August 2019
The US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit finds that the FCC did not adequately address the potential harms of deregulation or the benefits of environmental and historic-preservation reviews.

95. USA, 9 August 2019

The Oregon state legislative assembly declares a health emergency in Senate Bill 283 and directs the state health authority to review studies of the health effects of exposure to RF-radiation in schools and to recommend how to reduce children’s exposure in schools and to report back not later than 2 January 2021.

96. USA, 9 August 2019
The Natural Resources Defense Council, joined by various American Indian tribes, as well as the National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, win a victory when the federal appeals court in D.C. ruled that the FCC illegally eliminated historic-preservation and environmental review – and important opportunities for public participation – for 5G wireless infrastructure projects. Emphasizing the importance of such review, the court held that that the FCC’s attempted explanations for the elimination “did not meet the standard of reasoned decision-making.”

97. USA, 21 August 2019
The Chicago Tribune finds that popular cell phones tested for radiofrequency radiation measure over the legal safety limit, in some cases more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing. The FCC is investigating.

98. USA, 23 August 2019

Cardiology Magazine reports on smart phones and obesity. A poster abstract, presented at the Latin America Conference 2019, found that university students who used their smartphones five or more hours a day had a 43 percent increased risk of obesity.

99. Russia, 26 August 2019
Oleg Gregoriev, Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, states that “5G may be like a slow Hiroshima”.

100. USA, 26 Aug-1 September 2019

The 5G Crisis Awareness and Accountability Summit
 attracts 200,000+ viewers from around the world, who send over 200,000 liability letters to their government representatives.

101. Russia, 1 September 2019

The Russian Defence Ministry refuses to hand over 3.4–3.8 GHz for 5G because these frequencies are used for satellite communications, instead suggesting that 4.4–4,99 GHz be used, which are popular only in China and Japan.

102. Kuwait, 1 September 2019

The Kuwait Times publishes an article on the threats to health from 5G technology, saying “RF-EMF exposure and health outcomes. In the meantime, they recommend that cell towers should be distanced from homes, daycare centers, schools, and places frequented by pregnant women, men who wish to father healthy children, and the young”.

103. USA, 3 Septeptember 2019

T-Mobile cancels 5G installation nationwide. Anonymous employee blames 15 states’ lawsuits against the Sprint merger.

104. USA, 11 September 2019

Cellphone Users Sue Apple and Samsung Over Radiation Exposure. Andrus Anderson in San Francisco is representing 16 plaintiffs against Apple and Samsung in a controversy some in the medical and scientific community are allegedly calling “Phone Gate.”

105. International, 13 September 2019

Edward Snowden describes his role in the creation of the totalitarian surveillance state, enabling the new wave of authoritarianism by the political and commercial classes that are realizing they can use technology to influence the world on a massive scale, bringing societies’ systems under attack.

106. Switzerland, 13 September 2019

5G opponents block applications on 320 out of 326 antennas. 5G opponents have raised objections to almost all of the applications for planning permission for antennas.

107. UK, 16 September 2019

Smart meter rollout delayed by four years. The government’s deadline to have smart meters in 30 million homes by the end of 2020 has been pushed back to 2024.

108. Australia, 18 September 2019

Telco TPG (Total Peripherals Group) says community health fears stopped its 5G rollout in Australia – as experts blame disinformation campaigns on social media.

109. United Nations, 24 September 2019

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson describes the Internet of Things, “smart” cities and AI as a giant, dark thundercloud lowering oppressively over the human race, threatening a cold and heartless future in an Orwellian world designed for censorship, repression and control. He appeals for joint efforts on agreeing a common set of global principles to shape norms and standards to guide the development of emerging technology.

110. Cyprus, 26 September 2019

The Parliamentary Committees on Health and Environment in Cyprus hold discussions on the negative aspects of 5G. Proposals are put forward to freeze 5G deployment and keep Cyprus radiation-free as a detoxing zone attractive for tourism.

111. USA, September-October 2019
Journal Municipal Lawyer publishes article entitled Putting the Cart Before the Horse – The FCC’s ‘5G First, Safety Second’ Policy, which states that the FCC should have completed the review of its RF standards before opening the floodgates for the deployment of hundreds of thousands of small cell transmitters for 5G. The rules adopted by the FCC in 1996 were designed to protect only against the thermal effects of RF exposure.

112. International, September 2019

The authors of 5G Wireless Communication and Health Effects—A Pragmatic Review Based on Available Studies Regarding 6 to 100 GHz, funded by Deutsche Telekom, state that “The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment, or for the question about non-thermal effects and conclude that: In summary, the majority of studies with MMW exposures show biological responses”.

113. USA, 25 September 2019

Lawsuit filed over cell phone radiation. A new lawsuit claims that cell phone companies may try to hide how much radiation their devices emit. West Des Moines Iowa Attorney Bart Goplerud files lawsuit claiming that Apple and Samsung misrepresent safety risks.

114. European Parliament, 1 October 2019

MEPs Philippe Lamberts, Michèle Rivasi and Klaus Buchner invite Dr. Marc Arazi of Phonegate, Prof. Em. Martin Pall and European Stop 5G Alliance promoter Maurizio Martucci to a press conference to discuss the health risks of 5G and the precautionary principle.

115. France, 2 October 2019

A group of French NGOs calls for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/French-NGOs-demand-stop-to-rollout-of-out-of-control-5G-network-in-France, saying it could “push the planet and our society into a world with out-of-control consequences”.

116. Ireland, 2 October 2019

Councillor calls for more debate on use of 5G technologies. Cllr Kevin Murphy raised the motion at a meeting of West Cork local authority last week and said the issue of 5G might not be something that will affect people now, but will do so in the future. Fears over claims that 5G mobile technology may be linked to cancer.

117. Germany, October 2019
Manager magazine reports that protests by hundreds of protest groups aiming to stop 5G are hindering the multibillion 5G rollout. Mast-Hass: Wie Proteste das Multimilliardenprojekt bremsen.

118. USA, 3 October 2019

Erin Brokovich firm joins citizens 5G lawsuit brought by People’s Initiative Foundation against the FCC and the 1996 Telecom Act.


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