American History of the Rothschilds and the Eight Most Powerful Families (1)


The real power behind the United States is the Rothschild banking family, which can trace its roots to 1743 when Moses Amschel Bauer put the red hexagram above his doorway.

Map of Israel, c 800 BC

That was also the year his son Mayer was born in Bavaria. In 1760 Mayer would change the family name from Bauer to Rothschild after that red hexagram sign (‘Rot is German for ‘red’ and ‘Schild’ means ‘sign’).

Mayer Rothschild continued his father’s money lending business and also got into the business of hiring out Hessian mercenaries to foreign countries at war, resulting in vast profits for the family.

Loaning to governments directly was the logical next step, mainly because it was more profitable than loaning to individuals.

After all, a nation’s taxes were much more likely to come through and pay the debt than an embattled businessman’s profits. Seeing a way to control world governments through debt, Rothschild thought up a system based on the Rabbinical Jewish book, the Talmud.

The Kingdom of Israel and the Star of David

Talmudists are Jews that follow the teachings of the Talmud, which is one form of Jewish law, and one that many have claimed is anti-Christian and sexually immoral.
The nation of Israel was created in 1948 with a new flag showing the Star of David, a symbol that had come about in the 1600s and which the Zionists adopted as their symbol in 1897.

The Star of David is misleading, as King David never had a star symbol. His son, King Solomon, used the symbol when he ruled the Kingdom of Israel during the 900s BC, however, and that’s where we’ll begin.

The symbol is an ancient sign of “magic, witchcraft, sorcery and occultism” as well as the casting of horoscopes and reading of the zodiac.

Solomon was thought to have turned away from God, which led to Israel’s destruction. One of the reasons for that may have been the use of his star symbol, which was associated with Remphan, an ancient Egyptian ‘star’ god.

The symbol was also that of the worshippers of Moloch, a god of the Ammon people, who were a neighboring nation of Israel in the 900s BC.

Moloch encouraged child sacrifice, typically by the parents. Solomon had many temples built for his foreign wives, and “pagan abominations” were worshipped there, including idols to Moloch.

All of this was associated with Moloch, or what we’d today consider Satan. Moloch was a false god that tempted Solomon, leading to the downfall of Israel, the Babylonian Captivity, and subsequent exile of the Jewish people, both those that were innocent and the idolaters.

How it happened was that Israel fell apart into two different countries in 930 BC, the Kingdom of Israel to the north and the Kingdom of Judah to the south.

Sometime in the 720s BC the Assyrians invaded the Kingdom of Israel and defeated it. The Assyrians hung on until 605 BC and the Israelis in Judah did the same until the Babylonians swallowed up their state about fifteen years later. At that point the Jews found themselves exiled until Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 586 BC, setting the groundwork for the Jews’ return in 539 BC.

The continued journey of the Jewish people is much too long of a story to explore here, but elements of their story are important to our own, and important if we’re to understand how the world truly operates today.

In the 1200s AD the Mongols were pouring out of Asia and killing or enslaving all that they came across. Part of their enslavement was mental more than anything, and consisted of converting to the Jewish faith.

Mongol Conquests in the 1200s

Many that converted didn’t want to, and these people became the basis of the Ashkenazi Jews, a group that many believe rejects Jesus and accepts Satan.

The real power behind the Ashkenazi Jews is the Rothschild banking family, which can trace its roots to 1743 when Mayer Bauer was born in Bavaria. That was also the same year his father had put the red hexagram above their doorway. Seventeen years later they’d be known as the Rothschild family.

Many believe the Talmud is the opposite of the Torah. While the Torah worships God, the Talmud worships Satan, they claim. Rothschild used a twisted form of the Jewish Talmud to create satanic teachings that formed the basis of his secret organization, the Illuminati.

In 1776 the organization was complete and Rothschild used his associate, Adam Weishaupt, to infiltrate the Continental Order of Freemasons so that Illuminati doctrine would appear in their lodges all over Europe, and later the world.

The History of Freemasonry

‟Freemasonry can trace its origins back to 1400 BC when the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton built a temple in El-Amarna that became the first ‘mystery school,’ a place where ‘human sacrifice and mind control were common’ with ‘initiation rites identical to those of modern Freemasonry.’

Akhenaton was also the pharaoh that moved Egypt from polytheism to monotheism, a system of worshipping just one god.ˮ (Henderson, p 159; Gould, p 13)

It would be nearly a thousand years later that those ‘mystery school’ ideas came to Greece. It was during the time of Erechteus, who was known as the “earth-born king of Athens” and was raised by the Greek goddess Athena, so it’s claimed.

From the Greek world the ideas circulated, heading to the Romans to become the “Mysteries of the Mithras,” or sometimes “Mysteries of the Persians.”

Those ideas lasted from about 68 BC to around 500 AD. They changed considerably during that time, and later take the rudimentary form that Freemasonry has today.

The secret society continued up through the time Charlemagne was named the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800. The first mention of a Freemason temple on official records was in York in 926 under King Athelstan.

In 1620 we have records of Freemasons in London, and a short time later a strong sect rose up in Scotland. It wasn’t until 1717, however, that modern Freemasonry came into being, at least that’s the accepted version.

It wasn’t until 1717, however, that four lodges in Great Britain formed together to become the first Grand Lodge of England. These were the first official Freemasonry lodges, and America saw its first in Philadelphia in 1730.

Thirty-nine men signed the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 and thirteen of them were Freemasons, or 33%. America has had many presidents that can call themselves Freemasons.

“Every US President since FDR has been a 33rd Degree Illuminated Mason, except Ronald Reagan,” who Dean Henderson says, “was given the honorary title, and John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated.” (Henderson, p 159)

Henderson was educated at the University of Montana and was a reporter for the Montana Kaimin. He’s written extensively on the Freemasons and world banking in his book Big Oil and Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf.

Freemasonry is a criminal consciousness-control abuse and elitism occult dark society with at least thirty-three degrees of advancement.

“To achieve advancement to one higher degree, members are asked to spit on a cross,” Henderson tells us.

“Those who refuse are congratulated while those who accept are advanced to the next level because they did what they were told.”

What’s more, each Freemason Lodge is officially warranted by the British government, meaning all Freemasons the world over are swearing fealty to that nation when they give their vows and say their rites.

Henderson gives us an idea of how the organization operates:
“Lower level initiates don’t know this darker side of Masonry and spend their time planning circuses and parades, ostensibly to divert people’s attention from Illuminati plans for global dictatorship… the most corruptible men advance to the higher degrees of Masonry.” (Henderson, p 158)

Freemasonry wasn’t popular everywhere, however, and a lot of that had to do with the fact that well-off and wealthy men always seemed to be members. In 1822 Czar Alexander had banned Freemasonry from Russia.

It’s rather ironic, as a Russian would give us the Freemason connection to the Knights Templar.

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar is another organization involved, and one that has grand designs on the world. The Templars were influenced heavily by Gnostic thought and the world knows about their crazy schemes because of an event in 1884.

That’s when a Russian general’s daughter, Justine Glinka, paid 2,500 francs to Joseph Schorst, a member of a Freemason guild in Paris, to obtain a book called Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.

That French Freemason guild was in reality the Knights Templar sect known as the Priory of Sion, which had been created in 1099 on Mount Zion in Jerusalem to “guard such relics as the Shroud of Turin, the Ark of the Covenant, and,” Henderson tells us, “the Hapsburg family’s Spear of Destiny which was used to kill Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross.” (Henderson, p 122)

Most of that loot, if any of it even existed, was seized from beneath Solomon’s Temple during the Crusades and then secreted back to Europe for safekeeping.
Henderson gives us an idea of why this was done:

“To preserve the Holy Grail bloodline, or Sangreal, of Jesus Christ which they believe is carried forth by the French Bourbon royalty, the Merovingan family. The Priory of Sion elite believe Jesus faked his death with the help of certain herbs, then married the administer of those herbs, Mary Magdalene.ˮ

“The Priory believes the couple fled to southern France and had numerous children. During the 5th century, the theory goes, Jesus’ descendents married into the Frank royalty from which France takes its name, thus creating the Merovingan dynasty.” (Henderson, p 122)

‟The Priory believes that Jesus eventually died in Kashmir, Pakistan.ˮ (Henderson, p 218)

His bloodline – the Holy Grail – lives on, however, and it’s through the Hapsburg line. The Hapsburg family started on the Habichtburg estate in Switzerland in 1020.
They were in charge of the Holy Roman Empire until its demise in 1806. From its ashes rose the German.

Locations of Templar sites in Europe, 1300 AD

‟Confederation and the Hapsburgs continued on until 2011 when their 640-year family line officially came to an end with the death of Otto von Hapsburg.ˮ (Henderson, p 472)

Sion is thought to mean Zion, which itself means Jeruselem in ancient Hebrew. The Knights Templar didn’t care about Judaism, however, except to use it to cover up their economic activity.

Even securing the holy land of the Middle East didn’t really interest them; it was securing its resources and its trade potential.

All throughout history the small strip of land that became Israel in 1948 had been used for trade and commerce and travel.

It was still, with oil being the main commodity, and the Knights Templar and Rothschilds used the religious aspects of Judaism to secure the land they needed.

If people in the world, including many disgruntled world leaders, lashed out at Judaism, so much the better – it would only distract more from the true motives, global financial control through trade, finance, and commodity markets.

The Templars consolidated their power by legitimizing usury so they could lend from their banks. By the 1200s they’d used their extensive wealth from the Crusades and banking to buy 9,000 castles across Europe.

They controlled a magnificent fleet of ships from the French port of New Rochelle and bought the island of Sicily in the late-1100s from Richard the Lionheart, though it was later overrun by Turks in 1798.

So powerful and so wealthy did the Templars become that in 1307 the king of France and the Pope both teamed up to discredit the group, saying they used black magic and necromancy. It took place on Friday, October 13, and ever since then that day has had a bad connotation.

By 1864 the book Justine Glinnka had bought was printed up in another book and then the same happened in the 1890s.

‟By then, however, the authorities weren’t happy to hear about this, and the Russian author was arrested and tortured. The Illuminati was taking over, consolidating power, and secrecy was becoming the order of the day.ˮ (Henderson, p 124)

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