20 October – Gregorian Bivolaru: GOD will spread over you new breath of courage, firmness and love!

My dearest, thanks to GOD, what we all have asked for is accomplished and GOD made our prayers true. Let’s thank GOD most of all for His grace and enjoy this from the bottom of our hearts!

My release testifies that in desperate situations, when injustice and malice seem to win the game, if GOD stays with us and never leaves us, there are lots of miracles that become possible!

Keep in mind that many of you have been tested at a spiritual level, for at this yoga school you have been given revelations and you have taken part to unique meditations in this world. You are put on test because those who are given high spiritual knowledge are asked a lot instead.

Please watch up and be much more assiduous in order to get through it successfully. I remind you that any spiritual test that we pass through makes us more powerful and mature and any spiritual test that we fail implies regressing and it’s just like remaining in the same class at school.

The persecutions and injustices against this Yoga School, the greatest in Europe, will come to an end in the long run, for any beginning that gets over the acme will certainly draw to an end. The evil will crumble down, the good will prevail! He who spreads evil will harvest the same and cannot escape the consequences of his deeds. GOD is here, helping us. 

He who stands against GOD will be punished and wiped away, because of his evil deeds… Those who  take an oath and break it will be punished by GOD when time comes. […] Stop gossiping! Have common sense and discrimination in order to stop stupidity and naivety, devastating many of you. Be humble! Be full of love! Love and help each other like spiritual brothers. In this way everyone else will admit you are great persons, admire and respect you.

Remember that the power of love and forgiveness is incredible! Please start by hugging each other full of love, today. Please feel like this the wonderful power of love coming through you and inside of you from GOD, so that you remember that above all GOD is love! This love is endless…

Be brave and steady for GOD is with us and we shall win by his Help! Be sure that what fails to destroy us will make us stronger. If GOD is with us nothing will ever destroy us!

There is a new breath of courage, firmness and love spreading from GOD! Praise the good and the evil will decrease. Each of us can do a lot of good things if we open wide our being for the endless power of Good.

Please remember that a man, sooner or later, becomes what he mostly thinks. If we have faith as small as a mustard seed in our heart we can work lots of miracles, for GOD is with us and will always help us if we humbly and fervently ask Him to. 

To conclude I want to thank you for your positive efforts and I’m sure they have urged your evolution and increased your faith in the mysterious power of GOD and in yourselves. I will soon send more important messages that you can find in the Yogaesoteric.net. I embrace all of you in deep love and let’s thank GOD for the Grace and kindness He is now spreading over us.

22 October 2005


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