MISA, the small leak sinks the great ship of the corrupted Justice in Romania

Justice has been done!

The Highest Court of law in Sweden denied the extradition request submitted by the Romanian authorities against Gregorian Bivolaru. The final decision on the rejection of the extradition request reached us today at 11am, after the MISA mentor had been released yesterday.

The five judges of the High Court of Stockholm ruling on the case reached the conclusion that Gregorian Bivolaru stands no chance for a fair trial in Romania. The High Court sentence covering 12 pages is a real indictment act against the Romanian Justice. To motivate their verdict, the judges stated their conviction that in Romania, Gregorian Bivolaru would be unjustly pursued by the authorities and persecuted due to his beliefs. The Swedish Court assessed the charges of the Romanian authorities against Gregorian Bivolaru have no real ground; these were forged accusations meant to destroy the greatest Yoga School in Europe. 

The extradition request declined, tips the scales in the process of Romania’s accession to the EU, for it proves that Romanian Justice does not comply with the European standard. The emergency exit for the Romanian Justice is to get rid of the communist inheritance, to investigate and punish those responsible for the unfair persecution of MISA – the Romanian Yoga School. Given the decision of the High Court of Stockholm, the only honorable way out for those involved in misleading the public opinion, by forged, unfounded accusations against the yogis, is their immediate resignation. Top of the list: the architect from the shadow of the campaign against MISA, Adrian Nastase, followed by Radu Timofte, head of SRI – Romanian Intelligence Service, who has no justification for having spent the Romanian contributors’ fees on phone interception during ten full years; Ilie Botos the general prosecutor of Romania, guilty of the abuses of his subordinated prosecutors, Mihai Vlad, SRI agent; prosecutors and magistrates Marian Delcea, Elena Sandu, Antoanela Costache, Lia Savonea, Grigore Chaborsky, George Bălan, Virginia Chiriţă, Nelu Ogarcă, Virgil Bratu, Alexandru Ionescu, Eusebiu Şerbănoiu, Marian Gherman and Dumitru Ilieş.

This act of justice reinforces the authenticity of MISA, the Romanian Yoga School, just like our repeated protests since the last 18 months. The international acknowledgement of Gregorian Bivolaru being innocent stands for clear evidence of the unsupported charges in the yogis’ case. We are grateful to the Swedish Justice and to everyone who believed in us.



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