2012 – The year of the Apocalypse or of Salvation? (I)

By Gregorian Bivolaru

The transformations that have already begun and are going to occur in an accelerated and often surprising manner, will ineluctably lead to the Great Crossing which will be primed during 2012 and beyond. These will involve, above all, subtle, sublime, profoundly elevated energetic changes at a rate of about 75%, and only in a proportion of about 25% will they be clear and manifest in the physical world. In fact, our inner universe is not limited only to a third dimension, of space. Simultaneously with the space we live in and perceive in the physical reality, there are other universes, known as parallel universes or worlds.
A significant example is the ethereal space which we can access when we are immersed in ample, beneficial and profound states of trance. In such states we also manage to penetrate the astral plane, which has a different vibration frequency. There, there are more of these distinct worlds that each has a specific vibration frequency. There are infernal spaces and intermediate spaces. The intermediate ones could be associated with what, in Christian tradition, is called purgatory. And there are also seven heavenly places. 
We have access to these heavenly universes, known as Heavens in traditional folklore, when we gather a huge amount of energy in our inner universe which we can direct through the process of sublimation. Always, without exception, the access to these parallel universes becomes possible when we enter into a mysterious and profound state of communion with the super-gigantic field of force of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvaneshwari. Each of these universes has a certain distinctly modulated vibration frequency of the energy of time. When we manage to enter, due to a process of occult resonance, into one of these parallel universes, we have simultaneous access to another way of experiencing the mysterious energy of time.

Time runs faster in paradise 

An altogether extraordinary aspect, which we experience when we manage to access a parallel universe, is the emergence of an accelerated perception of the energy of time. Although we think it has only been 10 minutes, when we return to the physical plane we see with astonishment that the clock shows 40 minutes. The access to these mysterious modulations of the energy of time is possible through the intimate communion with the super-gigantic field of force of the Great Cosmic Power Kali. 

Therefore, for all the so-called paranormal experiences that belong to the dimension of space as well as of time, we have to experience the intimate communion with the Great Cosmic Powers Kali and Bhuvaneshwari. 

In the case of the infernal dimensions though, the space is dark, gloomy, and the energy of time is terribly and agonizingly slow. What appears there to have tormentingly lasted for 40 minutes or an hour, when we consult a clock from the physical reality, we can see that it actually took only 3-4 minutes.

Transmutation and sublimation allow the energy to flow freely

In order to access various beneficial astral spaces and their corresponding times we need to have a huge inner energy. The easiest way to achieve this is biological transmutation at body temperature, of the substantial sexual potential into energy. Each gram of substance that we are able to biologically transmute provides us huge amounts of energy that we can always use to have an instant and at will access to those parallel dimensions that exist simultaneously. 
What has all these got to do with the tremendous changes that started and that will become outstanding during 2012 and beyond? The answer is simple: in the physical universe where the Earth exists, a huge amount of energy that has never existed on this planet will appear. There will also appear conditions to simultaneously access, sometimes without even realizing it, parallel dimensions, in which the energy of time is accelerated.
Whether we want it or not, these changes will occur. It is just like when our radio cannot at first capture certain radio stations because the intensity of their vibration frequency is not extraordinary. These inevitable changes make the broadcast become much stronger, and the radio will dispose of a huge energy which will make it possible to capture them to the full, almost effortlessly. 
Given these revelations, we need to realize that fair and profound initiate knowledge always is and remains a mysterious way to have access to a great state of power. The stupid, skeptical and obtuse will rush into saying: “Impossible, something like this will never happen”, but even these human beings will be forced to admit in the near future that we will experience what now seems unbelievable. 
We must be prepared on the multiple levels of our inner universe to fearlessly cope with the astounding and formidable transformations that await us in the near future in 2012 and beyond. Once triggered, they will cause changes, some of them dramatic that will manifest successively.
Everyone able to understand, through a profound initiate vision, the amazing energetic phenomena, that will occur whether we want it or not, will be able to adapt and integrate all these changes without fear of their inevitable ampleness. 

Ready or not, transformation is rushing towards you

This huge influx of photon, neutron and tachyon energy that will soon appear, will greatly contribute to triggering extraordinary transformations on our planet. All these particles – tachyon, photon, neutron, and other types – actually reveal themselves as enormous energies that can be integrated in our inner universe. 
It will be easy for us to prepare to welcome them when our body is purified, our consciousness is open and we are already familiar within the microcosm of our being with the mysterious spheres of force of the Great Cosmic Powers Bhuvaneshwari and Kali.

Generally, however, all the ten Great Cosmic Powers will help us tremendously, each and all in unison, to face these formidable changes appropriately. 
Parallel with the astral dimension, there is also the causal one where space is completely different and the mysterious energy of time flows completely differently. All these dimensions and distinct and modulated flows of the energy of time are continuously embraced by the divine eternity and are part of the divine omnipresence which exists in eternity. 
In the parallel dimensions the predominant vibration frequencies become increasingly faster, more refined until, at some point, they reach the pure divine light. In this way the mysterious unity of all events which constantly reflects in our consciousness is revealed to us. 
If we aspire to access, receive and discover these mysterious, sublime, pure, heavenly dimensions through direct experience we first need to transform, expand and energize ourselves. Moreover, we must not forget that even if we do not yet realize it, our consciousness is and remains, moment by moment, the mysterious presence and manifestation of God in man.
When we profoundly realize this, we allow the manifestation of the ineffable presence of God the Father in our inner universe. Therefore, careful awareness is and remains an extremely important method that helps us be objective with ourselves, discover new meanings, discover the Supreme Absolute. 
When we are not aware, when we are not attentive, it is like we turn our back to God and, even though he continually embraces us in other mysterious ways, we are not yet able to embrace Him properly. 

Lucidly discover the parallel worlds 

An important step towards this inner transformation is to achieve, maintain and deepen an exemplary state of lucidity. Due to this state, when we focus and we are fully attentive on the present moment, it easily becomes possible to tilt into the formidable dimension of our supra-mental body, VIJNANAMAYA KOSHA.
If we then adequately focus on our cardiac plexus and function optimally at the level of ANAHATA CHAKRA, we are easily able to awaken and activate what the initiates and the great yogis call the supra mental consciousness which has as a center ANAHATA CHAKRA through which we awaken the enigmatic wisdom of the heart. 
Due to the awake and lucid consciousness, we trigger in our inner universe processes of occult resonance that reveal a certain reality either  in the ethereal dimension, in the astral universe, or in the causal one. Beneath the physical dimensions of the space we all know, the vibration frequencies become increasingly dense, embodying and preserving the physical reality. But globally, everything that is and exists above, also is and exists below. What is above is reflected in what is below and what is below is reflected in everything from above, to make possible the miracle of the holographic Whole of the manifestation of the divine. But the whole reality is always relative. The vast majority of human beings cannot see, cannot hear, cannot smell, cannot taste and cannot feel the other parallel worlds or are not able to experience these mysterious realities as they are yet unable to trigger processes of occult resonance with them inside their inner universe.
This does not mean that the other worlds don’t exist. In some cases, the obvious absence of evidence is not really an evidence of the absence. When we are in deeply transformed states of consciousness such as, for example, the intense state of romantic beneficial trance we easily intuit and as we open more and we have the adequate energy, we will be able to connect and even remain in a state of communion with those mysterious parallel dimensions. 
It is as if, once a radio is on the vibration frequency of a radio station, its reality is decoded and its obvious presence floods our room. Its reality reveals to us as long as we keep ourselves connected to that particular wavelength. 
But while no one doubts that radio stations exist, due to stupidity, skepticism, narrow-mindedness and laziness that they indulge themselves in, as soon as we talk about these parallel universes, skeptical people whine and conclude stupidly: “Something like this doesn’t exist.”

Where do thoughts come from and where do they go?

In the parallel worlds there live and manifest stunning ethereal entities, which can even communicate with us when we access these transformed levels of consciousness in our own inner universe. In order to access and then trigger processes of occult resonance with these mysterious parallel realities and universes that exist in the astral and even ethereal world, we need to manifest beforehand clear, strong, firm, constant intentions. 
As soon as we have the necessary occult energy, we can easily connect ourselves to the vibration frequencies of those parallel dimensions that exist simultaneously with our physical world. We obtain this energy through biological transmutation at body temperature of our substantial creative sexual potential into energy then sublimated to the higher levels of our inner universe.
When we enter these parallel worlds we have access to other forms of life – pure, elevated, and heavenly. There, existence and reality appear to us quite differently – sublime, fascinating, amazing compared to our physical world in which the individual, physical, limited, partial and often dual consciousness predominates. 

Parallel worlds generate specific processes of resonance, in tight connection with the thoughts, intentions and feelings that we predominantly feed and manifest.


Therefore, if a human being nourishes a scary abyss in his inner universe, this will open a secret communication bridge with a certain type of hell. Willingly or not, although he boasts that he lives in the physical reality, such a man will be more and more strongly influenced, affected, tormented and haunted by that parallel infernal world that he enters and with which he maintains himself in an often unconscious process of occult resonance.

Even if this human being does not know it, the resonance phenomena that he triggers open him up instantaneously and place him in connection with a certain parallel world that exists in the astral world. But a person who awakens and activates in his inner world a mysterious bridge with a heavenly world will be largely influenced for the better. 

Heaven or hell? Your choice! 

We realize that there wasn’t, there isn’t and there won’t be a human being in the physical world that can claim not to have entered and remained consciously or not connected to one of these parallel worlds that exist simultaneously in the astral universe.

The optimists have an intense positive state precisely because they are in a mysterious process of occult resonance with a parallel beneficial, harmonious, creative world from the astral universe. While, beyond appearances, a clearly pessimistic man, is constantly in a process of occult resonance with a low, sad, dull, awkward parallel world, that exists in the astral universe. 

In both cases, these processes of occult resonance appeared and were maintained because of the habits, thoughts, a certain behavior, a certain point of view. Overall, the dominant vibration frequencies of the two human beings differ considerably. As long as we are not fully aware of the objective possibility that other dimensions of reality influence us according to our way of thinking, to our inner vision, we don’t notice that we can be the victims of such excruciating influences.
Some of us only see the more or less painful symptoms, through which our bodies react to such evil influences. Such is the reality for the human beings who are in occult resonance either with certain hellish parallel world or with certain demonic parallel worlds. 
For example, even if for some of them it seems inexplicable, some people become irritable because of some mysterious influences, attracted in their inner universe from these infernal or demonic parallel worlds, while others can’t stop crying, but not with happiness. In some cases such awkward harrowing moments, can be extremely intense and may last for days or re-emerge intermittently over several weeks.
Ignorant human beings do not even suspect that they themselves caused these negative processes of occult resonance by their way of thinking, by what they eat or by their attitude. In such cases, their body receives a lot of inferior destructive energy, or on the contrary, the contact with those infernal worlds may steal their energy, dry them out, and make them feel lethargic because of seemingly inexplicable emergence of some pain that has no physiological cause. 
Closely related to these processes of occult resonance that each of us consciously or unconsciously establishes with heavenly parallel worlds, with infernal or demonic parallel worlds, specific symptoms appear in the inner universe of every human being. When the causes are canceled, and these processes of occult resonance cease, the effects disappear as if by magic. 
Thanks to the processes of occult resonance that they establish consciously or unconsciously with certain lower infernal or demonic parallel worlds, some human beings have strange dreams, inexplicable frequent nightmares. While others, who open bridges with heavenly worlds, with pure angelic, ethereal universes have wonderful, overwhelming visions, even during wakefulness. 
In the near future, the range of surprising elevated energetic changes will be wide and varied because of these communication processes with certain sublime parallel worlds, which willingly or not will start to influence us ever more.

The Earth bathes in energy

We can soon expect the occurrence of certain extraordinary energization especially of our astral body, but also of the causal body, which will occur due to huge waves of subtle energy in which the Earth will literally bathe. These gigantic waves have already begun to appear, and the intensity of these beneficial energies will increase tremendously and will inevitably generate some amazing, even extreme changes in our physical world.
If our inner universe will be open and cleaned, our subtle centers of force will be awakened and activated in a harmonious way and will take full advantage of these giant waves of beneficial, elevated energy in which planet Earth will bathe for a long time from now on. 
All these exceptional changes which have already started and will increase rapidly in the near future don’t indicate the end of the world in which we all live, but highlights the beginning of a new era, characterized by a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking. 

These gigantic waves of beneficial energy that will bathe our planet will create a favorable subtle ambience, and will generate creative premises in our inner universe


Through our powerfully manifested aspirations, but also through the clear and firm intentions that we will generate, we will be able to use, channel and direct these energies and make huge spiritual leaps. If we use this energy wisely, we will generate profound, rapid and durable transformations. 



March 2013


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