5. The ten things not to be avoided

1. Ideas, being the radiance of the mind, are not to be avoided.

2. Thought- forms, being the revelry of Reality, are not to be avoided.

3. Obscuring passions, being the means of reminding one of Divine Wisdom [which giveth deliverance from them], are not to be avoided [if rightly used to enable one to taste life to the full and thereby reach disillusionment].

4. Affluence, being the manure and water for spiritual growth, is not to be avoided.

5. Illness and tribulations, being teachers of piety, are not to be avoided.

6. Enemies and misfortune, being the means of inclining one to a religious career, are not to be avoided.

7. That which cometh of itself, being a divine gift, is not to be avoided.

8. Reason, being in every action the best friend, is not to be avoided.

9. Such devotional exercises of body and mind as one is capable of performing are not to be avoided.

10. The thought of helping others, howsoever limited one’ s ability to help others may be, is not to be avoided.

These are The Ten Things Not To Be Avoided.


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