5G, is it safe? Video conference by Ian R. Crane


Short for “fifth-generation”, 5G wireless technology promises faster download and upload speeds. The technology has already begun to be rolled out across the world, but not everyone is convinced the technology is progress. In fact, 5G technology is a hugely controversial topic, that has caused mass controversy, with many voicing concerns about potential health risks.

Ian R. Crane is a former Oilfield Services Executive who has spent the past seven years supporting communities develop their resistance the UK Government’s fracking agenda. In late 2017, Ian became aware that the countrywide tree-culling was directly related to the planned roll-out of 5G, due to organic material being a block to 5G frequencies. This prompted him to study the available academic research of the destructive health impacts of 5G microwave frequencies.

Ian’s purpose is to encourage people to do their own research, and his thought-provoking presentation will undoubtedly stimulate further curiosity, particularly amongst those who are already concerned at the pace with which humanity is being led deeper into technological reliance.

January 8, 2020


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