A sensational referendum-message of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization which is addressed to all the people on planet Earth

In the year 1977, a message of unknown origin was recorded by an American radio-telescope. Another sensational fact, which remained an inexplicable mystery until today, is the fact that afterwards, a few months later, there was a television broadcast from a British television which was completely interrupted for 4 minutes by a certain Vrillon, who recommended himself as a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Commandment.

There are several mysterious messages that have been received from extraterrestrial civilizations on planet Earth

On the 15th of August 1977, voluntary astronomer Jerry R. Ehman took part in the SETI project started ath the University of Ohio, which used his radio-telescope called „The Great Ear”. On this occasion, he witnessed the reception of a very powerful signal through his radio-telescope. He printed the entire recording of that signal, circling the remarkable string of numbers which represented the encoding of the mysterious signal and he expressed his amazement by writing, in pencil, on the side of the document, the word „Wow!”. Since then and until present day, this exclamation („Wow!”) became the name which is used for such mysterious signals.

What is currently your situation?

All our interventions up to this point have always had a negligible influence on the process of deciding, both collectively and individually, your own future. This aspect is motivated by our knowledge of profound psychic mechanisms.
We’ve already reached the conclusion that inner freedom awakens and completes almost every day, as one being becomes more and more aware of herself, of her exterior ambience and her entourage, transforming and perfecting herself while progressively liberating from bad habits, from limitations and inertia of any kind.

What will be the consequences that will arise when there will be enough people to formulate a clear and firm afirmative decision („YES!!!”)?

For most of you, a first immediate consequence of a collective favorable decision which will be expressed by a large enough number of beings through a firm and clear „YES” will be the materialization of many space ships (UFO-s) on the sky of our planet and some of those space ships (UFO-s) will descend on to Earth. For many of you, the direct effect of this contact with us will be the rapid and definitive liberation from many dogmatic certainties and fake beliefs.


September 2015


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