A transparent being, bright as a diamond caressed by the rays of the sun was watching me and over me

Angels spontaneously answer all our questions and divinely harmonious integrated wishes that are made with common sense and intelligence.
We just need to make a small effort: to connect our heart, full of humbleness and love to the heart of Heavenly Father. This way we can recognize His messengers.

1. It was a fairy-tale like winter. It snowed for days. A white, fluffy and bright snow covered everything, which was at least one metre high. I went out for a walk. There were narrow footpaths along the sidewalk, enough for a single person to pass. There were snow ploughs in the streets. I was passing by a small park. Then I saw a white dog at approximately 50 metres. I started to jump in the snow, as the distance between us was getting smaller. I was terrified, and then spontaneously I felt reabsorbed into the heart. I closed my eyes and I surrendered to the Will of God. A state of peace, quietness, warmth had embraced my entire being. There was no sound anymore. I opened my eyes and I saw a young man of angelic beauty in front of me. He had slightly wavy blonde hair down to the shoulders. He was too lightly dressed for the cold outside, wearing bright clothes. It was -26C. That apparition amazed me and I completely lived in the present. Without any questions, worries or fear. He took my right hand. What a pleasant and delicate touch! Then he started to caress the dog with my hand. He was talking inside my inner universe and he told me I should be brave, quiet, humble, full of love and gratitude towards God; that I should not be afraid of dogs because they are smart and devoted. I lived all these states at the same time – courage, calm, humbleness, love and gratitude – in a continuous state of amazement. I silently thanked the bright being for his help, I raised my eyes to him and… Big snowballs were melting on my blushed cheeks. I looked around me… the snow ploughs were working hard; people were passing me by, looking at me with astonishment. The white dog looked into my eyes and moved away, jumping on snowdrifts.

2. A few days ago I saw a transparent being in my room, bright as diamond caressed by sunrays, who was watching me and over me. I was on the edge of falling asleep when I opened my eyes and saw it. Even though it was dark, my room was enlightened. I watched it for a few minutes. It was standing at approximately 70 cm above the earth, in a posture similar to sitting on a chair. Then it rose up from the invisible chair and melted into the infinite. 

3. Today, 30.10.2009 I talked to my guardian angel and asked him to help me with a delicate situation. I was supposed to go to a friend at a certain hour and it was impossible for me to leave the house. There was no way for me to announce her that I could no longer come. In a very short while my friend contacted me and she told me that she wanted to postpone our meeting for another day. She also mentioned that she was going to see a movie about angels instead. I felt the caress of my guardian angel and I dearly and gratefully thanked him for his help.

D.M., 18th year, Bucharest



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