Adidas ad celebrates and promotes biological men playing in women’s sports

Adidas has released a series of new ads, including a feature that celebrates and promotes biological male athletes competing in female sports.

The Adidas ad campaign is entitled “I’mPossible,” and highlights a Brazilian trans athlete Tiffany Abreu as he navigates the difficult world of possessing vastly superior physical traits to pretty much everyone he’s competing against.

Tiffany Abreu

According to one of the ads: “It’s impossible… to take hold of the world’s spotlight overnight. Create your own uniform. Be a cover model. A powerful athlete. Or compete as a trans woman. Impossible? No. I’mpossible.”

It continues “Not only is she an unstoppable athlete, but she also uses her voice to encourage others to embrace their own identities”.

Breitbart reports: Abreu says that he plays “…for Brazil and for all trans women in the ad specific to him.” The Brazilian then finishes by saying, “My story is not impossible. Because I’m possible.”

In a sane world, Abreu’s ascendance to the Olympics and the top of Brazilian women’s volleyball would have been impossible. Males have muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular advantages over women that cannot be entirely erased by testosterone suppressors or any form of therapy. These inherent advantages put female athletes at a distinct disadvantage when competing against men.

Those advantages have recently been put on display in women’s college swimming as Lia Thomas. Thomas, a man, left the men’s swimming team at the University of Pennsylvania after three rather unremarkable years to join the women’s team and become the most dominant performer in women’s college swimming.

Lia Thomas

It also remains to be seen how Adidas reconciles its support of male athletes competing in and dominating women’s sports with the company’s supposed support of women’s rights and women’s athletics. Thomas alone has erased several women from the NCAA record books by smashing long-standing swimming records set by actual women. As Thomas’ example shows, while the left is fond of saying that only a relative few males are competing in women’s sports, it only takes one to completely reset the history books of a given sport and wipe out the life achievements of dozens of actual women.

One would think that Adidas and their corporate peers would be against canceling women since they claim to be so. However, sadly, their action in keeping up with the woke flavor of the day seems worth more to them than women’s rights.


June 15, 2022

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