AI is currently the greatest threat to humanity, warns investigative reporter Millie Weaver

Investigative reporter Millie Weaver warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is the greatest threat to humanity.

AI is the greatest threat to humanity right now,” she said during her Feb. 10 appearance on The Pete Santilli Show. Weaver added that most Americans do not realize that their own devices are spying on them and providing AI with the information it needs.

Your smart devices at your home – your TVs, smart TVs, cell phones, computers – all of those devices are capable of listening to your audio conversations. When you’re speaking near your devices, they can track your data [and] your locations,” she explained. “Everything you’re doing right now is actually being tracked, stored, bought and sold. That data is very, very valuable.”

Weaver expressed concern over the amount of knowledge tech companies have about people. She added that these firms are studying people, citing one research endeavor.

There was actually a psychological study that was conducted on Facebook, and they targeted 700,000 user accounts. What they were doing was they targeted them with malefic content and posts in their social media feeds.”

According to Weaver, Americans are aware of who has the power and control over these Big Tech firms. Most of them, she remarked, are left-leaning Silicon Valley tyrants who want to censor speech. These companies have the AI on their fingertips, and will not hesitate to weaponize this technology.

Weaver mentioned that her latest documentary titled Big Data is Watching You will tackle a lot about AI. Among the topics it will touch on is the use of sophisticated targeting technology, which was originally developed by the military for their drone programs.

Weaver proposes simple solutions to combat the rise of AI

In spite of the dangers that AI poses, Weaver mentioned simple solutions to push back against it.

This is the funny part: It’s like this big, huge monster coming at us. But all we have to do is unplug its access to our data and it will crumble,” she told Santilli.

It’s feeding on our data. It’s learning about us through our data. The second we cut off the data, it’s not going to have any new input [and] any new elements to learn. And at that point, it’s going to be harder for it to try to be used to control us.”

Weaver, a former reporter, remarked that people are unknowingly walking into a trap by feeding the Big Data systems that run the AI and are now going to be used to enslave and control people.

She ultimately remarked: “If we really want to go after AI, we actually have to go after Big Data and protect our privacy. We need to protect our Fourth Amendment right.”


March 28, 2023



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