Aliments and medicinal plants which favours the enjoyment of happiness (2)

by ayurveda teacher Andrei Gămulea

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Aliments and medicinal plants which favours the enjoyment of happiness (1)

The nuts

The nuts are for a good reason associated to the improving effects of the cerebral capacities. Not at random, the nature made that the form of the nuts without shell to look like the form of some miniature brains! Their efficiency in this direction is related to the fact that the nuts are an excellent source of Omega 3, that contribute to the good functioning of the brain cells and of the best functioning of its neurotransmitters. At the teenagers and the adults with deficiency of Omega 3 the accesses of violence and fury are frequent, and at the aged persons the penury or the brain from fat acids of the Omega 3 type can lead to cerebral vascular accidents, memory problems and senile madness. The children of whose mothers had consumed a sufficient quantity of the Omega 3 type prove to have a high intelligence coefficient.

The hazelnuts 

The hazelnuts are original from Asia. These represent one of the oldest crops, mentioned in the ancient oriental writings as being blessed nourishment. The hazelnuts contain a big quantity of pholic acid (the vitamin B9), favoring this way the decrease of depressive states and of the melancholy. It is known the fact that in the case of vitamin B9 deficiency it is affected the producing process of serotonin, and the producing disorders of serotonin are associated with irritability, aggressiveness, with the diminishing of concentration power and the memory deficiency. Therefore the consumption of hazelnuts can be quite helpful. The hazelnuts can be baked or grinded with a blender. They also present a high calcium content (140 mg la 100 g), reason for which the consumption of hazelnuts allows that instead of the depressive states, a profound state of calmness and self control would rapidly install in our being.

The sweet almonds

The fruit of the almond tree (Prunus amygdalus),tree from the Rosaceae family, the edible almonds(the sweet almonds) present a very high energetic share, being rich in unsaturated fat acids, vegetal proteins and sugars. The sweet almonds can be eaten both fresh and dried. The almond kennels can be consumed as such or they can be used at the preparing of the sweets. At the same time the almonds  represent one of the most important vegetal natural sources of calcium(252 mg at 100 g).The calcium facilitates the transmission  of the nervous impulse, intervening  in the processes of  the acetylcholine, noradrenalin and serotonin’s releasing, contributing this way to the maintaining of the nervous system’s balance. This is why the almonds are much appreciated for the psychic and mental welfare that they offer and for the state of tranquility that appears soon after we eat them. Even more, the almonds contribute also to the bettering of the natural capacity of memorizing.

The sesame seeds  
The sesame seeds come from India and from there they spread in the whole world. The sesame seeds represent one of the best sources of treonine, an aminat acid. This is an element of whose deficiency in the organism can provoke the appearance of the depressions. The sesame seeds can be softly roasted, then grinded finely with a small addition of salt and then the powder can be sprinkled on raw vegetable salads. The sesame seeds can be also consumed under the form of tahini-the well-known extremely tasty and nourishing paste from sesame seeds. So that it would be easy to digest, it is best to prepare it with the addition of lemon juice, salt and water, till it results a thin paste, almost of the fruit juice consistency.

The liquorices 

The liquorices is one of the used herbs in the most traditional formulas, both in the millenary ayurvedic science, and in the Chinese medicine. Among its numerous components, the root of liquorices contains also glyceritic acid, component that stops the decrease of the cortisone level, helping this way the organism to face successfully the situations characterized by stress. Therefore, the root of liquorices can be used to eliminate the states of tension or psychic fatigue. Besides, the liquorices contain also isoflavone, a molecule used to eliminate the depression states. Used under the form of dried powder, the liquorices can improve the depressive state and the anxiety. Its specific sweet taste confers a certain state of calmness and tranquility. It shouldn’t be used though in big amounts, at most a gram of powder once, because otherwise it is possible to determine at some persons the vomitive reflex.

The ginseng 

The ginseng root comes from China and North America. The American natives knew the healing properties of the ginseng so that, when they traveled long distances, the chewed ginseng roots to face the tiredness. There are studies that showed that this wonder herb, known and appreciated from ancient times, improves the body’s response to stress and it reduces the anxiety. The ginseng stimulates the psychic energy, gives wellbeing and increases the inner energy. It is said that the Chinese wise men from the ancient times daily enjoyed a cup of elixir prepared from ginseng root.

The parsley 

The parsley is an excellent source of L-glutamine, an amino acid that increases the power of mental concentration. It also helps in fighting against the anxiety and the stress, elevating the energetic level of the brain and increasing the vigilance. At the same time, the parsley is an important source of triptofane, which is a good regulator of the appetite. Therefore, the presence of even a little quantity of parsley in our daily food proves to be of much help for the maintaining of the general state of equilibrium. But when we especially intend to improve our energetic level and of our state of attention we mustn’t delay the moment of preparing a salad abundant in fine chopped parsley, to which we could add tomatoes, lemon and cold pressed olive oil.

The corn 

Archeological researches had shown that the corn was cultivated on the American continent over 5000 years ago. Both from its golden colour, and its content, this golden corn cob can bring the sunshine in our house! A portion of corn assures us a quarter of the recommended daily share of B1 vitamin. On how it has been proved in a recent study, the vigilance, the energy and the welfare could be improved after two months of supplementing with  the vitamin B1,coming from natural food, even without being a deficiency in this direction! The vitamin B1 (the thiamine) is absolutely necessary for the normal progress of the nervous system’s functions. Many of the stressed or nervous persons suffer in reality of a deficiency of this vitamin. The brain is a big consumer of glucose, and for metabolizing the glucose, the organism uses its thiamine reserves. Besides, the vitamin B1 is also involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitters (for example the acetylcholine). This is why the corn represents a very valuable food. It should be eaten be it boiled, or under the form of corn mush, made from the proper boil of the corn flour. In this direction the millenary system of AYURVEDA, mentions that in this form of preparing it (corn mush) we can add a great variety of herbs and spices powders, as to the necessities, beneficiating this way of their effects.

The integral wheat 
The trimethylglicine contained in the wheat participates at the producing of several chemical  compounds existing in the brain, that improves the psychic, mental state, the psychic energy, the state of wellbeing, the vigilance, the concentration and the visual acuity. The main sources of trimethylglicine are the wheat germs and husk. Just for this reason, try to no longer use in the nourishment especially the white bread and rather choose the integral one, where the wheat germ is kept intact, in order to beneficiate from the content of integral wheat.

The bean

The bean is one of the oldest foods. Signs of its existence are dated over 2000 years ago. The white bean is an excellent source of folic acid (the vitamin B9), of whose presence in the organism influences in a benefic way the producing of noradrenalin, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for the motivation and pleasure sensations. Therefore, if you fell exhausted or apathetic, don’t hesitate to eat a portion of food made of white beans, prepared with olive oil and eventually with mustard or other aromatic spices, such as coriander and caraway. A well cooked bean dish, moderately consumed, is almost always a simple and natural manner to regain the state of calmness and of psychic balance. The white bean shouldn’t miss from the nourishment we use during a week.

The lentil

The lentil beans contain more proteins than all the other vegetables, excepting the soja and the horse bean. The lentil also contains iron (1,00mg per 100g). According to some recent studies, the state of depression is often a symptom of a chronic deficiency of iron, so as the state of weakness, tiredness or exhaustion. A portion of lentil dish assures us a good part of the iron share that is daily recommended. The iron is necessary for the assimilation of the vitamins belonging to the B complex, coming from nourishment. It increases the resistance to tiredness and plays an important part in the intellectual development. Therefore, don’t hesitate to enjoy the lentil especially under the form of the traditional ayurvedic dish called DHAL, which is a delicious Indian soup that is based on lentil, or add a handful of baked lentil to a vegetables soup or a raw vegetable salad.

The soja milk

The soja comes from China.3000 years ago, the soja beans were considered among the most important beans used in the nourishment. Through a relatively simple process of preparation, from the soja beans can be obtained the well-known soja milk that is among the richest foods in proteins. In the case of consuming the soja milk, the proteins turn into tyrosine, that increases the production of dopamine and noradrenalin, on which it is known that are chemical cerebral compounds, which help us feel full of energy and to always have a positive state of mind. For this reason we can choose to replace, for some periods of time, the breakfast regular milk with the soja milk.


Tofu is the generic given name to the so-called soja cheese. According to a recent scientific study of the British researchers, the lack of triptofane can be a cause of depression. But this amino acid exists in a big quantity in tofu, the soja cheese, 747 mg la 100g, quantity that is therefore ideal to keep us in shape. If you are not convinced by its spongeous aspect, add it to a mix of fresh fruits and you will enjoy this way its benefits, even if then you won’t feel entirely its pleasant taste and its specific consistency!

The humus 

The humus is the generic given name to a class of traditional dishes from the Near Orient, that are composed of chick pea paste or from sesame paste, or from the combination of the two. Generally, the humus has the aspect of a paste that resembles as consistency to the Romanian dish called “whipped beans”. Rich in proteins and in fibers, the humus prepared both from chick pea beans and sesame seeds must be consumed in moderate quantities, usually with addition of spices and lemon juice. The consumption of even a 100g portion of humus, leads to the control of the process of releasing the glucose in the blood, this devolving in a slow and regulate rhythm. This allows the avoiding of too big variations of sugars’ level that usually give birth to emotional fluctuations, depressive states and bad mood. Therefore, don’t hesitate to add to the daily menu the dishes from chick pea and sesame, of the humus type, even as appetizer, beside the integral bread or the cereals preparations.

The tempeh

The tempeh is a traditional food, coming from Indonesia, being based on fermented soja. It is also possible to get it chilled or frozen, to a form similar to the sponge cake. The tempeh is a very rich in fiber food and also represents an important source of proteins, minerals, calcium, iron and vitamin B2.In the opinion of some researchers, the aggressiveness would come from a deficiency of the vitamin B2.The vitamin B2 comes in the energy production. This vitamin is also necessary to the producing of butyric acid that has positive effects on the general disposition. The tempeh is a very good source of vitamin B2 and this is why it is recommended to be used as a main protein source, being an excellent replacer of the meat, for those who want to switch to a lacto-vegetarian diet. Nourishing and calming at the same time, the tempeh can be very useful in regaining the general welfare.

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Article from The spiritual book of the International Yoga Symposium, Costineşti 2009


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