AN ACT OF SOLIDARITY: the 90-91 AVMR’s open letter to the Minister of Home Affairs and Administration, Mr. Vasile Blaga



FROM 1990-1991


Str. Batistei, nr.11, sect.2, Bucuresti, Romania, tel/fax:

 April 6, 2005



 To His Excellency Minister of Home Affairs and Administration,



Our Association welcomes the sensational achievements of the Romanian Police, namely of the Chief Inspector Valentin Fatuloiu, in capturing “the international terrorist” Grieg Bivolaru. Restraining the latter, no matter it was the Swedish authorities that have done it, is quite a relief for us as we can see the brave Romanian police officers watching the peace and the moral health for people.

We kindly ask you to ask the brave Chief Inspector of the Romanian Police to capture as well the real terrorist SILVIU POPESCU (who has been judged, found guilty and sentenced to 5 years detention). And this for the only reason that, you see, MIRON COSMA is crying with loneliness in his luxurious cell of Rahova Jail, where “he feels better than we fell in freedom”.

Still we are wondering when is our brave and tireless Chief Inspector Dan Valentin Fatuloiu going to have the Interpol search for the terrorist SILVIU POPESCU!?

As humble taxpayers for the “war cost” against these terrorists, we have been submitting for years the penal complaint to the General Prosecutor’s Office and to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration against the gifted and tireless Chief Inspector Dan Valentin Fatuloiu for protecting the terrorist SILVIU POPESCU.

 “The international terrorist” Grieg Bivolaru has asked for political asylum in Sweden. The terrorist leading the miners’ actions, SILVIU POPESCU, has asked for political asylum in Austria. Which country do you think we should ask political asylum for, dear Minister?! Because maintaining Dan Valentin Fatuloiu as Chief Inspector is an offense to democracy.

Viorel Ene,

Note: The Romanian Association of the Victims of Miners’ Actions from 1990-1991 is one of the most active members of the Romanian civil society. Since the beginning the Association, particularly through the voice of its President, Mr. Viorel Ene, has been ceaselessly and efficiently fighting to restore the truth regarding the events on the miners’ actions in Bucharest in 1990 and 1991. They have also been acting in many other respects to support the human rights and the democratic values in Romania. Let us also mention the AVMR’s serious reaction against former President of Romania, Ion Iliescu, who pardoned in December 2004 Miron Cosma, the miners’ leader.

We are glad to notice the quotation marks on Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru’s name, as an “international terrorist”. We are also wondering, just as Viorel Ene does: When will the Romanian Police rally the efforts to search for Silviu Popescu, who has already been judged, found guilty and sentenced.


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