Aphorisms, Thoughts and Reflections on the Mysterious Reality of Maha Shakti

offered by Grieg to all women within this spiritual school of yoga on the 8th of March

Women should become more aware of their role now more than ever, especially on this universal day when we celebrate the Eternal Feminine. Their role is manifested in an ineffable way within man’s creative dynamism. Those women especially, who have awakened the state of SHAKTI should make enthusiastic, sustained and adequate efforts in order to awaken in as many women as possible (and quickly) the divine nature, the Sacred Feminine which lies within them, just like the Sleeping Beauty.

More and more women should become fully aware that they have, in a potential state, in their inner universe (the microcosm of their being) all the energies, all the aspects they need to create a mysterious, profound and overwhelming connection with MAHASHAKTI. For this they need to realize and to be totally convinced that “ WHAT EXISTS IN THEIR INNER UNIVERSE, EXISTS ALSO EVERYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE MACROCOSM, AND WHAT IS NOT PRESENT IN THEIR INNER UNIVERSE, DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE MACROCOSM”.

Moreover, all women should be aware that in reality their being and body are constitutive parts of MAHASHAKTI’S immense being and body. Kundalini Shakti which is always present (in a latent or active state) inside every woman’s body, stays as the mysterious messenger of MAHASHAKTI. From the moment that many women will transcend the veil of the millenary hypnosis, which forces them to indulge in a state of lethargic obedience and convinces them of their pseudo mental inferiority, they will be able to create, in a state of creative collaboration with men, a richer and better world through the feminine values.

At the level of the entire macrocosm MAHASHAKTI manifests and states the greatness of the Creative Feminine Principle of the woman. Even when she is still not aware, the woman is and remains a privileged messenger of MAHASHAKTI. Every woman who is totally awakened is at the same time a mysterious personification of Mother Nature. A woman should never forget that through her, the Feminine Nature is the one that initiates the man and she should be aware of the fact that the man is not the one who teaches Nature. Consequently there is a stringent necessity that all women who are intuitively aware of these secret aspects, should wake up and then act in order to discover in a profound and ample way possible their noble origin. As many women as possible should make adequate efforts and be full of aspiration to manifest in an exemplary way the power of MAHASHAKTI. Acting in this way, those rare women who will awaken, totally and profoundly in their inner universe the state of Shakti, will be able to awaken at the same time, the fundamental divine knowledge offered to them through MAHASHAKTI.


We announce those of you who wish to have access to a particular secret initiation which you deserve (only those of you who are ready for it), that you will be able to benefit very soon (with no costs), within an unite group, from specific millenary revelations which are contained in a very old oriental text called Maha Shakti Darshana Tantra. In this way only those of you who will deserve, will be able to know (in order to practice them) specific fundamental mysteries which belong to MAHASHAKTI. They will help you open entirely your being and soul so that you can discover HER in an ineffable and grand way everywhere around you, She is the one who in Christianity is the Holy Spirit and – at the same time for those initiated – the Great Mother (MAHASHAKTI) whose super gigantic Maha Yoni gave birth to the Macrocosm (which contains three worlds: physical, astral and causal). Both the woman’s and the man’s inner universe have Mahashakti present through the mysterious feminine energy – Kundalini Shakti. When a woman manages to awaken as much as possible this mysterious energy – kundalini, she can come in contact with Maha Shakti. When we experience intense, profound and overwhelming states of cosmic orgasm, we also feel the mysterious and secret presence of Maha Shakti. Each state of prolonged and profound orgasm which women are capable of experiencing spontaneously, reveals in an intuitive, ecstatic way the all-inclusive presence of Maha Shakti and it makes us experience the state of divine bliss (Ananda). In this way, through the state of divine bliss (Ananda), which is revealed to us during specific states of divine orgasm, it becomes possible for us to discover simultaneously the pure existence of God the Father (Sat) and His pure divine consciousness (Cit). It is obvious that all these are possible only for those human beings who make love based on mutual love and apply in the game of love-making, full sexual continence, transfiguration and consecration of the fruits to God the Father. In this way it becomes possible for us to live and discover every time, during our ecstatic amorous games, God’s fundamental reality which is known to the wise ones as SAT-CIT-ANANDA.

The admission to this initiation will be based on a selection which is going to be announced shortly.

We know that in the Christian tradition the presence of Maha Shakti is the enigmatic reality of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is in fact, in eternity, the eternal feminine power, invisible and mysterious of the Perfect Eternal Feminine. It also represents in the Christian tradition an essential and secret symbol. The Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is in Its essence, the manifestation of an intelligent, extraordinary and mysterious feminine force, which embraces always the whole of God’s creation. Maha Shakti or the Holy Spirit is both the invisible and the extraordinary powerful feminine force of the wind, the mystery of feminine vitality, the external feminine force which supports and transforms everything within God’s creation.

When we contemplate God’s creation and its manifestation, we can say that beyond appearances, they are all expressions of the divine feminine energy or, in other words all these are facets of the PERFECT ETERNAL FEMININE. The Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti makes possible in a secret way the relationships between human beings (men and women) and God. Maha Shakti is the embracing Spirit of God. Maha Shakti or the Holy Spirit suggests to us a secret distinction between natural and supernatural. The Holy Spirit of God or Maha Shakti has been conceived with a terrible and all-inclusive supernatural feminine power (which is under the authority of God the Father) and which exercises its force only towards beneficial and divine actions.

Many initiated people and wise ones based their claimed authority upon special overwhelming manifestations of the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti which has been revealing itself within the universe of human beings (men and women) through some ecstatic and overwhelming states. In this distinction one can easily notice the sublime and uplifting role which divinely inspired music has in the stimulation of ecstasy and inspiration, especially in the  women’s case. The most striking is the confession of the Biblical prophets who based their divine inspiration on Maha Shakti’s presence. The Holy Spirit or Mahashakti is often indentified in manifestation with divine ecstatic states  (in Israel, but also in other religions of the East). The secret role of the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti has been often reaffirmed as being a source of inspiration for prophecies.

The idea that God is present in the universe of our being through the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is expressed in Psalms. Considering this fundamental idea that the Holy spirit or Maha Shakti is the mysterious spirit of God, who  is always without exception holy and good, one can say that the Holy Spirit or Mahashakti has an intermediate role. This is why the prophets named it Spirit or Maha Shakti – “The Holy Spirit of God”. Sometimes they called it “The Good Spirit of God” and in fact this Holy Spirit is nothing else but Mahashakti, the perfect eternal feminine and enigmatic, through whom God’s creation has been manifested

Times New RomanThe gifts of the Holy Spirit or Mahashakti mark the beginning of a divine life for both men and women. In the Acts of the Apostles, the overwhelming out pouring of the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti during Rusalii  was the privileged moment when Jesus’ disciples felt when their totally divine faith began. The promise of the Gospels for the first seekers of God is concentrated on the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti and in other situations, receiving the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is considered to be a crucial fact which indicates the acceptance of all aspirants (who are full of excitement),both men and women, by God.

In disciple Paul’s writings, the Holy Spirit’s gift or Maha Shakti, is considered to be the beginning of divine experience. In other words, a human being (man or woman) can belong to God, only if Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti manifests totally within her/him. The human being can only be united with God through the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti; they cannot benefit from the communion with God without being connected to the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti.

In disciple John’s writings, the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is the enigmatic feminine power who gives birth again, because Holy spirit is the mysterious life giver, just like a river which flows from God and gives a new and rich spiritual life to men and women who come and believe in Him. According to disciple John, the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is the feminine breath of life of God’s creation. He considers that the presence of the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti is life’s indescribable proof. The first Christians believed that the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti was a divine feminine power which was manifested through its multiple and profound effects upon any woman and man’s life who received the Holy Spirit. The impact of Maha Shakti or Holy Spirit has never created doubts regarding the extraordinary, profound and significant transformation which happened shortly after that, within human beings (women or men) through divine action.

It is interesting that disciple Paul asks Christians to remember always the first time, the moment of the beginning when they felt the overwhelming and indescribable manifestation of Maha Shakti or the Holy Spirit. For some, the overwhelming manifestation of Maha Shakti or the Holy Spirit has been and remained an overwhelming experience of God’s love; for others it was an experience of the ineffable divine enlightenment or divine liberation. The Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti has always made possible many spiritual and moral transformations. The Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti pours in every woman, especially, but in men also, various spiritual gifts. This is why this overwhelming outpouring of the Holy Spirit  or Maha Shakti can be emphasized as a fundamental feature of any Christian. It is often possible that the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti which is manifested, to be unseen but its presence felt and easily detected. The human being within whom it is fully manifested the Holy Spirit or Maha Shakti, does not depend on this world anymore and its standards in order to find an aim or a profound, overwhelming and divine satisfaction.

A meditation on the mysterious presence of Maha Shakti in maifestation (the eternal feminine, embracing and omnipresent)

Only those who are initiated and also women who reached a certain level of wisdom through the awakening in their inner universe of the state of Shakti, have the intuition, feel and are always aware of the fact that Maha Shakti (the perfect eternal feminine) is present in its hypostasis of Great Mother and when so many of us talk about Mother Nature we actually refer to the mysterious presence of Maha Shakti (the perfect eternal feminine). Through the extraordinary power which God the Father offers to Her, Maha Shakti is, in a significant way, almighty and she exists in eternity, as the feminine counterpart of God the Father.

When we look at the manifestation on this planet – through Maha Shakti’s eyes we can ask ourselves: what is that we call wisdom of this world and also of science, which is considered to be madness in comparison to perfect, embracing and eternal wisdom of God? What are all the inventions of human beings, all the cities with skyscrapers which lie (not by chance) as close to the desert? What are all the terrible weapons which these pervert people use to either ‘protect’ their so-called conquests or to perpetuate their empires full of perversity and rottenness (a significant example is USA)?

We have to be aware of the fact that all these will only turn into ashes in the future when they will be dust and powder and brought to their initial state by the great, mysterious feminine forces of nature which, sooner or later, will make everything return to their initial shape and, in this way, it will make them re-enter their primitive composition. That is when many cities which are dominated by skyscrapers will be completely cleared of those human beings who live there, or when those cannons and guns which are placed in the so-called strategic zones, will be abandoned and, after a while, grass and rust will invade the concrete, pavement will become powder and rust will inevitably eat what before was considered to be very hard steel.

It is worth looking back at the vast loneliness which is now ruined, but used to be populated by some very powerful cities at that point. Lets pay attention to the fact that – and it is not at all a coincidence, but a mysterious necessity- there are only ruins left today and the more the mysterious and omnipresent energy of time embraces and crushes them, the more they will be worn by the energy of time and in the end they will turn into ashes, they will merge with the earth, which will become virgin, and thus, a cyclical eternal return will appear soon.

It is good when we find ourselves in a place covered by the desolate ruins of an old city, to ponder, looking through Maha Shakti’s eyes (perfect eternal feminine). What was the purpose and did it matter that so many people once lived and had various superficial, ephemeral, full of illusion experiences in these places? What happened with the great majority of women and men who lived here during those times? When each one of those human beings passed away in order to leave this planet forever, their life in this physical world suddenly stopped and, immediately after, their breath froze. After that they disappeared forever from this world and now they are not at all on this planet in the way they used to be. Stop and pay attention because all that existed once will be again and again and the law of the eternal return of times will ineluctably and inexorably work  in the same way it did for the desolate ruins we contemplate today, in some places on this planet.

In those times which are in the future now, the sons of the earth who will deserve to be here, will take hold of this planet and then the sublime, divine time of the past will come back, just like Apocalypse’s text shows. Beware that all these are inevitable and all prophecies inspired by God which exist in the Apocalypse, but also in other texts, predict that, eventually all these will reappear inevitably, just like we tried to explain in a certain way (addressing them to your intuition). When we face chaos and confusion in which this materialistic world drowns, Maha Shakti’s mysterious wisdom inspires us in the moment we are opened enough, makes us experience the perfect eternal feminine in a profound, grand and overwhelming way in our being, like an enigmatic source, always alive and regenerating.

Aphorisms and Thoughts    

 The human being who lives in a larval state ignores his/her own defects and cannot discover, look and admire the exceptional qualities of anyone else. This kind of human being is not only ignoring his/her own defects, but also those wonderful features of someone else. She/he cannot get rid of her/his own defects because she is not capable of recognizing them. Also, she is not able to observe or reach the level of the others’ qualities because she/he is initially not capable to discover and analyze them.

 How is it possible that beauty and wonders, which are latent in other people and which we admire, can be transmitted through the eyes full of delight of the admirer in his/her being, in order to enrich him/her being in this way with new treasures of beauty which he himself discovered?The human being who reached a high level of wisdom knows already that only God the Father is always perfectly wise and in the same time knows that He is the only one who knows all forever. Understanding this aspect as it should be, even the greatest wise man continues to learn everyday so that he increases the treasure of his wisdom. This is why his type of wise man has always at his disposal two mirrors. In the first one he will see with a lot of lucidity and detachment even the smallest defect or possible flaws which are still persisting, in the smallest quantity, in his being. He strives to fix them as fast as possible. By acting in this way, the wise one preserves unaltered his modesty and humility. In the second mirror which he has he will contemplate with great delight and admiration not only the qualities, but also the virtues, together with all that is extraordinary in all human beings he comes in contact. Then the wise one does anything in his power, based on the example he is given, in order to integrate and awaken as soon as possible in his being everything that is good, beautiful and extraordinary. In this way he transforms fast through relentlessly assimilation and awakens through empathy and identification everything that is beautiful, good and extraordinary in the nature of all human beings he encounters. In this way the wise one makes secure and fast steps towards fulfillment. He continues to learn even when those obtuse and stuff in their sufficiency think that there is nothing else to learn and assimilate in their inner world. 
A special comment:In the case of those human beings who had the chance to benefit from the secret teachings of SHIVA which are contained in the secret tantric treatise GUPTA KAMA BHAIRAVA TANTRA, they can understand when it comes to this aphorism, how it is possible to assimilate and easily awaken the qualities, virtues and exceptional features of other human beings. By having an intimate connection with these human beings one can enjoy with happiness and frenzy, in a transfigured way the golden elixir (MEHASAMRITA) after the amorous fusion. In this way it becomes very easy to awaken and galvanize in our inner universe the qualities, virtues and all that is wonderful or extraordinary in the adored human being. This is how it becomes possible for those initiated to have always at their disposal a secret and privileged  technique which helps them assimilate and awaken in their inner universe all the qualities and virtues of the beloved.

 Human beings who love intensely, profoundly and without limits look at the faces and bodies of those they love in a transfigured way and full of admiration. When they look at other human beings in this state, they are capable to discover in both, the features of the faces and the characteristics of the bodies, the qualities and extraordinary potential, or the latent virtues present in their entire being. They identify themselves with these qualities and extraordinary features when they empathize with the loved ones and in this way it becomes possible for them to transfer in their inner universe the valuable seeds of those qualities and exceptional features. Thus, looking with love, transfiguration and admiration at the faces and bodies of the loved ones (of the opposite sex), this creative and fruitful contemplation will awaken in the inner universe these qualities and exceptional talents, which sometimes can be in a latent state. If we understand these secret aspects presented here, we can realize that all these transformations become possible when we use the divine energy of love. As soon as we feel a real state of admiration and manage to feel this love for a human being with some exceptional qualities and talents, it becomes easy to transfer in our own inner universe, through duplication, or in other words through a sui generis graft, everything that the respective human being manifests and sets off in our being a profound state of sympathy, admiration, provoking thus love and making it increase in order to experience a state of adoration.
 A critical mean look of a human being who judges in a superficial/mean way all the time discovers immediately even the tiniest defect which exists in the human beings he sees. In the case when these human beings do not really have defects, this kind of critical, superficial and mean vision will soon project, through the game of uncontrolled imagination (on those human beings), all the defects and vices which already belong to that being. After that, this type of human being reaches a level where she/he strongly believes that the other person she/he has in front of her/his eyes, really has these defects which were projected in a mean and non-transfigured way onto her/him. We can easily notice that in these situations, this type of human being slides into a sui generis vicious circle from which she cannot easily escape. We should not be surprised by the fact that where the critical opinion discovers very fast the tiniest defect, the one full of admiration, full of love and transfiguration and delight sees none.
Meditating on these aspects which are present in some ignorant human beings and unconscious, we can realize what are the disadvantages of a critical, mean, superficial and accusatory judgment.
Profesor yoga Gregorian Bivolaru

February 2011

Also available in: Română Français

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