Battle of Good vs Evil (1)

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  1. Where is the battle between good and evil fought?

The battle between good and evil is fought mainly in the subtle-world between the subtle-forces of good and evil. This battle, even though at a much larger scale than any battle on Earth (Bhūlok), can only be perceived by a person who has an advanced sixth sense.

After the subtle-forces of good begin to win the subtle-battle, it is followed by a battle in the physical realm which is on Earth. This battle in the physical realm affects the entire world but it is required to remove all the evil doers from the face of Earth. At first the battleground manifests on Earth in people’s consciences and it seems like we are living in a world that has gone crazy. This is pretty much like the state of our world in recent times. This is primarily because of malefic energies possessing or affecting humankind. Along with this there is an increasing intensity of natural disasters (such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics and drought). Later the battle in the subtle, manifests to a greater extent and escalates the turmoil on Earth. It will finally culminate in a Third World War along with severe natural disasters. Natural disasters are nature’s way of cleansing the planet of the Tamas predominant elements and therefore making way for a better world.

  1. When does the battle between good and evil intensify?

The battle between good and evil intensifies when the subtle basic Sattva component drops to a relative low point (or rock bottom) and the subtle basic Tamas component reaches a relative peak. The reduction in the Sattva component is a function of the proportion of evildoers on Earth. The amount that the Sattva component reduces by differs over time and modifies with each era. For example, the worst period of Satyayuga (the first era of the universe, the ‘golden era’) would be far more sāttvik than the period of highest sāttviktā in the whole of Kaliyuga (which is the current era of the universe).

Please note that the figures for the first three eras are for the main eras and not for the mini-cycles within it.

  1. Who participates in the battle between good and evil?
  • Most of the seekers of God are unaware of this subtle-battle as they do not possess the sixth sense ability to understand it and nor have they been told about it. As a result, they can neither prepare themselves to face the attack by demonic forces, nor can they participate in the battle. Most Saints on Earth who are involved purely in their own individual spiritual practice are aware of their battles with the dark forces but might be unaware of this battle. As per their spiritual level, God functions through them.
  • Those people and subtle-bodies, on the side of good and who are within the 30-50% spiritual level, have an understanding of the issue only at a psychological level. As they lack spiritual strength, they can contribute little at a spiritual level. Such people who are fighting physically on Earth usually perish. But at least they accrue merits because they fought on the side of God.
  • Those at a spiritual level of 50% and above and who have spiritual emotion (bhāv) and a warrior-like attitude are really able to participate in the battle at a spiritual level. To be able to participate in such a battle at a spiritual level requires one to have a very low ego, an advanced sixth sense and a strong understanding of Spirituality that is beyond sectarian or organised religion. Usually seekers act under the guidance of Saints of a higher spiritual level who are able to access the Universal Conscience and Intellect and understand God’s will. As the acts done by the seeker are as per God’s will, the person is able to access Divine energy and also does not create a give-and-take account with his actions. The devotion of a person to God makes God to rush to his aid. It is because of God rushing to the aid of the true devotee, that the people associated with the devotee and his mission also benefit. This can be understood from the following analogy. When a devotee of God, trapped in a building in the middle of an earthquake, cries to God for help, God will send people to save him. In doing so, others in the building too will be saved.
  • There are very few Saints who are actively involved in guiding seekers to do spiritual practice for the sake of society and are guiding them through these adverse times. They do so, due to Their yearning for establishing Righteousness (Dharma) on Earth. Due to this, these Saints are more one with God whose fundamental attribute is Righteousness. Spiritual practice for the sake of society includes assisting humanity in understanding and practicing Spirituality according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice and living a righteous life. Accordingly, God functions to a much greater extent through them. These Saints are actively involved in the subtle-battle and are guiding seekers to fight this evil at a spiritual level.
  • All persons and subtle-bodies below the 30% spiritual level with high ego, and who display anti-social behaviour are considered on the side of the forces of evil. These kinds of people indulge in criminal or terrorist activities, corruption, perpetrate sexual offences and denigrate Deities or symbols of worship and reverence. Religious fundamentalists think they fight on God’s side and indulge in (religious) terrorism but they too come under the forces of evil. As a part of this subtle-battle, negative energies such as subtle-sorcerers force the spiritually weaker ancestors’ subtle-bodies to make use of their give-and-take accounts with their ‘good’ descendants to trouble them.
  1. The present subtle battle

The present era we live in is the Kaliyuga, part of the Kaliyuga, part of the Kaliyuga, part of the Kaliyuga, part of the Kaliyuga, part of the main Kaliyuga. We are therefore living in the darkest part of this mini-cycle of the main Kaliyuga era where materialism, lack of Spirituality and selfishness of man has reached its peak. All these are indicative of an increase in the Tamas component in people.

In 2006, the balance between the good and evil forces was in the ratio of 70:30. Presently evildoers in society have reached the 30% mark. For this part of the era, this means that the Sattva component has hit its nadir. It is something akin to a share market where when the index goes below a psychological barrier we say that the share market has bottomed out.

One may ask, “If the balance is currently 70 to 30 in favour of good then how can there be a problem?” After all, it contradicts the last paragraph under point one which states that the majority of the people of the world are evil. The answer is that most of the good forces are in the higher regions of the universe. In these high planes of existence, they are so one with God that they maintain an observer attitude to events that take place and have the attitude that everything occurs as per God’s will. The evil forces take advantage of this attribute of the good forces and set themselves up to strike and establish supremacy on Earth.

In the current times, humankind is at the threshold of witnessing a historic transformation from the mini-era of Kaliyuga to the mini-era of Satyayug within the main era of Kaliyuga. This transformation of era will also bring about a means of cleansing the planet of Tamas predominant people and elements.

Unknown to most of mankind, in the years 1999 – 2012, a major subtle-battle of good versus evil has taken place in the subtle-regions. In the past decade, this subtle-battle has also manifested a little in the physical Earth realm. We have seen an increase in intensity of natural disasters, wars, social unrests and anti-social activity. The primary reason for this is because of the increase in the subtle Tamas component that is associated with evil i.e., negative energies along with a society that lacks in spiritual practice and a lifestyle of Righteousness.

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October 3, 2021



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