Biotech consultant: Big Pharma wants to force vaccines, gene therapy on humanity

A biotechnology consultant thinks Big Pharma has been wanting to force vaccines and gene therapy on humanity.

Christie Laura Grace mentioned this during her appearance on the Geopolitics & Empire podcast hosted by Hrvoje Moric. She was initially hesitant about the idea of the Wuhan coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic and the vaccines for it being engineered. But further digging convinced her otherwise.

According to Grace, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) proposed the elimination of the Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (RAC) – a biosafety committee for RNA, DNA and genetic products – in 2018. The committee was abolished the following year.

In 2019, [the NIH] did eliminate [the] RAC,” she told Moric. “What really got my attention was in July 2019, Moderna’s patent for the RNA went through. NIH has partnered with Moderna for the current jabs, so that looks really bad. Pretty damning.”

Moreover, Grace mentioned that Moderna’s RNA is tied to the social credit system that combines people’s medical status to their social ID.

Moric agreed with his guest, explaining that China is a prototype of the social credit system the globalists want to impose on the world. He mentioned that the Chinese government wants to have all of the people’s biometric information – including retinal scans, fingerprints and even DNA.

I found a mainstream article from China a couple of years back where the Chinese government admitted that they created some fake health scare to get their citizens to give their blood through these blood tests,” Moric recounted. “[They] then captured [the people’s] DNA because that goes as part of the social credit system.”

Grace: Clots in vaxxed people are REAL

Grace also shared to Moric her thoughts on the white, rubbery clots found in the bodies of vaccinated people who died.

I found the study in 2019 on manufactured artificial lipids that prove – and there are photos that it is driving the formation of clots and the lipid which is like fat – it’s mixing with what’s called fibrin in the platelets. This is causing those huge clots to branch out,” she explained. “And the really scary part about that is they found that it’s making clots at a rate of 1,000-fold more than if your body just made a clot by its regular processes.

Physician and author Dr. Jane Ruby released a bombshell report early last year from board-certified embalmer and funeral director Richard Hirschman saying that he pulled out never-before-seen “otherworldly” clots from the veins and arteries of dead people who received the covid-19 vaccine.

A few months later, another one approached Ruby to show pictures of horrible white fibrous clots pulled out of cadavers as part of the preparations for embalming.

According to Grace, these incidents are possible because of the lipid particle involved with various cell processes called lysosomes that hold a negative charge, not a positive one.

She added that in the beginning, people may think that the long clots might have been faked, but they are not. “This is the reality,” she emphasized.


April 1, 2023



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