Breaking the Covid Trance: how the (Irish) people were psychologically manipulated (III)

We publish a full transcript of a seminal interview with John Anthony conducted by Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, uploaded on 1st October 2020.

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Dave Cullen:Well, this is exactly what you said to me the other day, John: the government is coming out with this idea where – and it’s so childish – it’s this mindset of, ‘It’s not the government that’s keeping you locked up; it’s the virus’, or something to that effect.

John Anthony: It’s exactly that, Dave. I heard [the current Taoiseach] Micheál Martin saying it to one of the interviewers at the time. I forget which one it was, but he actually did say it. This is all evident for anybody who goes through the archives and listens for the last six months, from March (2020) until now. Listen to the interviews: listen to how it’s being said. Micheál Martin definitely said – I remember it distinctly – ‘It’s not the Irish Government that’s doing the lockdowns; it’s the virus.’

Now, this is childish nonsense, because the virus can’t do anything. The virus is a virus, and we’ve been living with viruses forever, and even if it were deadly or whatever. But in the beginning they were calling it ‘the deadly virus’. And this is what we kind of get on to now. The abuse has begun, and it is very, very pervasive. They are instilling fear into the population. So the question is now, how exactly are they doing that?

How fear is instilled

Yes, we know that they’re saying they’re afraid the HSE will be overwhelmed, they’re afraid the hospitals will be overwhelmed, and the last time they were talking about this, the hospitals were empty, and we all assumed, ‘They made a mistake about that; we’ll get on with it.’ But now, the evidence is saying that it’s not even spreading. Ivor Cummins gave an update, a wonderful update. He picked out different countries, he picked out Ireland. And he said that this wave, if you like, is over. The virus is over; it’s gone. It has produced a curve like any other year, and then it’s flattened out. We’re looking at this at the moment, and now we should be asking ourselves, ‘What’s the lockdown about now?

So we get on to the third phase. The devaluation, I would say, has almost come to an end, and we get to the third stage, and this goes for whether you look at it from the personal breakdowns and abusiveness and aspects like that, if you look at it on the macro level and you’re looking at politicians and the way society is working and facts like that. I don’t look outside Ireland so much. I’m looking at what’s occurring in Ireland and this is not a theory – what we’re looking at what was in the last six months.

Upping the ante

So now we’ve got the third phase. The third phase is when the abuse increases, and you have aspects like abandonment, right? Ghosting: meaning that the person in the relationship goes away, they spend a couple of days away. The wife may not know where they are, you know? And he comes back and he says, ‘Oh …’ and, again, watch the language: they will never take responsibility for what they have done. Very often, they will apologise in one way, and say, you know, ‘I was away, but if you weren’t so picky, and hadn’t such a temper, and gave out [nagged me] so much, I wouldn’t have to go away, if aspects were normal.’ Now, all of a sudden, it’s the partner’s fault.

Do you understand what I’m getting at here? It’s that this is the third phase, the abandonment phase, which is where they can dole out the abuse of all sorts. They can go away – infidelity might be part of it. And this is where the compliant person begins to hit rock bottom. Because they have been looking to do everything according to … They have, in a way, abandoned their own experience and their own judgement, because each time that they do something, they’ll say to themselves, ‘Well, that’s a very simple aspect. I should have known that he doesn’t eat steak for his dinner, and I put on a steak – and I forgot, really, and there was a blow-up.’

And now the person is beginning to enter into a phase where they’re so unsure of themselves, where the goalposts are constantly modifying and where the confusion is mounting in them, and they do not know, because of this addiction, because of this ideal that they had about the person, that they had in the beginning – it’s holding the map in place, if you like. But they do not know, and they are beginning to blame themselves.

D.C.: Well, let me give you an example that sprang to mind just as you said that there, John, which was the sort of amnesia element of the propaganda, the requirement to forget past instructions, or rather the information and the detail, but to continue the behaviours, the new behaviours that they given you, the ‘New Normal’, so to speak. One of the classic examples is that, in the beginning, when there were a few furtive beginnings of pushback to this, a few small anti-lockdown protests: they were very tiny, they didn’t have widespread public support, but they were there.

John Waters and Gemma O’Doherty were going forward with their legal challenge. But we were told: ‘Anybody going outside in large groups, they should be reported – they’re putting people’s lives in danger’, this is crazy! And then, right smack bang in the middle of the summer, what did we have? George Floyd / BLM protests – and not only was there no mention of the fact that there were thousands of people on the streets in Dublin, that wasn’t [even] an issue. The media had no issue with thousands of people walking down across College Green and so forth. It was encouraged and celebrated.

And so that’s the gaslighting aspect: it’s as if, just briefly, the coronavirus was put on hold. It was just sort of disabled – and that’s fine! And nobody puts this together and says, ‘How come it’s okay for them?’ The media doesn’t focus on it, because they have you at that stage. They own you – that’s what they feel. Talk to me a little bit about that.

J.A.: Well, that is the process: If you’re talking about somebody with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, nothing applies to them. They’re elitist, they’re above the rules and regulations. ‘That’s for you, but it’s not for me.’ That’s the basic statement, if you like, and we’ve seen examples of that. But also (and this is very interesting now) when a person changes the goalposts, when they say one thing and then claim another – by the way, narcissistic people are also inveterate liars: they just say, ‘Well, hang on a second, I never said that; that wasn’t what I meant’ – and [when] it’s that kind of relationship you’re talking about, [then] this introduces confusion.

Good cop, bad cop

Now, this is very, very important, because when you introduce confusion and you have people saying, ‘Well, that’s not what I understood you said, and I was trying to do the best I could’, and then you’re being given out to [nagged] and told that you could be caught out in lies. And when that happens, the confusion itself leaves you open – and this is very interesting; this is where it all comes together – there are three ways, they say, that you can induce, open up somebody’s consciousness.

This goes for studying hypnotherapy or NLP techniques or anything like that. This is the structure, this is the formula, and it’s a very simple one, and it’s this: that you open up the person’s mind of their subconscious. You open it up to suggestion. Now, how do you do that? There are three ways that you do it.

1. Scare ’em witless for starters

The first way is with a fright, so you introduce something that causes fear – like, ‘The coronavirus is coming, it’s going to wipe out…’ I heard figures at the beginning like ‘600,000 people will be affected’, and all this sort of phrases and, you know, we were looking around at a society where everything was working normally, but this was the projection, so fear is one of them. When you introduce fear, you can then suggest something to those people, and that suggestion will go in at a very deep level.

So, you know, ‘we have to’ lock up our elderly; ‘we have to’, you know, stop people from working; there’s a whole list of aspects which they have done: they’ve taken away our free speech, they took away our traditions, you know, and aspects like that. We did it on the back of fear, so they introduced fear. So it was like, ‘The Russians are coming! There’s going to be an annihilation!’ Like, we had a period in this country when we thought we were going to be nuked at one stage, and like the fear had us all running around: it’s the very same today, that fear is on the go.

2. Allowed today, verboten tomorrow

Now, the second one is where you introduce confusion. So I say to you today, you cannot travel more than two kilometers from your house. If you’re over 70, you can’t leave the house at all. You know, a couple of phrases like that, and as I’m going along I’m introducing other regulations, and some of them don’t make sense, right? You’re saying to yourself, ‘Well, how could that be? I mean, that’s not right!’ Now, the introduction of that confusion leaves you open to further suggestion, so that you can go in there and you can put in something [as a message], and you can say, ‘Well now this is what you should be doing.’

I’ve heard it on RTÉ again: our friend Ryan Tubridy said – ‘this is all in the last couple of weeks, it’s not a long time ago, this is just history, and I saw people there, and they were great, they were all doing the right thing’ – you’re introducing this kind of phraseology: ‘doing the right thing’. I was in Dublin there a few days ago, and I was dropping someone up to the airport to get a flight, but as I was going up to the airport, they have signs across the M1. They’d usually say ‘15 minutes to the airport’ or ‘Half an hour to the airport’, or maybe the number of kilometers. But what’s up there now? What’s right across the M1? And this is where programming becomes so invasive and pervasive in our lives. I think it said ‘Hold Firm’.

D.C.: Stay Safe, Protect Each Other, Wear a Mask, Stay at Home.

J.A.: That’s right, ‘Stay Safe’, ‘Hold Firm’ and ‘Protect Each Other’.
Right, [let’s take] ‘Hold Firm’. Now, if you’re holding firm, that’s a suggestion, and you say, ‘Well, what’s wrong with that?’ If you’re holding firm, that means you’re holding firm against something, there’s an enemy out there, is necessary you to stand your ground, is necessary you to … If you’re talking in that kind of language, you could be talking to people in a boxing ring, and this is kind of a subtle manipulation, but I saw three of those signs across the M1 as I was going up towards the airport, and three of these big signs across the way: ‘Hold Firm’, ‘Stay Safe’, and ‘Protect Each Other’. That’s what was written on it.

Now, that’s using every aspect that they can use to bring this fear-mongering, this control, into place, and that is at the stage of where you have introduced the fright. You have introduced the three aspects: you’ve introduced confusion, you’ve introduced the fear, and the last aspect – and hopefully this won’t happen – but you introduce [a stage] where what they say is that the bodily integrity is broken. In other words, somebody comes along and they are in a park they shouldn’t be in, or they’re on a train and they’re not wearing a mask and they refuse to wear it and aspects like that, and the Guards [Gardaí, police] are called. And I heard, I think it was Rowan Croft was on, and he had on Melissa, who had a child at home who needed pain medication. She went into a chemist’s shop in Wexford and the Guards were called. She left her money, she left her prescription, and she went outside, and I think she sat on the windowsill or something. The Guards were called. I think she didn’t have a mask. I think that was the issue, and the Guards were called.

3. Invading the victim’s bodily integrity

So now the bodily integrity is beginning to get threatened. And this is one of the final places where, when everything is threatened, whatever is said goes in very deeply. And if you can get that going at a macro level in the political scene, then you’ve got the third aspect, the third point [by which] people can be deeply programmed. So you’ve got the confusion, people trying to do ‘the right thing’, and then they say, ‘That’s not what it was last week,’ and, ‘No, I don’t like the feeling of this, they say they are locking us up.’ You know, I know 70-year-olds who are much fitter than I am, and they were being locked up in their houses. Simon Harris came on in the beginning, and he said, I remember this distinctly – this is at the height of the beautiful summer that we had, and we weren’t in Hong Kong where we could think it’s because of the smog or whatever; we have a beautiful Atlantic breeze coming in here in the West [of Ireland] – he said, ‘Normally, yes, going out in the fresh air is good for you, having your family around and supporting you is normally good for you and exercise is good for you; but just for the next couple of weeks we’re going to just lock you down and you can’t leave the house.’ Now, that was what was said, that’s what he did.

The still, small voice of reality

It wasn’t the coronavirus that did it: they implemented this stuff and they rolled it out, and this is what made people feel bad. This is what denigrates people, they come away intuitively knowing, ‘Yeah, I know they said that they were going to help us and they’re doing it all for us to protect us, and all that kind of stuff.’ But something is ringing in the back of their head saying, ‘This is bullshit.’ And I actually compare it to the fable The Emperor’s New Clothes, where two fraudsters come and they have invisible clothes and they sell it to the Emperor and he’s afraid to say something is wrong with these invisible clothes, so he goes along with it even though he can’t see them. That’s what you’re talking about.

You’re also talking about something – if I can draw just one other analogy – [where] if you have somebody coming to your door and they say, ‘I’m in the area anyway and I notice there you have some loose slates and I see your house needs painting and I could do it for a cheap price,’ but they’re really casing the joint for some other reason, right? They might want to see what you have in your house, they’re trying to see if there’s anything good to take and things like that, they’re fraudsters.

Reverse-engineering of therapy

Now, when you have that kind of situation, you can be taken by the narrative: the narrative is Covid, oh my God, you’re taken by it, and you go with the story. And when you’re going with the story, you forget to use your own intuition, your own critical thinking. And you go with the story because of the fear, because of confusion and because your bodily integrity can be also threatened, which is the Guards and security and extra vehicles and all this kind of aspects.

I don’t know, I hope I’m explaining this well: that’s how programming is done. You do it in a hypnotherapeutic sense, you do it with the client sitting in front of you. But [there,] you’re doing it for their upliftment, for their enhancement, to empower them to do whatever they need to do, you do it for a different purpose altogether. So wherever you have two people communicating, wherever you have societies talking to each other and aspects like that, this kind of interaction goes on in a very normal way; but when it’s done in an insidious way, and when it’s done with the government in collusion with the mainstream media and the HSE, that has my mind boggled, it really has.

D.C.: Well, John, you’ve explained it brilliantly, I’ve got to throw something in there, which is when we are looking for reaching people – and I’ve encountered this, and I know a lot of people watching and commenting will be able to confirm that they have experienced this in their own personal lives, among friends and family – I’ve always felt that this hypnotic suggestion that people have consumed, this propaganda, sort of has this inbuilt defense mechanism – that’s how I have described it; you might have a technical term for it – but it’s anger.

And so, if you are looking to bring someone out of it and explain to them, just with facts and reason and data – right? – very tactfully, ‘Well, these are the data; these are the facts; let me show you what I’ve discovered when I’ve done a little bit of research,’ what happens is they get angry! And it’s from 0 to 60 – I’ve seen this, where people are perfectly calm, and you challenge this belief and they get angry. It’s almost as if the propaganda in their mind, the virus of their mind, so to speak –that’s the real issue here – has this security system in place, which puts up a wall. How do you describe that? What’s actually happening there, on a hypnotherapist level?

The abusers have left a defense mechanism behind

JA: Sure. Well, if you’re programmed, you know – as we have explained about the pervasiveness of the programming that’s going on – we can talk, as I said, about what I’ve heard them saying on the radio and the TV: there’s loads of examples of that now at this stage, having gone through the [first] six months, where they’re not asking questions, where they’re just programming fear, all that kind of stuff.

Now, this is where the real manipulation comes in, because this has to be contrived. It is necessary to be a contrivance, it is necessary to be a collusion, it is necessary to be done very precisely; and that is what I think is happening on the mainstream media. What I think is that the contrivance blanket, the collusion, is so massive that even I find it hard to believe that presenters and people on the mainstream media that I know – and that I sort of admired over the years for their ability to talk and interview and aspects like that – have gotten drawn into this and are now doing it in such a way that there are no questions being asked.

So they talk about the three consciences, okay, if I can just divert a little bit for the moment, to answer your question. The three consciences. The conscious one that we feel with every day of our lives, [when] we are consciously doing stuff. And we have the emotional one, and then we have the reptilian one. And the reptilian aspect is the most basic survival instinct that you can get. Now, there is a very famous American hypnotist who says if you get control of the reptilian brain’s conscience – if you can communicate with the reptilian brain’s conscience – [then] the reptilian brain’s conscience rules the roost. And it’s a bit like when you’re in your house and you look down on the ground and there is a rope. And for that second, the reptilian brain’s conscience will pounce in with that ‘Snake!’ It’s your survival instinct. It gets the message through to you, and then you make a jump and you say ‘Oh my God!’, and then a few seconds later you say, ‘Oh, sure I thought it was a snake!

So that’s the kind of scenario you have: the reptilian brain’s conscience gets there first, it gets there in a nanosecond, before the lucid consciousness has made up its perspective about anything. Now, the reptilian brain’s conscience, they say, in regards to programming, it asks the questions. ‘Is it safe?’ ‘No, it’s not safe at all because you have this coronavirus and it’s going to kill and affect so many people, and we have 200 more cases today’. Okay, so it’s not safe. It asks a second question. The first question is, ‘Is it safe?’, so that kind of stimulates the survival instinct. And then the next question is, ‘Can I eat it?’ ‘Is it going to be of some benefit to me?’ It’s kind of just a reptilian response: is this going to be dangerous, or is this going to be safe?

And the last question: they say – and this is where marketing comes in, in a big way – they say, ‘Well, can I mate with it?’ These are the three basic instincts: ‘Is it safe?’, ‘Is it food?’, ‘Can I mate with it?’. They are the three basic primal things, and they get there before anything else, which is what keeps you safe: it makes you jump!

Now, if you have been programmed at this big level [with], as I say, ‘Coronavirus is coming, it’s not safe, it’s not safe to go outside!’, [then] you have elderly people and other people that won’t even go out shopping – to this day – that used to go out shopping, that used to go to the pub. They have no pub to go to now, they are isolated from their families.

All the characteristics of abuse have been put in place, and its control. And when you have that, it kind of explains [the ineffectiveness of] you coming out with a statement that is just logical, conscious: your critical conscience is just working, and you say the virus hasn’t killed anybody at the moment, [deaths] are down, we have no new deaths, even though we have new ‘cases’ and the cases can be put down to the suspect test, the PCR test. And you say this, but that’s all on the logical level, when in actual fact they have been programmed almost on this primal level, this instinctual level. It kicks in, and that’s when you get this ‘Oh my God, do you hear what he’s saying!’, and that’s what you’re talking about. Does that answer your question?

DC: It does, yes, because it’s quite extraordinary. It does explain why people’s walls go up just so quickly. I suppose really the question is: What is the best way to reach people who are – I don’t want to say so far gone, because I don’t want to give up on our brothers – but how do you speak to them?

(to be continued)

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