The shocking research of Christine Massey

When, as Massey indicates, 46 separate agencies say the same “no records of isolation available”, we are past wondering what is going on. We’re firmly in the territory of FRAUD.

Christine Massey

As stated many times, virologists are twisting and torturing the meaning of the word “isolated.” They claim they have the virus in a soup in a dish in the lab. “In a soup” is the very opposite of “isolated.” The soup contains animal and human cells, toxic chemicals and toxic drugs, and other genetic material. Some of the cells are dying. The researchers preposterously state the dying must be the result of the virus attacking these cells. However, the chemicals and drugs could be doing the killing. And the human and animal cells are being starved of nutrients – which fact alone is enough to cause them to die. Therefore, there is no evidence that the purported (and un-isolated) virus is in the soup in the dish in the lab.

This “proof of isolation” is on the level of claiming the sun is the moon, Alaska is a small town on Saturn, and a rabbit is a spaceship. It’s no accident that Christine Massey’s relentless investigation has turned up zero records of actual isolation.

You can view the work of Christine Massey at her site, fluoridefreepeel[dot]ca. She deserves the thanks of every thinking person.

Quoting Massey: “I (CM), along with some anonymous helpers, have submitted Freedom of Information requests to various Canadian institutions seeking records that describe the isolation of ‘SARS-COV-2’ (the alleged ‘COVID-19 virus’) from an unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.”

My requests were intentionally worded to weed out the fraudulent, illogical and unscientific claims of having ‘isolated SARS-COV-2’, of which there are many…”

My requests were not limited to records of isolation performed by the respective institution, and not limited to records authored by the respective institution, rather they were open to records of isolation performed by anyone, anywhere on the planet.”

Colleagues in numerous other countries have obtained responses to the same and similar information requests from dozens of additional institutions.”

As of January 22, 2021, 46 institutions and offices have responded to said requests. Every institution has failed to provide, or cite, even 1 record describing the actual isolation of any ‘SARS-COV-2’ from a patient sample by anyone, anywhere on the planet, ever.”

This is one example of the answers received to her requests:

Dear Christine Massey,

This is in response to your request made under the Access to Information Act
(the Act) for the following information:

All records describing the isolation of a SARS-COV-2 virus, directly from a sample taken from a diseased patient, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material (i.e. monkey kidney cells aka vero cells; liver cancer cells). Please note that I am using “isolation” in the every-day sense of the word: the act of separating a thing(s) from everything else. I am not requesting records where “isolation of SARS-COV-2” refers instead to: the culturing of something, or the performance of an amplification test (i.e. a PCR test), or the sequencing of something. To clarify, I am requesting all such records that are in the possession, custody or control of Health Canada (for example: downloaded to a computer, printed in hard copy, etc.).

Having completed a thorough search, we regret to inform you that we were unable to locate any records responsive to your request.

Yours sincerely,
Christine Smith
Team Leader, Access to Information and Privacy
Health Canada and the Public Health
Agency of Canada / Government of Canada / Tel: 613-862-6063

Here is another response to a Massey request, from the Ontario Ministry of Health. The response arrived after four months:
This is to inform you that no responsive records were located. A reasonable search of the ministry was conducted, and no responsive records were found. Dr. David C. Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health, is responsible for this decision.”

NO records indicating SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated. “Isolated” means “separated from other material.” It means “we actually found the virus and could identify it.


It’s no accident that Christine Massey’s relentless investigation has turned up zero records of actual isolation.

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