Breaking the Covid Trance: How the (Irish) people were psychologically manipulated (VI)

We publish a full transcript of a seminal interview with John Anthony conducted by Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, uploaded on 1st October 2020.

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2020 will be denied in 2021

Dave Cullen: As we bring it to a conclusion, I can predict something happening and I think you can as well which factors exactly into what you describe very well there, which is that when what I’ve described as the dam breaks and the truth emerges, I think a lot of people will be in denial and will probably just want to shake off 2020 as a bad dream: ‘We don’t talk about it, let’s forget about it because I don’t want to admit the fact that I was fooled’. That’s a very hard thing for people to accept let alone, the behaviour they went on with. It brought out the worst in people. It brought out the ‘Get away from me, you’re standing too close to me!’ or ‘Where’s your face mask?’, and, really, total strangers feeling entitled to say that kind of expressions and emboldened to treat each other quite poorly in some instances. That is definitely a scar tissue that is sort of left after this. But I tell you something I would predict.

I would say and you’ve already seen Leo Varadkar make overtures, in terms of, ‘Should we continue some of the restrictions?’, and this kind of phrases I think what they’ll do in a year or two’s time is you’ll have the media start to try to take the side of the public. I think [their] trying to entertain the likes of Dr [Martin] Feeley and his debate with Professor [Sam] McConkey is the beginnings of that, and even the BBC in the UK have started to call them anti-lockdown protests.

They’re not calling them ‘conspiracy theorists’, they’re not calling them ‘far right’ now, they’re actually just calling them ‘anti-lockdown protests’, so I think the instruction is there that they know the dam is breaking and so they are kind of giving it their due. So I think what’s going to happen is that eventually it’s going to be sort of like, in a year’s time you’re going to hear the media say, ‘We were trying to hold them to account.’ They are going to try and spin it, to save themselves, and try to seem like they were always on the side of the public. And the politicians might do something similar, where they’ll do this quick change, where they’ll change sides.

John Anthony: That’s not a prediction, Dave, that’s just happening, you know. Also, I would say this, as a closing comment: I would say that we are very near to the end of the cycle. The cycle goes around: it goes with the lovebombing, the idealisation, followed by the denigration, the breaking down of the other person, the maintaining of control, and the abuse begins to kick in. The people will deny it and they will say, ‘They are doing it for the best reasons,’ and all this kind of words. I’ve heard these discussions.

Abandoning the victim to his fate

And now we are coming to the abandonment phase, right? That is where they will possibly lock down the whole country, and they will give an excuse for it and all of that kind of thing. I think that probably is somewhere down the line, where the security forces will be called in to certain areas, and this is just based on this model.

We’re not even talking about coronavirus here. We’re talking nothing of the sort. We’re not going on the evidence of Ivor Cummins, of Dolores Cahill, John Ioannidis, or I think it was Karol Sikora, the epidemiologist, who said back in April (2020) – no, it was a little bit later – that the virus was actually over. The curve was done. It had gone through the population by May. This goes along with what Ivor Cummins has presented, and it goes along with what Dolores Cahill was talking about.

That’s on a logical level, but these people – remember that it’s like the fraudsters coming to your house – they want to stage something. It’s a different level of thinking. And [meanwhile,] you’re talking about the virus and the statistics and all the ‘logical’ reasons you have for it. That just helps to introduce confusion, because they are not doing any of [that], and you’re saying, ‘Well, wait a minute: why are they doing that now when this is practically over and there’s no deaths?’, or whatever. That’s just the confusion. They will keep pummeling this into people with the fear and the confusion and the New Normal, and all this kind of stuff.

But the final part of it is this: that these people do not know when to stop, and the reason why they don’t know when to stop is that they don’t have much empathy for the Irish public, for the people with jobs, homes, families to run. They say they do, but they don’t actually have it, because what they are talking about is power, is manipulation, and is this control, and they like the attention.

What the narcissist gorges on

Control, manipulation and attention. They’re getting attention. That’s called ‘narcissistic feed’, and they bloom on narcissistic feed. So whether it be our Taoiseach, or our ex-Taoiseach, when he comes out and stands in front of the nation, this is narcissistic feed. Could it be anything else? At this stage, I don’t think so, simply because they’re not making sense any more.

But they don’t know when to stop, these people, because they’re not in touch with the people. They are not in touch with what’s happening on the ground, nor some of them – some of them, I say – do not care. This is not a diagnostic, by the way: we’re not calling these people [narcissists], we are only calling it a narcissistic model. We are putting it in a model [so] that people can see what’s happening; and when you see what’s happening, that can serve to wake you up a little bit.

And, as I say, we’ve touched on it. We have touched on the virus, we’ve touched on the statistics, we’ve touched on the nonsensical aspects of some of it, and all this kind of aspects. But that’s not the purpose of this discussion. The purpose of this discussion is to wake you up and let you see what’s already happened: it’s already in our history, in our experience.

Rinse and repeat at higher speed

It’s there in this programme, and the final part of the programme is abandonment. What will that do? What shape will that take? Maybe some of them will have a go a putting the security forces in place, I’m not sure, but we’re in that phase now, because we’ve gone through the other three. And after that phase, by the way, the cycle can start over again.

So what happens there on an individual level – where, we’ll say, if somebody is vacuumed, is re-groomed back into a relationship — usually, what happens is that the relationship now goes through the same cycle again; but this time, it goes through it at a faster, accelerated pace, so the lovebombing will last a shorter length of time: it will go straight into the denigration and devaluing very quickly, and then it will go into the control and the abuse. I remember hearing many years ago, on [Irish national flagship talkshow] the Late Late Show, somebody talking about [how] she was in a abusive relationship for fifteen years and she didn’t know why. She said, ‘To this day, I do not know why I stayed in it’. Fifteen years she was in it, but she stayed in it because of all the stuff we’ve talked about now, that leaves you locked in it. You’re addicted to it.

You’re waiting for this moment when the person will give you validation and say, ‘I’m so sorry about what I did there, and I’m mending my ways,’ and to actually mean it, right. That will never happen, but what holds you in place is the hope that it will happen. The hope that they will say, ‘We’re going to end the lockdown now, towards the end of the year.’ They will give you little bits of hope at times, and that’s what will happen, but the control will increase.

D.C.: Oh, yes. It’s very possible that they will even give people Christmas, right, and people will say, ‘Oh, aren’t they so generous to let us have this Christmas?’

 J.A.: Yes! You forget that they are actually giving you something that was actually your right to have in the first place. And that’s the control aspect, that’s the insidious aspect of it: that you have given away all of this, and it’s like the Stockholm syndrome again. You have been kidnapped by this group, and then suddenly one of them comes in after torturing you or beating you up or doing whatever, and they offer you a cup of water and you say, ‘Thanks so much for that’, and then you establish this sort of relationship.

It’s a narcissistic relationship, it’s an abusive one, but you’re kind of locked into it, and that makes you very attached to the person that’s locking you in.

That’s what’s happening. That’s the whole roll-out of it, Dave, from beginning to end. We’ve gone through it. In one way, the model is very simple, in one way, but as long as you get it, and I hope I’ve described it.

 D.C.: Yes, brilliantly, John, and I hope that Irish people take it on board and listen to it. And, indeed, this is global and it applies to whatever country that you’re in, to varying degrees.

Loving your own people back to sanity

J.A.: Yes. I’ve taken Ireland because I live in Ireland, and I see the Irish people and I see a beautiful island of really healthy, beautiful people. And even if they are wearing masks and they are compliant, I’m not against them in any way. It’s a wonderful nation, but we’ve been infiltrated and this relationship has sort of sprung up. And all of a sudden, we’ve found ourselves in the thick of it. It may have come from higher up, like globally or whatever, but that’s the relationship we’re in.

And if they [can just] see it, if they see the model, if they can see what’s happening, looking at just the history – don’t mind all the stuff about the actual virus itself; there’s other people that you can refer to about that, like Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, or any of those, or yourself listening to your programme; they will go through that with you, but that’s only the logic – but be aware of the deep, deep programming, the conditioning, the suggestibility, the hypnosis, the NLP, neurolinguistic programming.

This is what it’s called: programming. And when you look at it on the micro level and you see the relationships and how they pan out, and when you describe this model to people, I’ve seen situations with people when they’ve sat back and they said, ‘Oh my God, it wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my doing; I’m not guilty of this, I’m not mad.’ They have various terms like this, and it’s like a great lifting, you know.

They still need for a lot of work to do at this stage, but after that initial lift, you can see it almost transforming their face and their eyes, and some of them cry, some them smile. And it’s like a lifting that happens, and this lifting can occur to you, it can occur to anybody: all you need to do is understand how It was put in place. How it occurred, you know, the programming that was involved, the stages that were involved like we discussed, and when you come to a kind of … there will be a moment, and it won’t come from logic, working it out, very often.

But there’ll be a moment, and it won’t come from logically working it out, but there’ll be a moment, maybe in a weeks time, when something will click in you and you say, ‘Oh my God, that’s what I’ve been doing all this time’. And that can release you from the bondage of abuse or the bondage of political tyranny. You still have a lot of work to do, or you still have to make it known – I don’t know what happens politically to change this, but there is a lot of work to do – but that is a great place to start.

D.C.: It is, John. You described it brilliantly, and I think a lot of people are going to get a huge amount out of this interview, so I’m very grateful for having you on because this has been you know, we can talk about data, we can talk about the modelling, we can talk about the flawed statistics and everything else and the studies and the PCR testing and all this; I can go into [that] with Dolores Cahill or whoever it is but this is the remaining piece of the puzzle, which is the psychological component of it.

Because you can present people with all the information, you can explain to them that 2+2=4 and they’ll still believe it’s 5, and they’ll get angry with you ‘For how dare you, telling me the truth!’, and that’s the reason. It’s about trying to get them to understand that they’ve been deceived and the pattern of behaviour that they’ve actually got in[to], and the pattern of thinking, the very destructive pattern.

J.A.: I hope people get that. It’s not a judgement, it’s not any kind of … it’s just way of explaining pattern, a model. It’s a map, and a map will make more sense [of your situation] if you’re out of breath and you happen to see on a map that you’re climbing a mountain and you were told you were on flat land. Well, it will kind of explain something, do you know? It’s all of this. It’s not a diagnostic of anybody in a psychiatric way.

It’s just that we use – I have used, for the want of a better word – this narcissistic agenda, but it doesn’t mean that we are diagnosing people with narcissism or NPD [Narcissistic Personality Disorder]. They could be there too, but [this is] to make them see the pattern and release themselves from the bondage, and without judgement of anybody. If they just released themselves, just woke up to that, [that] would be a tremendous amount of good done. And listen, Dave, you’re great for putting it on. You’ve showed great patience with me and all of that kind of thing, so really, I’m thankful for that: not personally for me, but just for the fact that it’s out there now, and that somehow it will filter out to people. And I hope they get something out of it.



April 4, 2021




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