Clown show: Biden ‘national security’ spokesman John Kirby claims ‘LGBTQ’ rights are a ‘core element’ of American foreign policy

If situations were reversed and the United States was not the superpower that it is, chances are excellent that Americans would not take kindly to another country telling us how to live our lives under punishment of economic sanctions.

And yet, the arrogant leftist activists who are running Joe Biden’s administration have no issues telling others how they should act, govern, and live, even if their values are 180 degrees the opposite of ours.

Our country is now being run by unserious clowns who are more concerned about 0.003 percent of the population and fake ‘crises’ like climate change, as proven again by former Navy admiral John Kirby, who is the spokesman for Biden’s National Security Council. Recently, Kirby announced that “LGBTQ+ rights” are a “core part” of America’s foreign policy, and he did so with a straight face.

During a press briefing at the White House, a journalist informed Kirby that Uganda’s parliament had recently passed an “anti-homosexual bill” and that Ugandan officials were scheduled to attend an African summit to promote the adoption of similar laws in other African countries.

He also noted that Russia was potentially backing such laws as a “wedge” against the U.S., asking if, since the Biden administration “is currently engaging with Africa on other issues, is this a concern for the U.S.?

President Biden has been nothing but consistent about his foundational belief in human rights, and LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. We’re never going to be shy or bashful in speaking up about those rights for people to live as they deem fit, as they want to live,” he said. “And that’s something that’s a core part of our foreign policy and it will remain so.”

Got it? So while claiming that LGBTQ people get to live “as they want to live,” if other countries don’t agree with certain lifestyles and want to live a different way, we get to punish them.

What monumental hypocrisy. And arrogance. Because, translated, that means Biden’s foreign policy is now dependent on whether other nations approve of, tolerate, or promote deviant sexual behavior.

Meanwhile, another administration lunatic, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, actually said he brings up homosexual sex with the Saudi government — which is extremely conservative on the issue, in line with their Muslim faith — all the time.

Politico reported on the issue:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he brings up LGBTQI rights with his Saudi counterpart ‘invariably, in every conversation,’ but defends President Joe Biden’s planned July visit to the kingdom — where homosexual acts carry the death penalty.

‘There are a lot of different aspects’ that constitute America’s interests in the country, Blinken said.”

During the State Department’s inaugural briefing for LGBTQI reporters, Blinken stated that when he raises his LGBTQI-themed complaints, there is “real engagement” with Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud. However, he emphasized that human rights are just one facet of America’s foreign policy and that “everything has to be reflected in what we do.”

It’s hardly the concerted effort to treat the Saudis ‘like the pariah they are’ that Biden promised as a candidate, but Blinken insists that was never the administration’s plan. ‘We were determined from day one to recalibrate the relationship: not rupture, recalibrate,’ he said,” according to Politico.

American taxpayers are on the hook for this lunacy as well. The State Department has revealed that approximately 10,000 LGBTQI human rights defenders have received financial support through the Global Equality Fund, the report noted further. Politico added that, as the administration prioritizes a “first do no harm” strategy in its approach to the global attacks on the LGBTQI community, it may be criticized for acting too slowly or not being assertive enough in defending those who are under attack.

Most people don’t see it that way. It’s not that anyone wants that community to be harmed — and we certainly don’t condone it. But to use what is a highly controversial social issue as a guideline for our foreign policy is just insane.

Author: JD Heyes


May 26, 2023


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