COVID 19: not so much a pandemic as a Trojan Horse


The following is put forward as something to consider and watch for as a possible strategy of those behind the COVID Psyop. Forewarned is forearmed.

There is an aspect of the “compulsory vaccination” controversy that so far has not yet been thoroughly looked at. Amid all the noise and kerfuffle and upset, there is an issue from which public attention has been carefully distracted. Let’s step back for a moment and take a look at it.

We know that there is a faction working the puppet strings of our politicians whose APPARENT purpose is to introduce mass vaccination. That mass vaccination, they hope, will be either directly mandated by the government or, more slyly, “remain a matter of personal choice” – except that if you “choose” not to be vaccinated, you won’t be able to keep your job, enter shops and public venues, travel and so forth.

The second approach is more insidious in that it does not appear to be compulsory – there is no law saying you have GOT to have the vaccine, yet your life will be made so ruddy miserable if you don’t have it that what you have is a medication that is for all intents and purposes mandatory.

The plan is, then, to make the lives if the un-vaccinated so horrible resistance will be whittled down little by little until for all intents and purposes we wind up with the whole population medicated. We use the word “medicated” for a reason, which we’ll get to in a moment.

WHY this obsession in getting us to accept a vaccine for a bug that for the vast majority of us (and the government’s Chief Medical Officer himself has said so) is nothing to worry about? Moreover, it has now emerged that analysis of the mortality stats in terms of its effect on various age groups – people with underlying frailties and so forth – it is roughly as deadly as the common cold, slightly less deadly than flu and roughly 19 times less deadly than the 1918 Spanish flu (which also killed moistly healthy people under 30 which COVID virtually never does without a pre-existing serious condition).

Yet the government persists in treating COVID19, a bug as if it is the Black Death. It does so to a point where it starts to look somewhat unhinged, if not demented. And the push for the vaccine and getting everyone to accept it continues. What’s this obsession with making a ruddy vaccine for a not overly dangerous bug as good as compulsory?

There is of course the profits that the pharmaceutical industry will make if its henchmen in government can pull this off. The vaccine may or may not turn out to be more harmful than it is helpful, especially considering the fact that the disease it handles is not dangerous to the vast majority of people. We simply don’t know. There is nothing wrong with a consciensciously and responsibly researched and tested vaccine not booby trapped with toxins such as mercury and truthfully marketed by an ethical pharmaceutic al company.

The trouble is that the current vaccine probably does not tick ANY of those boxes so the government will in effect be playing Russian Roulette with the health of the citizenry if it can get millions of people to inject it. The need for and safety of this particular vaccine ARE important issues but they are not the biggest issue and in effect distract attention from it.

The key issues lurking behind the thick smokescreen of the fake pandemic and its touted vaccine is this: someone is working on figuring out how to wangle compulsory or as-good-as-compulsory medication of the population. If that is the case, a vaccine is the least of our worries.

Once the means and method have been put in place for mass-medication of the population, once the precedent has been set by what is in effect the Trojan Horse of the covid vaccine, the door will have been opened to doing the same with any medication. We need to consider the possibility that this is the game the medical-political-psychopharmaceutical complex is playing. If they can do it today with a vaccine, then the precedent has been set to do it tomorrow with any medication.

Imagine, for instance, if someone decides that there’s an “epidemic of mental illness or depression” or some such thing afflicting the community. The concept of an epidemic of mental illness or an epidemic of depression is not new after all, the psycho pharmacy have already pushed the concept.

So the idea is already there in the consciousness of people that there could be such a thing and the current covid psyop has been a useful experiment in how to conjure or spin or propagandise into existence the popular belief in and terror of an epidemic.
So the government becomes “very concerned” about the “epidemic of mental illness” in much the same way it is “very concerned” about the smoke-and-mirrors pandemic of covid-19.

“Everybody knows” how the mentally ill often become violent (not actually true, it’s the psych meds they are given that make them violent, but that’s another issue) so this epidemic of mental illness that is going on with potentially dangerous mentally ill people everywhere is a threat we should all be terrified about.

Government is “so concerned” that it is taking heroic steps to “protect the sanity of the nation” or “bring calm” or whatever propaganda line is used, and its scientists have come up with a solution that will save the day and calm everybody right down. There’s this new sedative drug, Soporifix. It is “perfectly safe and has no side effects anyone need worry about, honest!”

Some people have claimed that like every other psychotropic medication, Soporifix has serious side effects such as suicidal ideation, violent impulses and so on. But these people are anti-sanity and steps have been taken to stop them slagging off the new wonder drug as it might discourage millions of mentally ill people (all of them unexploded time-bombs of potential violence!) from taking it. Therefore, in the interests of the public good, criticizing Soporifix has been made illegal. The government tells the nation, “we want everyone to be safe and happy and take Soporifix.” Soporifix will help you to live out your days under beneficial sedation and no trouble to anyone – especially the ruling elite. Soporifix won’t be compulsory of course. No government would order you to take a drug against your will. But you’ll need a Soporifix certificate or microchip and if you ain’t sedated you can’t travel, go to your workplace, enter shops or public places… You get the idea.

You’ve heard of fleecing the flock or milking the herd. Well, here’s a new one: “Doping the livestock.” The issue of vaccination just took on a whole new meaning and the success of the freedom movement acquired a whole new set of incentives. Forewarned is forearmed. We can win a game more easily when we better understand what our opponent is doing. Unite, stand strong, fight back. We are not cattle.


January 17, 2021


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