Covid spike protein and myocarditis study: The Covid ‘vaccine’ is a spike protein initiator

A research team led by Bristol’s Professor Paolo Madeddu exposed human heart pericytes, which are the cells that wrap small blood vessels in the heart, to SARS-CoV-2 Alpha and Delta variants, along with the original Wuhan virus. Surprisingly, they found the heart pericytes were not infected.

SARS-CoV-2 spike protein

Intrigued by this finding, in a second test-tube experiment, the researchers challenged the cardiac pericytes with the spike protein alone, without the virus. The spike protein made pericytes unable to interact with their companion endothelial cells and induced them to secrete inflammatory cytokines, suggesting the spike protein is harmful to human cardiac cells. Interestingly, the team found that antibodies (produced during SARS-CoV-2 infection) which blocks CD147, a receptor for the spike protein, protected heart pericytes from damage. So, they found that the “spike protein” ALONE is “harmful to human cardiac cells.”

And what does the covid vaccine do? It injects mRNA so that cells, in which the mRNA finds itself, will PRODUCE ONLY the “spike protein.” The rest of the virus is not produced.

What a study!! And, of course, VAERS data is being sabotaged.

Recently there was a story about a healthy 37-year-old who got the injection and suffered a heart attack almost immediately and then died two days later. And this is one case among very very many similar sad stories. This has become a crime against humanity. What a wicked world we live in.


May 19, 2022


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