Deep State is based on fraud, and will fall sooner or later

The War Room: “If you were going to run a sting operation on election fraud, well, you would let the criminals engage in all their election fraud with the dead voters. You would let them stuff the voting machines so that you would get voter turnout higher than any other election ever, so that when you audit you can find that information out. You would allow them the use of mail-in ballots so that when you audit the mail-in ballot you could find the counterfeit mail-in ballots. And then do the forensic analysis data finding out they were all for Joe Biden. You would film it. You would have dozens of poll watchers… which they did. And so it all ran successfully. And we all saw it. Now we’re waiting to see justice occur.”

Play the long game

For years we’ve heard about mass arrests. That some good guys group in the US military, intelligence, militia was going to finally do the right action and take down all the corrupt players in the US and beyond.

Trump came along and talked about the “calm before the storm.”

Another well-known military insider on 4Chan talked about arrests of Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and dozens of other deep state actors. They said “Nothing can stop what’s coming.

In Game Theory and The Art of War, you want to appear weak to draw the enemy out. In a covert war – which is the kind US is in right now – the bad guys aren’t seen. They hide behind the media, big corporations, big tech, big pharma, and so on. And they’re very good at convincing uninformed people that there’s no enemy at all – “there’s nothing to worry about, just go back to sleep.”

This means that the battle isn’t just to take out the bad guys. It’s also to show billions of people, all over the world, that there are bad guys in the first place.

How do you catch a liar (the Mainstream Media and the Fake News Press)? You make them think they can lie, let them lie, catch them in the lie, and then show everyone incontrovertible proof that they’re lying.

Hasn’t Trump been doing that for years? Didn’t the media declare Joe Biden President-Elect even before the election was over, completely breaking over 200 years of democratic voting history and violating the Constitution? Didn’t the media lie to the people when it said, starting with the NY Times, that there was no election fraud, even though there clearly is evidence thereof?

How do you catch a cheater? You make them think they can get away with cheating, then you catch them in the act.

How do you catch a robber, an abuser, a murderer, a crime boss? The same way.

Criminals won’t act out crimes if they believe law enforcement is there to stop them. They wait until they can get away with it, and then they act out their wicked deeds.

A sting operation is designed to make the bad guys believe they can get away with it. It’s what’s known as a Psy-Op, a psychological warfare operation.

At this point, US are in the phase of the takedown where the evidence from the sting operation is starting to be brought forward. It needs to occur slowly because people have been so well trained to lap up whatever the lying media tells them, they’ll literally deny what their own eyes see.

Just after the election, an interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik went viral, giving people all over the world the hope that cheaters and frauds won’t win. Dr. Steve Pieczenik claimed to have been given a glimpse into what’s going on, which he shared with the public. “Agitating Propaganda,” Dr. Pieczenik calls it.

Trump gave his first major address about the election fraud on December 2nd, when he said: “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made.” In it, Trump laid out clear evidence of fraud that should have made every honest law enforcement official take notice and initiate major sweeping investigations. Instead, the media and corrupt actors doubled down.

This makes the fraud plain and easy to see for the people, showing them that it wasn’t just the deep state working to manipulate the election, or Joe Biden and his campaign staff, or the corrupt politicians, but the media too.

The Insurrection Act

 Could Trump have used the Insurrection Act to round up deep state actors and those aiding the coup? In theory, yes.

The wording from The Insurrection Act: “Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

However, the crime was so blatant, and the media coverage pushing the lie so coordinated, that Trump did not win against it. Biden, election officials, pollsters, corrupt legislators, and the media were all violating the Constitution and actively participating in a coup against a sitting president.

There’s a reason why they had to work so hard to convince people that Biden won – even though he didn’t. It’s because to claim he did – when he didn’t – is literally treason. It disrupts law and order via the violation of the law, therefore, according to the Insurrection Act Trump had the right to “use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.”

But there was a process to follow. Remember, there are so many people involved, it’s unlikely that they will recognize their wrong doings. Big tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook were all pushing the “Joe Biden won and there’s no election fraud” lie. Admitting that Biden didn’t win and there actually is election fraud would be a good start for this part of the swamp.

Waking the sleeping giant

The challenge is that the bad guys aren’t waving any flags or banners. The people can’t identify the enemy. This is the largest issue at play.

To everyone who’s buying the „Joe Biden won” lie, Biden et al. look like regular people. And frankly, some of them might be well-intentioned people so possessed by fake news and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that they aren’t really aware of what is going on. But Biden and the media are aware, and so are scores of other knowing traitors.

Healthy outrage

US seem to be in a phase of the operation where a healthy sense of outrage needs to be triggered within the people. This will help them take the blinders off so they can identify the traitors in their country.

Former Attorney General William Barr caught a lot of flak when the AP put out a story that falsely reported Barr said there was no election fraud. Catherine Herridge, who might be one of a handful honest media people left at CBS, debunked this report.

Either Barr was an ineffectual Attorney General, as so many are starting to believe, or Barr was intentionally letting the media and the world believe he wasn’t working to investigate the fraud. These are two possibilities to consider. What benefit would this have?

Remember, the goal is to “wake the sleeping giant.” The enemy has to reveal itself, and the enemy is everywhere – especially within the corrupt DOJ (Department of Justice). A.G. Barr might have been one of a few good actors in the DOJ, but he wasn’t in a position to clean the house. Thus, by making it appear the DOJ wasn’t investigating, more and more people were being activated and made aware – most importantly – that corruption is everywhere.

A retired three star general

General Thomas McInerney was openly calling on President Trump to recognize severity of the cyber war assault on America by invoking the Insurrection Act, suspending Habeas Corpus (as Lincoln did) and initiate mass arrests under military authority. This call by Gen. McInerney, a highly-accomplished military veteran and loyal patriot, appears to have been stemming from a realization that much of the government had gone rogue and was colluding with enemies of the nation. State governors had gone rogue, court judges had gone rogue and state election officials had willfully engaged in coordinated, treasonous election rigging in order to achieve the overthrow of the executive leader, Donald Trump.

When government officials go rogue, and courts cannot be trusted, military authority can be invoked by the President, complete with mass arrests of treasonous actors, military tribunals that bypass the civilian court system, and the military seizure of all corporations that are actively working to undermine the United States of America. This would obviously include Big Tech and most of the left-wing media that has been complicit in election rigging and acts of journo-terrorism designed to plunge the US nation into despair.

We are talking about treason”.

These are treasonous acts. Not just fraudulent acts. They’re treasonous acts. Because it means changing the government. Then when you add Russia, China, and Iran, foreigners into it, you complicate it and make it even more treasonous” – Gen. McInerney.

Why wasn’t the deep state doing something to stop the sting operation? They were and still are. They were working overtime to push fake news piece after piece. They were pushing more lockdowns knowing it causes psychological stress that makes it difficult for people to face and accept the fullness of the coup attempt unfolding before their eyes. The only action the deep state could do was to keep doubling down and keep painting Trump as a tyrant. But it wasn’t working. It seemed the patriots are more in control than even the deep state is willing to admit.

An onion of fraud

The layers of corruption are deep. Think of it like an onion. This is what was shared on the Aware Wolf Podcast, wherein Paul and Justin discussed the lawful basis of the takedown operation. The center of the onion is the fraud and those in rebellion, that’s Biden and the people knowingly committing fraud with him. In the next layer are the people who were supposed to stop the election fraud – that’s election officials. Next are the state congressmen and women. Next are the judges and court officials who were meant to hear lawsuits brought forward by the Trump legal team and people like Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. Just beyond these State court layers are the federal powers, the district courts, agencies. And finally, there is the Supreme Court.

Every time evidence of fraud was brought to one of these layers, and they did not act to investigate it and pursue suspects, they painted a target on their backs – they became guilty of open violation of the law.

These layers are supposed to act as checks and balances to ensure the law is maintained. Anyone who fails at enforcing the law needs to be brought to justice.

If all these safeguards fail, as they did, then the last safeguard is Trump himself.

Like a series of dominos, the fraud has to be brought forward to each layer, and they have to decide if they will do the right action or not. “An official, by virtue of the fact they are an official in an office, has to enforce the law, they have to pursue any valid and reasonable claim of fraud and illegality. At this point, there’s so much evidence that there is no real question anymore – despite what the media would have you believe. This means an official that fails to do their duty is either negligent or a willful participant in an insurrection and coup attempt” – Justin Deschamps.

Trump needed to let these processes unfold, needed to let the fraud make its way through all the layers. Each time a bogus election is certified, the election officials, the state legislature, and the governor sign their own arrest warrants when they fail to raise the alarm. When the courts toss out a case of fraud, when the evidence is inarguably valid, they sign their own arrest warrants.

The basis for a mass arrest exists. The sting operation is moving forward. And each time a domino piece falls, more people wake up, see that there’s corruption everywhere, and properly label these do-nothing officials as traitors to the US nation.



April 19, 2021



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