Divide and conquer: Gen. Michael Flynn warns that China is dividing the US and its allies in push for global domination

China is causing division between the United States and its allies in order to push Chinese global domination.

Part of the 100-year war for the Chinese is to divide those who are allied with the United States of America. Divide those alliances and then build trust with the other side. So, divide us from some partners that we had. And then they become their new partner,” retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael “Mike” Flynn told host Alex Jones during the March 11 episode of “The Alex Jones Show” on the InfoWars network.

So how do they do that? They do that very, very shrewdly. They do that over time. And they have done that economically,” added Flynn, citing China’s huge economic plan called the Belt and Road Initiative.

According to Jones, the Ukraine war energizes the Belt and Road Initiative. He asked the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) about his view on the matter.

Flynn said the northern part of the Belt and Road Initiative goes through Ukraine and into Europe. It goes all the way not only into the European mainland but also in places like London.

The former national security advisor stated that the southern route is the big deal and it is a blue water route that connects into Africa – particularly in places like Nigeria and the west coast of Africa, which are filled with resources and commodities that China needs to sustain its own people. The blue water route goes from the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and into the Mediterranean Sea.

China’s strategy has been effective so far.

China – Saudi Arabia alliance is a dangerous one for America

Flynn warned the new alliance that is starting to grow between China and Saudi Arabia is a dangerous one for America. He pointed out that China already has an economic alliance with Russia and Iran. Just recently, China successfully brokered an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The former Army general also talked about BRICS, which refers to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. He said the group has created an economic coordinating body for trade, which represents 47 percent of the global population.

At least another 10 countries have signified their intention to join BRICS, including Saudi Arabia.

But China remains the biggest threat for America.

China’s 100-year plan, Flynn said, also involves infiltration into America through its education system and other institutions such as the Department of Justice.

And I could go through so many examples that are publicly available examples of how the Chinese have infiltrated every single institution of our society since the mid-90s. And in particular, our education system, and they started at the highest level of graduate degrees and undergraduate degrees to the tune of no less than 100,000 a year. And they got up to at least 500,000 a year,” Flynn said.

He added the Democratic Socialist Party of America and Communist Party of America have been influenced and supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The CCP, I believe, made a very conscious decision back in the late ’80s and the early ’90s at the tail end of the Cold War. When it looked like Russia was basically the loser in the Cold War, China made a big decision to basically [say] that they were going to rise. They then took that as their opportunity to say, ‘Now’s our chance’,” Flynn said. “China is our adversary, and it wants global domination.”


April 20, 2023



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