«Eyes Wide Shut»

by Alina Istrate
Article taken from Revista Misterelor no. 64/2004

A Romanian liturgy played backwards is a satanic invocation in a Tom Cruise movie

Eyes Wide Shut (released in Romania on DVD) can be considered the real movie testament of the famous American director Stanley Kubrick. Catalogued as an erotic thriller or psychological drama by critics, the movie was followed by a series of unfortunate events: Kubrick died of a heart attack before finishing the editing, and the actors couple Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman broke up after 10 years of marriage. It was assumed that the producer’s death was a punishment for revealing certain secrets about some occult satanic organizations. It was even assumed that the break-up of one of the most admired couples in Hollywood was due to their participation at the satanic orgy presented in the film.

Obviously, nobody can prove that the sinister screenplay caused all these bad events. However, the abundance of malefic symbols in the movie, which we will disclose here for the first time, demonstrates without any doubt that satanic practices generate awful effects, both for those who knowingly perform them, as well as for the ones who unconsciously assist in them.

Stanley Kubrick’s swan song, Eyes Wide Shut, cursed by some critics and considered a masterpiece by others, takes place in an area between dream and reality. Obviously the movie was not made to offer us moments of relaxation and comfort, but it is rather a terrifying cry, a wake-up call meant to awaken the mind, to make us understand the reality we live in. Since the sleep of reason gives birth to monsters, the feature film abounds in hideous images, where women are seen as sexual objects that you can buy with a certain sum of money, and men – as buyers and sellers of these “dolls”. Not without coincidence the movie starts with the image of Alice Harford (Nicole Kidman) naked in front of a mirror, then wearing a fancy party dress, asking her husband: “How do I look?” suggesting in this way the idea of merchandise that needs to look good. In reply, Tom Cruise’s character, Doctor Bill Harford, shows up the first time looking for his wallet, which defines him as a buyer.

“Eyes wide shut”

The life of the Harford couple takes an unexpected turn after they attend a Christmas party thrown by one of Bill’s rich customers, Victor Ziegler. At that party, where they go not know many people, Bill and Alice flirt with people who subtly propose an extramarital affair. Also there, in a sumptuous bathroom, furnished and with paintings on the walls, Bill is called by Ziegler to resuscitate a naked woman (with whom, to all appearances, Ziegler had just had sex with), collapsed after a drug overdose. Naturally, everything was supposed to remain secret.

Back home, Bill and Alice are about to make love and they are smoking some “herbs” when Alice has a sudden jealousy crisis (thinking of Bill’s flirt with two models, at the party) and becomes angry – because she thought the men at the party had looked at her as a sexual object. With this occasion she confesses to Bill one of her erotic fantasies, with a marine officer she had seen at some hotel. The black and white images of the imaginary betrayal by his wife will accompany Doctor Harford throughout the entire movie. Sick with jealousy, a feeling he had never experienced before with Alice, he’s looking for a sexual adventure. He appeals to a prostitute, Domino, who turns out in the end to be infected with HIV, then, with the help of his friend, the piano player he had met at Ziegler’s party, he comes to witness a secret sexual ritual, which evokes the ceremonies of some occult organizations: the participants have to wear long capes with hoods and masks, everything is absolutely secret, and Bill is warned by a woman that he is in great danger. At the height of the irony, the password to access the ceremony, where everyone is copulating with each other, is “Fidelio” (meaning fidelity). Being exposed as an intruder, the doctor escapes from the orgy’s climax with the help of the masked woman who had previously warned him and who accepts “to sacrifice herself” for him.

Returning home after this nocturnal adventure, in which however he hasn’t cheated on his wife, Harford finds her in the middle of a nightmare… Alice wakes up terrified and tells him that she dreamed about a gathering in which all the participants were naked, and she had sex first with that marine officer from the fantasy she had shared with him before, and afterwards with hundreds of men that she could not remember. The same story, in different worlds, and the line of demarcation between the real world and the imaginary one becomes thinner and thinner. Bill Harford’s investigations on that meeting don’t lead him very far: he finds out from the newspaper that Mandy (Ziegler’s prostitute who he had saved at the party and who he suspects of sacrificing herself for him at that occult orgy) has died from a drug overdose; he finds out that his friend, the piano player has disappeared in mysterious circumstances, with two “gorillas” after him and a bruise on his face. The attempt to visit the castle where the strange satanic ceremony took place ends with a letter that warns that if he continues with these useless investigations, he and his family will get hurt. At the end, he is called by his client Ziegler, who confesses to him that he was present at the orgy and tries to convince him to give up the research and keep everything he saw quiet.

Secrets that kill

There is a synchronicity that could cause us to think: Kubrick, the father of “Space Odyssey 2001” (1968) dies exactly 666 days before January 1st 2001. With this movie Kubrick warns us that anyone who reveals the secrets of powerful men could be “arranged” without consequences. Was this a prediction (and warning) of his loss?
But he is not the only one suspected of being murdered after revealing the secrets of some occult organizations. As Uri Dowbenko says in his commentary about the film, published in Steamshovel Press, the mysterious death of Mozart, the brilliant composer, as well as the sudden disappearance of the writers Stephen Knight and William Morgan was because of revealing similar secrets.

In cinematography, the last film that exposed some malefic occult activities before Eyes Wide Shut was Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski. Shortly after its release, Polanski’s pregnant wife was murdered by the Satanist Charles Manson.
The satanic sexual ritual in Kubrick’s movie is inspired by the Helfire Club’s ceremonies, an English Masonic lodge founded in the XVIII century by Sir Francis Dashwood. It is also similar to the black magic orgiastic rituals performed by the controversial Aliester Crowley within his satanic organization Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO).

Terrible CIA experiments

Kubrick’s message is pretty hard to decipher, because he was not present when the film editing was finished. Still, for the attentive and lucid minds, there are enough clues, which reveal the perfidious ways of the occult satanic organizations.
Moreover, as Adam Gorightly shows in The Konformist magazine (May 2000), the film shows out numerous allusions about the mind control experiments led by the CIA, namely MK-ULTRA program and the sex-slaves programming of Monarch type.

According to the testimonies of some victims of the Monarch program, it seems that their number is thousands and that they were used, under the influence of drugs, as sex slaves and trained assassins. From various sources, Monarch programming starts immediately after birth and goes on during the whole life of the victims, which are used by the secret services and occult organizations until they complete the tasks they were programmed for, and are eliminated afterwards (to be read murdered), so that everything looks like an accident or a suicide. Beyond the disinformation that is willingly cultivated on the mind control topic, the victims’ testimonies speak for themselves.

The journalist Per Sewen from Illuminati News relates that he watched Eyes Wide Shut in the company of a woman that had been the victim of a satanic ritual. She said that the orgiastic ritual in the movie was very much alike the one she had been part of. None of them knew what the movie would be about and they were terrified. These types of films could generate psychic traumas, and they could trigger negative disturbing emotions for the victims of the sexual ritualistic abuses. That woman suffered a shock after watching the film.

“Where the rainbow ends”

A first hint to the Monarch programming appears at the beginning of the movie, at Ziegler’s party scene when Cruise’s character, Doctor Bill Harford is seduced by two gorgeous models who take him by the arm and lead him to an apparent menage-a-trois. When Bill asks the two beauties where they’re taking him, they answer in a humorous way: “Where the rainbow ends”. Considered in the context of the following events in the movie, this piece of a dialogue is a clear reference to the Monarch programming, in the frame of which there were used, as instruments of mind control, themes and images from the Wizard of Oz story (which includes the song “Over the Rainbow”) (according to the book Trance Formation in America, by Mark Phillips and Kathy O’Brien).

It is presumed that even Judy Garland, the actress who embodied Dorothy in Wizard of Oz screening, was herself a victim of this Monarch programming (she was a drug addict almost her entire life and died from a barbiturates overdose at only 47 years old).

Later in the film, Bill rents a pelerine and a mask from the costume shop “Rainbow”. In the first scene from the shop, the owner catches his young daughter almost naked, together with another two guys and starts a scene, threatening them with the police. In a following scene, the same owner, not only sells his own daughter to the same two men he had quarreled with before, but he also suggests to Doctor Bill that he can also benefit from the teenager’s services anytime he wants, obviously at a cost…

All these “details” are very significant, because in the context of the “Wizard of Oz” programming, children of a very young age become Monarch slaves, being molested and traumatized in the framework of satanic sexual rituals, after their parents make a pact with the so-called Monarch agents. The agent is a programmer and, at the same time, a mediator between the parents and the leaders of Monarch organization. The radical change of attitude in the case of the father, from the defender of his daughter’s honor to the one of a “pimp” and the condition of the girl as a underage prostitute are inscribed in the Monarch butterfly symbolism, which turns from caterpillar to butterfly. The term “Monarch” is in this case a tricky one, because it leads us to the Monarch butterfly metamorphosis into a very beautiful creature. This is the deceit and the illusion of the program: it deludes its victims, making them believe that they have turned into something magical, wonderful, when in fact they become slaves through mind control. In the movie, the caterpillar that turns into butterfly is the daughter of the costume store’s owner.

Presidential models, sex toys for politicians

Another hint to the MK-ULTRA and Monarch programming we find in the scene with the two models that seduce the doctor at Ziegler’s Christmas party. The models can be associated with what in MK-ULTRA annals are called “presidential models” (term that was first used in the book The Control of Candy Jones, by Donald Bain and Long John Nebel). The program’s agents indicate whom these dolls should prostitute with and the politicians use them as “sex toys”. It is believed that Marilyn Monroe was the first sex slave from the Monarch program, who achieved the status of worldwide celebrity, this being an explanation for her mysterious death at only 36 years old, which appeared like suicide by a drugs overdose.
All the female characters in the film are obviously, more or less, such victims of the Monarch program of sexual slavery: the two models, the girl that doctor revives in Ziegler’s bathroom, the prostitute Domino, who Bill goes to visit, the daughter of costume store owner, and even Alice, his wife – who is treated like a possible prostitute by the aristocrat she had danced with at Christmas.

Romanian liturgy blasphemed

Harford finds out, due to the negligence of his friend, the piano player, that he is summoned to play, blindfolded, to some strange gatherings, which are kept each time in a different location and in which all the participants wear black capes with hoods and masks. Each time he is told a necessary password in order to be able to enter. Moreover, he tells him that last time the scarf was loose and he could see lots of women, all with the bodies of models, naked… The doctor assumed the required disguise and, using the password he knew from the piano player, he steps into the sumptuous castle, finding himself in full satanic sexual ritual, similar to black magician Aliester Crowley’s orgies. The mysterious woman warns him twice that by his presence there he’s putting his life in danger. Shortly after this he was caught as an intruder and the leader of the ritual (the “High Priest”) forced him to take off his mask and clothes. In this difficult moment for the doctor, the same masked woman, who is suggested to be Mandy, Ziegler’s stoned lover, offered to sacrifice herself in his place. As a confirmation of this “ritual sacrifice”, the following day newspapers announce the woman’s death from an overdose. By this, the director shows that any Monarch slave can be eliminated if she breaks the rules determined by the program and is considered a risk for the program.

Why do we say the ritual is satanic?

It was proved (and this I have personally checked myself with a software called CoolEdit – r.n.) that the music that accompanies the ritual is actually a reversed fragment (played from the end to the beginning) of a Romanian liturgy. Of course, there is also music alongside the voice, but one can hear very clearly the Romanian words if the music passage is played backwards: «We still pray for the mercy, the life, the peace, the health, the salvation, the forgiveness of the sins of God’s servants, the worshippers, alms giving, founders and benefactors of this holy place. Said the Lord to His apprentices: a new commandment I give to thee… »

The British composer, Jocelyn Pook became very famous after making the soundtrack for Kubrick’s film. Fearing the possible protests, she had kept quiet about the origin of this musical piece. It’s been nominated for the Golden Globe and she has confessed that she doubted she could ever match her performance for this movie. Some important Hollywood critics appreciate the music even more than the movie. The tune had first appeared on the composer’s album “Deluge”, from where it appeared in Kubrick’s film. The problem with this musical piece seems to be rather complicated. First of all, despite the huge interest the music of this film aroused, we need to say that there is nothing mentioned about the Romanian liturgy played backwards. The fact that it was meant to remain quasi-secret is proved by articles of some famous film critics, who commented on the soundtrack of the movie in detail, singers, songs, and when they get to the masked ball scene they don’t know what to say. It is true though that Jocelyn Pook gave an interview later in New York for a radio station, in which she confessed that the theme did not belong to her and it is only a remake of a recording done in a Baia Mare church, however this interview never appeared in writing and almost nobody knows about it.

Why all the secrecy? Here is one of the reasons: During the shooting of the film, right after the scene of the ceremony from the “Masked Ball”, Jocelyn Pook put a fragment from a sacred Hindu text accompanied by music. Immediately afterwards, the Hindu community of Great Britain threatened a huge scandal, and Warner Bros. Company decided that it was better not to stir things up. Therefore they picked a tune “of the same language”, which used a “neutral” text. After all, how many people speak Hindu in Venice, where the movie was first presented, was naively asked Kubrick’s daughter who tells of this episode.

The principle of reversing symbols is well known in occultism. A divine symbol, if reversed, becomes a satanic symbol, its beneficial energy thus becoming perverted and modified in an evil way. For example, the reversed cross is often used in the satanic rituals as a symbol of the infernal worlds. The same way, the orthodox liturgy, which is a link between man and God, when reversed becomes a satanic symbol as powerful as the faith of the people it belongs to. And the director knew all that, because he deliberately asked for the film not to be shown in Romania. Probably that’s the reason why the first channel to broadcast it was HBO, who “bragged” about how they gained, with difficulty, the rights of broadcasting it in Romania.

Even thought all these facts have been known since 2000, at the film’s launch, it was only in 2002 that our newspapers created some sensation. With that specific occasion, the newspaper Evenimentul Zilei published in an article the position of the Patriarchate and the record company Electrecord, especially on the issue of copyright of the liturgy fragment used in the soundtrack of Eyes Wide Shut.
Lost in the thicket of the copyright law, they seemed to “forget” to mention the moral prejudices of the liturgy’s transformation into a powerful instrument of black magic through its reversal. What do you think is the effect of that sound passage upon the millions of people who watch it? And what human law could defend us against such blasphemy? Justice has its “eyes shut” as well.

Physical and mental traumas used in manipulation

For those who are not familiar with the rules of the secret societies it could be hard to understand why Dr. Harford is in danger of losing his life just because he had participated in a satanic sexual orgy, with masked participants. But he had thus become a witness of Monarch sexual programming and represents a possible threat for the ones who lead this terrifying, inconceivable action. Ziegler suggests that he stops any research, telling him that there is no link between the death of the stoned model and the orgy the doctor had witnessed; moreover, he warns him that if he knew the names of the participants, he wouldn’t sleep peacefully anymore.

At the end of the movie Eyes Wide Shut, we discover that the film script was inspired by a short story called Traumnovelle by author Arthur Schnitzler. Traum in German means dream, but also reminds us of the main instrument used in MK-ULTRA and Monarch programming, called “programming based on trauma”. According to the victims of this kind of abuse, the different types of traumas – both physical and mental – are used to generate multiple easy to control personalities. This method segregates the victim from their essence. In their desperate attempt to overcome the induced trauma, the victims adopt a different personality, an alter ego, which is completely unaware of the trauma that the main personality has experienced. This is a psychological method of hiding under a mask the painful reality of this kind of abuse and, at the same time, the anticipated result of the “programming based on trauma”. This explains the significance of the masks during the orgy scene, because the victims of Monarch, once they entered the gate of the castle, had commuted to their sexual slave personalities, adopting one of the numerous programmed alter egos.

The title of the film Eyes Wide Shut has also some hidden meanings. First of all it suggests that information is processed in a subliminal way by the subconscious, while the conscious mind is asleep. From the subconscious level the “mental programmers” could later access it. This is what the experts call “revealing of the method”, meaning the subtle processing of humanity using different tools of manipulation, such as television, mass media and cinematography. For this reason – some say – Kubrick had to pay with his own life for this movie, for having ostentatiously revealed what is going on behind the scene of the secret societies and agencies, which use mind control to program the masses. It is a known murder method of causing a heart attack from the distance, specific to the satanic sects.

Becoming aware of the state of slavery, the spark of freedom

One of the unforgettable scenes in the movie is the one where Bill and Alice embrace each other in front of the mirror, during the foreplay for lovemaking. This is what researchers of the Monarch program, Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier say about the symbolism of the mirror: “…during the programming of the Monarch slaves, the mirrors have an important role. Numerous mirror images are created in their mind. Because Marilyn Monroe came to lack any personal identity, she had decorated her house the same as the interior of her mind – full of mirrors. Marilyn is the most extreme case we know from all the slaves of the Monarch program to have filled the house with mirrors…”

In this mirror scene, Alice Harford looks twice in the mirror, and her reflexion can be interpreted as an expression of guilt or confusion. In the Monarch programming it is known that mirrors are used to commute between the different personalities and cause dissociation, which is the key for this scene. Presuming that Alice is a victim of the mind control programming, we can explain her contradictory character, passing through a series of unaccountable states during the movie. At Ziegler’s party – dancing with a foreign aristocrat, she adopts the image of an airy-like person, in other scenes she’s bright and sophisticated, then cold and tough. She also appears in the aspect of a loving mother and devoted wife. After she smokes the “weed”, she suddenly becomes jealous and judges every word of her husband, starting a fight out of nothing. Her state changes fast after she smokes the drugs, showing the fact that this is a common instrument in the Monarch programming for commuting to the different personalities. The couple has a final confrontation when Bill finds the mask he thought to have lost on the pillow next to her wife sleeping, which was a very clear message: the participants to the satanic ritual have always had access to his wife, even when she was sleeping, penetrating the darkest corners of her subconscious mind.

The final dialogue, which takes place in a store when they were shopping for Christmas shows that the two of them did not understand what was going on and continued to live with their “eyes wide shut”. Their only escape is to open their eyes widely and see that they were victims of a manipulating process.

Becoming aware of the slavery state is the first glimpse of the state of freedom.

November 2010



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