Freedom from Mind-Control


by James O’Brien

The Hegelian Dialectic.
It should come as no surprise to anyone following the spiritual-political story unfolding on Earth that things are heating up to a boil leading into the 2020 US Presidential election. This election is the last chance for the international Deep State Cabal & their bloodline families (and those that control them in realms non-physical) to regain their grasp on the puppet strings of the citizens of the world and the political & economic systems that govern them.

“They never thought she (Clinton) would lose,” is true indeed. It sent a titanic shockwave through the DC swamp and by extension all world governments, many of which had bought into the pay-to-play apparatus of the Clinton Foundation. The fact that Clinton did lose, with the mainstream media, big business & DC, and the incumbent administration pushing their chips all-in on her installation (voter fraud and all) was, in a word, a miracle. However, it was a miracle many of us saw coming.

The Universe operates in cycles and on December 21, 2012, a nearly 26,000 year cycle completed and We (both Earth & ourselves as individuals) transitioned into a new era in which Light would predominate over Dark. The end result is certain. It is only a matter of how we get there from here.

And we are not there yet. The Old Guard, the historic rulers of this world, are not going to let their control go easy. In truth, there’s nothing that they would not do, no action too dark or too criminal, to maintain power. Mass slaughter is a given. Many at the top of their occultic pyramid already engage in ritual sacrifice, and have done so in an historical line since the Biblical days of open Baal worship. Do you think there’s anything that’s going to give them pause now? There isn’t. They will do absolutely whatever they can get away with – however, wherever, whenever.

They would have assassinated President Trump long ago if that option was a possibility. In reality, it has been attempted many, many times. However, Trump’s protections are not only of this world, on the ground and in the air, but also in other dimensions and in realms unseen. A galactic and spiritual protection you might call it, and if you give it some thought, it is really the only way this could work. When the best mind-controlled assassins in the world can’t get to you, over this long a stretch, there’s a big reason for it. And this drives the Cabal insane. The assassin’s bullet, or poison, or car-bomb, or fill-in-the-blank-style-hit, has ever been there go-to with uppity leaders who got too big for their britches. And now with Trump, their biggest nightmare incarnated and the shot-caller in Whitehouse, their go-to move has been taken away from them. They have been neutered, at least in this particular respect.

However, they still have the technique of mind-control and their constituency of individual sleeper cells ready to activate under that modus operandi. Though it existed well before WW2, mind-control (sometimes known as MK-Ultra) took a gigantic leap forward in technology as a result of the Nazi concentration camp experiments. Many know that after the War, Nazi scientists were installed in the intelligence operations of organizations like the CIA, and its counterparts around the world. Operation Paperclip, it was called.

When you hear of a school shooting, or any active shooter in a public place scenario, or for example, the knee-on-the-neck murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis with subsequent public riot, you must consider, given the nature of the war being fought for control on the world stage, how these things really work. A police officer, a soldier, an entertainer, a ‘random’ student, these are just socially designated labels. The reality is, they are all people, and any one of them can be mind-controlled. It is a science-based technique, after all. A mind-controlled individual has different alter personalities, some not aware of the others. They can go into blackout or amnesiac states, and they exist as sleeper cells, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice, for whatever the cause.

The opponents of the Trump Alliance need chaos. Their treasured secret societies have long designated their rule as Order out of Chaos. They need to stoke the fires of a race war. Having a cop on video, breaking the rules of his profession blatantly, knowing he was being filmed, fits right into the problem-reaction-solution pattern. Perhaps, it wasn’t that. Perhaps it was an organic event. However, the fact that the two men in question, Chauvin and Floyd, worked together for many years doing security at the same club is a red flag. The fact that it happened right after Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden was heavily criticized for saying if you don’t vote for him “you’re not black” is another red flag. It is not a certainty that the Chauvin/Floyd murder was an organized operation, but it does have the hallmarks of one.

The bigger question is this: How prevalent is mind-control in our society and what can to do to counteract it? Obviously, it exists on many levels, from television and movie programming, to the academic system, which often promotes an anti-patriotic Marxist view of US history, all the way to influencers on social media. Fortunately, though it is controlled by Big Tech and sometimes censored, social media also gives opposing viewpoints to the mainstream narrative a chance to air out other ideas. All it takes is the courage of your convictions and an active awareness of the game being played. And it’s a big game. For all the stakes.

The Far Left viewpoint is that the United States is an evil empire, with an endemically racist and sexist culture & structure, run by rich old white men, and that only a socialism-themed revolution can save us from the corruption of these capitalist war pigs. Any prosperity that exists (or is created through this system) is ill-gotten gains. However, there is a secret hatch door to this way of thinking. If you accept this modern liberal point of view, then you are a good guy or girl, fighting the good fight, the one who cares about equal rights and fights against racism. You get a gold star for being woke and subsequently any rewards or benefits you reap from living in this selfsame economic system are your just rewards. It’s a good deal.

You get to enjoy living in the land of the free, or at least the most free relatively speaking, reaping the rewards of the free market, while still wearing your woke Che Guevara shirt. Forget about the fact that Cuba under the Castro regime was a military dictatorship, a reign of terror. And if a current riot in an American city or two is not so much about the details of what transpired, but more about the fact that the local Target just got busted into in a consumer free-for-all, you can look the other way at that or even grab a couple lamps for your apartment. Power to the People.

The more accurate reality, however, is that you’re getting played. The Dark Team that organizes these mind-control driven false flag events & race-division promoting riots think that you are stupid. That is why they spam the same techniques over and over again. Even in the age when one can quickly determine via the internet that the Same Guy organized both Occupy Wall Street and Unite the Right in Charlottesville. It’s agitprop theatre. The Hegelian Dialectic.

They want US divided. Divided by race. Divided by sex. Divided by religion. Divided by political affiliation. Because when we are no longer divided, their rule is over. Where the money comes from is clear. George Soros is often mentioned as a figurehead and he is indeed a notable one. But one name is not as important as the fact that the central banks have ever been able to print the money they needed since they own the printing presses, digital or otherwise. It is simply a matter of laundering the funds. And organizations like the CIA have always been able to take advantage of dark money through their operations in the drug trade and human trafficking. When these things become known, both sides of the political spectrum will demand justice. It is essential that we unite against the agents of tyranny and not fall into their well-designed divide and conquer traps.

In the era of Dark to Light, they cannot hide the true nature of their activities very much longer. The Trump Alliance is playing 24D chess, taking them out financially and taking down their rat-lines. However, the opponent is a worthy one. They are well-entrenched and will fight savagely, to the death. Because it is their death that awaits them if and when they lose. Just up ahead, around the next historic bend, are federal courts & military tribunals, jail cells and executions for treason & crimes against humanity, and epic falls from grace for both politicos and some well known purveyors of Hollywood entertainment. The Bell is Tolling and it tolls for them.

We can expect more false flags leading into the 2020 election. We can expect that they will go all-out on election fraud and ballet harvesting. Covid-19 was their last ditch big maneuver. It has fizzled in many respects, but they will play its aftermath to the hilt. They will claim Donald Trump is responsible for every death, even though the majority of the numbers are from nursing homes, and general numbers have been inflated by terming non-Covid deaths as Covid. There was money in it for the medical cartels, so they weren’t going to miss out on a dime of that.

The plan was, and is, to crash the economy, create chaos, force stay-at-home voting ripe for fraud, pin every negative effect of the plandemic on Trump, even though he responded like a champ, as he always does. Their plans will fail. Their plans will not only fail, they will fail catastrophically. What is taking place on the world stage is not some random event. It is a cosmic lesson. It is a lesson that the story of human history has been ever proceeding toward. The closer we get to the finale the more events take on a magnetic feel. It is the fall of tyranny and its dark methods of control. It is the awakening of the individual to true spiritual freedom and an awareness of the essential unity of all life.

The Dark Team has no real out at this stage, no avenue to victory. Like two chess masters playing a game for the soul of humanity, both the Dark and Light Teams know that Dark will lose the game. They see the moves further ahead on the chessboard. Darkness/Tyranny will ultimately get checkmated. The only move the Cabal has at this point is to stall the game, extend it a bit longer, and hope against hope that Light will make a mistake. Light will not make a mistake.

President Donald Trump is not a racist. He has ever been a champion of the rights of black men and women. He has been given significant awards for it during his career as a businessman. He fought against the old country club system to allow blacks and Jews into his clubs. He gave black business owners loans and when they came back to repay him, he said keep the money, “I just want to see you succeed”. He has held Black America Summits at the White House. Under his administration black unemployment hit historic lows. He has reformed the prison system, giving second chances to inmates who earned that opportunity. He is radically changing the game for how a modern Republican President is viewed by black citizens. He is doing the real work.

This should not come as a surprise. The Republican party was created to abolish slavery. The Democrat party wants black Americans to stay on their plantation and their welfare system. They are not promoting economic freedom and opportunity for their black constituency the way that Trump is. They know that if they lose the black vote it is all over for them in 2020. They will attempt to import illegal votes, of course, and stuff ballot boxes any way they can, but if the tide shifts in any significant way from Black America to the Trump Alliance, it can be a DJT landslide in 2020.

Race baiting (their tried-and-true go-to) will get spammed over and over again. They have no choice. It is both their political language and their political weapon. Where it does not exist, they will create it. They will use every tool at their disposal, especially mind-control. It’s a no-brainer. Pun intended.

Is America perfect right now and entirely racism free? Of course not. Are there bad cops out there, capable of extreme acts of violence, even criminal violence? Yes, but they are in the extreme minority, far, far less than 1%. The average police officer is a steward of Law & Order and essential to maintaining the peace in society. After all, who are you going to call if there’s a break in at your house, or if there’s a robbery or assault on the streets? The town priest? The mailman? Lady Gaga?

The anti-Trump Left desperately needs their narrative to prevail. Racism, Sexism, Health Care For All (ie: bad health care under huge taxes) and The Sky Is Falling Climate Change Green New Deal. They want a New Deal, alright. They want a New Deal in which they will be in total control over every aspect of your life and your pocketbook. Not going to happen.

Patriots are in Control. And what comes next is going to be stunning. This isn’t called the Greatest Political Story Ever Told for nothing. On the other side of this grand battle for control we’re currently entrenched in are the answers to the problems that have plagued humanity throughout history. Patents to be unlocked. New technologies in energy and health. A new monetary system. The end of the war for profit industry.

But wait awaits, most importantly, is human freedom. We are about to truly awaken and wipe the sleep of history from our eyes, wipe every tear away, so to speak.
Irish author James Joyce famously wrote: “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”

In a way, we are all the children of a mind-controlled history, it is only a matter of to what degree. Yet, it is our collective destiny to awaken. One of the most significant hashtags of this movement is #TheGreatAwakening.

The awakening process is currently happening at large and it cannot be stopped or mind-controlled or rioted away. It is worldwide, however, the United States is at the forefront of this event, because of what Trump in the White House represents. However, Nigel Farage deserves credit for first calling attention to the canary in the EU’s coal mine. The US already won one impossible war for freedom. US declared Independence over Tyranny and achieved the first major victory for that cause. Along with other countries in Western Civilization, We then ended slavery, even though some others in the world did not follow our lead, as they preferred the profits of slavery over their own people. And now We the People are going to take back the United States of America from the despots of crime & tyranny. And this time every country will follow US lead.

Evil thought it had this planet all locked up. Safely hidden away in the cosmos in a permanent quarantine, away from the Creator’s prying eyes. They are about to find out what it means to lose control in real time to the Universal Freedom Fighters of this movement, which is truly galactic in scope.


July 29, 2020


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