Freemason insider exposes luciferianism as the world’s oldest secret religion and their plan for a New World Order

Altiyan Childs is a former Australian Rock musician, and a former Freemason. In 2010 he won The X Factor talent show award, which boosted his career in music to stardom status.

In a video he released in April, he announced that he has now put his life on the line to renounce his secret Freemason vows. His life has recently transformed after being awakened in a speeding car that was heading straight into a brick wall because the driver had fallen asleep. He says he heard a whisper in his ear that woke him from a deep sleep, and that he was able to grab the steering wheel and avoid the crash. “I shouldn’t be here today,” he states.

The penalty for renouncing the vows in Freemasonry is death, but he feels compelled to expose Freemasonry for what it is: the oldest satanic religion in the world. According to Childs, almost every notable person running the world today, from politics to business to entertainment, got there through Freemasonry.

His 5 plus hour video was produced to convince the people that this is true, from an insider perspective, and to warn about what is soon coming: the implementation of the Luciferian New World Order, which includes a significant reduction of the world’s population.

A reporter from Health Impact News watched the entire video and decided at the end: “My life will never be the same after watching this. I will not sleep tonight until I publish this. While I have come to know much of what is in this presentation over the years, there was much more that I did not know and learned from this video. This video is not for everyone.

Much of what was published for the past year plus on the Plandemic, and the coming New World Order, will afterwards make much more sense once you finish viewing this video. Think of this as the spiritual perspective, the driving force behind the plan to reduce the world’s population dramatically, by killing off many of the world’s inhabitants. You will be able to better understand why people can be so evil, and invent tools like the bioweapon covid-19 shots that are designed to kill off a significant portion of the world’s population. Also this video tied together some loose ends for many and give them a fuller understanding of the child trafficking business.

There are certain verses in the Bible that have puzzled many people for years that also became clear after watching this, such as the laws about building altars to worship God like this one: “If you make me an altar of stone, you shall not build it of hewn stones, for if you wield your tool on it you profane it.” (Exodus 20:25)

It is well worth the 5 hours of investment in your time, guaranteed. The reporter from Health Impact News said that “If I were to produce something like this, if even I could with knowledge of where to find these resources to look up and gather the information, which I do NOT have, I would guess that it would take me more than 1000 hours to present something like this. And I have no doubt that the final product that is just over 5 hours was probably significantly edited by Altiyan Childs to make it even this short. Only an insider from the world of Freemasonry could produce something like this, and the world owes a great deal of gratitude to Altiyan Childs for taking the time to present this. It may very well cost him his life (physical), and he knows it. I am NOT exaggerating when I say that your life may very well depend on knowing what is contained in this video for what is possible to occur in our world, and taking action accordingly.”

Everyone in the world has been affected by freemasonry

There are 33 initiation levels in Freemasonry, and even many within Freemasonry, although sworn to secrecy on penalty of death, truly do not know everything that Freemasonry is about, because it is a “secret society.” Those who reach the 33rd level do, and it is from this group that many of the world’s leaders are chosen.

The reporter from Health Impact News said: “At around the 4 hour 35 minute mark in the video, he plays a trailer for a film that was never published, because the film producer was murdered, along with his family, before it could be finished. I fact-checked the story and found that it is true. See this article published in 2015:“‘Gray State’ filmmaker and his family found dead in ‘apparent murder-suicide’ in Minnesota”. The trailer from 2012 is still on YouTube and has over 3.5 million views.

See if you can find the alleged “hidden message” in the trailer that may have caused his death and the death of his family. If not, skip ahead to about the 4 hour 35 minute mark of Altiyan Childs’ video to find out.

Altiyan Childs’ video has over 800,000 views on YouTube in just over one month. Soon afterwards, the video has been removed.

The video can be seen on Rumble channel and on Bitchute channel.

Warning: There is very graphic material in this video. For mature audiences ONLY!



December 5, 2021


Also available in: Français

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