Globalist plans for humanity draw from John Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments: WATCH

We have breached the point of no return – or crossed the Rubicon, if you will. Phase one of the globalists’ latest genocide campaign, the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” is complete, and now we are entering a time of energy loss followed by mass famine and starvation.

In order to “save” the planet from everything they created in the first place, the globalists are initiating phase two of their global genocide, which largely predicates upon John Calhoun’s “mouse utopia” experiments from the 1960s.

Alternative media has been covering Calhoun’s mouse experiments extensively as of late because they highlight the blueprint that is now being used by the globalists to exterminate billions of people over the coming years.

Mice that were given plenty of space, plenty of food, and plenty of everything they needed eventually self-destructed because they were raised to be “fattened for the kill,” so to speak.

Calhoun’s mice were given an artificial living environment in which they no longer had to hunt for food or even work to prepare it. As a result, everything became dysfunctional and the entire mouse society collapsed – much like what is now going on to modern humanity under globalist control.

It turns out it’s not overpopulation that kills societies – there aren’t too many people,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Watch the segment below with Adams and Alex Jones of Infowars.

What is going on is we’ve turned our world into a welfare state where people have lost the ability to transfer knowledge to their offspring, or to even have viable offspring that know how to navigate the world and navigate challenges.”

Billions will die in the coming years at the hands of the globalists

Over the next decade, Adams speculates, anywhere from 1-2 billion people will perish because they are unprepared for what the globalists have planned. The goal is to massively reduce the world population to make it more livable not for us, but for the globalists controlling the trajectory of the world.

We are already seeing this in Europe where Europeans are being dissociated from their land by their own leaders, who claim that nitrogen and other natural elements associated with farming are “pollutants” that must be eradicated in order to stop “climate change.”

The entire climate change narrative, in fact, is a depopulation narrative that vilifies energy, food, and other elements that humans need in order to live. Jones calls this “direct genocide,” referring to globalist leaders cutting off the food pipeline to humans.

This is the definition of siege,” Jones said to Adams during the segment.

The dark winter we are about to enter will result in untold millions of people in the hardest-hit areas dying from starvation and exposure to cold. Already in some parts of Europe, there are concerns about not enough energy being available to heat people’s homes.

One solution to all this is growing one’s own food and storing it, as opposed to continuing to rely on the very-broken supply chain for sustenance. As Adams explained during the segment, decentralization of food production is what kept people alive in the past during great calamities – and it is what will help keep people alive today as well.

Get ready or get dead, folks,” Adams says. “It really is that simple. But the good news is that surviving this is very possible – just take action now.”

The globalist plan of eroding the intellect, intelligence, critical thinking, and awareness level of society over decades has proven a massive success,” added a commenter to the conversation.


January 11, 2023



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