Gregorian Bivolaru was found innocent by the court in Sibiu, Romania


A great victory took place in the fight against the corruption and occult influence that has been leading the strange trials against MISA and its spiritual guide Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru (whom many also call Grieg). THE COURT DECIDED THAT GREGORIAN BIVOLARU IS INNOCENT!

After long speculations and endless attempts to manipulate the judicial system into delivering a sentence that incriminates Grieg and after his lawyers had to move the trial to another city in the hope that the local judicial system would be more transparent and less corrupted, the final act came: all the accusations were dropped and the case is closed! The decision taken by the court on Friday is in the same direction as the decision of the Supreme Court of Stockholm of 2006. Yet, even now, after the verdict was officially released by the court, some of Romania’s biggest newspapers tried to put a spin on the news, claiming that the trial ended just because the time expired and not because the court decided that Grieg is innocent! In this context, Mihai Stoian, the coordinating teacher of Natha Yogacenter in Denmark and a student of Grieg, was quoted saying  ‘’HOW MANY TRIALS HAVE TO END IN MISA AND GRIEG’S FAVOR, HOW MANY COURTS HAVE TO DECLARE THEM INNOCENT FOR JUSTICE TO BE MADE AND THE HARRASMENT TO STOP?’’
In hindsight, this trial shows clearly many indications as to the manner in which the persecution of MISA is taking place in Romania – a persecution that is still ongoing. In the following paragraphs we shall offer more details for those who are interested in discerning the truth of this case. The whole story in this trial was the result of some strange accusations fabricated by Romanian prosecutors, under a political order. The fact that it was a political order is no longer a mystery. Many confirmations came out during the last 6 years. One of the most striking is the shorthand notes of the social democrat party meetings of 2004 (material that was given by the Romanian secret service and later published in a book). In those documents we can read how the Prime Minister at that time suggested building a case against Gregorian Bivolaru that was supposed to become a kind of entertainment for the crowd. Later Adrian Nastase (who was PM in 2004) publicly admitted that his running for presidency in 2004 was affected by the actions he started against MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru.

Probably the strangest situation with this trial is that Grieg was accused of having sexually abused a girl who was a minor at that time. Yet the alleged victim – the girl who was a minor – was invited to Stockholm by the Supreme Court to testify in a trial that was analyzing the request of the Romanian authorities to extradite Grieg back to Romania. If you are not familiar with the facts, here is a little history. Gregorian Bivolaru asked the Swedish authorities for asylum after the violent events against MISA yoga school which started on 18th March 2004 in Romania. The Romanian authorities asked the Swedish police to arrest Grieg and place him under severe detention with complete isolation like a dangerous criminal. Due to international requirements, Sweden had to comply with this request but in the same time they initiated a trial to decide if the asylum request of a citizen of a future EU country is possible and needed (Romania’s membership in the EU was already decided and it was only a question of time).

Persons who were present in the court room that day later told us that the alleged victim’s testimony before the Swedish Supreme Court was a shock for everyone there. Who would have expected that the alleged victim of the man who was kept in a severe regime of detention (and was brought into the court with chains on his hands and legs) because this was the special and insistent request of the Romanian authorities, would say that she was never a victim of the accused man but instead she was a victim of the authorities that were initiating these severe accusations?
At a certain point, the Swedish prosecutor – who represented the Romanian prosecutors in that trial – asked the girl if she is talking about the Romanian police because it sounded as if she was talking about a gang of drunkards that were beating her in order to make her sign a declaration. The prosecutor – who was a woman – was so impressed by the moving testimony of the alleged victim that she started to ask more details about the abuse of the Romanian authorities even if she was supposed to represent these authorities.

The final verdict of the Swedish Supreme Court was even more important since it is the only case when a citizen coming from a member state of EU was granted the status equivalent to political asylum. This tells a lot about the real situation regarding this trial in Romania. Yet only after four years has the Romanian justice system found its way to the truth!
If we add to this that in the EU Romania has a special clause BECAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS THAT EXIST IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, we can understand why the situations related to these trials are so many and so incredible.

The court’s decision Friday is a very important and positive step on the long way to justice. However, the road ahead is still long, and Grieg and 20 other yoga teachers from the MISA yoga school are facing another trial that was created in the same manner as this one that just ended two days ago. They are accused of human trafficking and for creating a crime-circle. After years with no evidence except thousands of manipulative articles and video-news in the media, all of them fed by none other than the prosecutors, no real results came out, the trial is still in the initial phases and the so-called evidence is as ridiculous as that which the prosecutors gathered in the trial that ended just now. The difference is that in this ongoing case, the resources invested in its fabrication are immense, making this file the most important case of manipulation and state fraud since the changing of the regime in Romania at the end of 1989. Considering the manner in which the Romanian authorities and main-stream media have conducted so far, there are reasons to believe that the same forces will tend to continue in the same style. It seems that the only hope for change is the awakening of a firm wave of pubic-opinion, generated by the realization of the grave behavior of the Romanian authorities in this case.

Further details and revelations about this matter, confirming the claims presented in this article, you may find in the following link: the translation of the incendiary letter that came to the attention of the editor of our website! This material shows the involvement of state structures that should not have anything to do with a spiritual school.

We hope that the more such elements will come to light, the more the reality will become clear to all – and through the light of awareness Justice will prevail.

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