Homage paid to an extraordinary yogi – YOGA SWAMI

The simple story of a meeting with a great wise yogi that reached the top of the spiritual illumination – by Susunaga Weeraperuma

Translation by Gregorian Bivolaru

This wonderful story does not only tell us about the fascinating tradition of the Indian world in often poetic but clear terms. It also evokes the vast and complex problem of the reports between spirituality and parapsychology (rather between authentic yoga and parapsychology), due to many unusual deeds that it presents.

We recommend you read the big article on Yoga and parapsychology which was the foreword of this book in Romanian, in order to better understand the meaning of Yoga Swami’s extraordinary paranormal powers.

Carefully reading this extraordinary testimony, we can thus understand that Yoga Swami’s amazing paranormal powers, no matter how puzzling for us in their exterior expression, obviously translated the infinite compassion he felt for some of his visitors, actually. He often read their minds instantaneously and emphatically felt their states perfectly as if he read them in an open book.

At the end of the printed original text, as we mentioned in 1970, it was written the fact that Yoga Swami had entered the state of mahasamadhi and left this world (died) a couple of years before this text was written. In such conditions, this Swami has remained contemporary among us, due to his spiritual example. Any yogi, even a beginner, understands the fundament of all paranormal powers and wonders is the resonance state with Universe’s secret energies.

For the rare beings who have reached a certain spiritual level and who are endowed with intuition and intelligence, this text can be of a giant importance regarding inner inspiration and authentic engagement on practicing yoga. We recommend this text to all yogis from Romania and to those who genuinely aspire towards Divine Absolute, trying to achieve accomplishment through other authentic spiritual paths. May this text help all who are sincere and devoted to God accomplish the sublime state of spiritual illumination as soon as possible.

Also available in: Română Français

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