Note upon author: Susunaga Weeraperuma

Singhalese by origin, (Ceylon – Sri Lanka), Susunaga Weeraperuma left his big native island to go in England for studying. He received his Bachelor of Sciences from the University of London.

As an expert librarian, being hired by the British National Bibliography, he worked a long time in public, governmental and special libraries, as well as in British National Library of the British Museum. As a member of Library Association, he is a remarkable librarian, author of several domain subjects and one of his articles was mentioned in Libraries’ Bulletin from France, in July 1973. He works at the Parliament Library in Adelaide (South Australia) at present.

Since his childhood, he had been very interested in spirituality. That triggered the short and famous meeting with YOGA SWAMI, a Singhalese famous master endowed with paranormal powers. Its summary that is full of significant teachings is presented by his work entitled “Homage to YOGA SWAMI”, entirely presented here in Romanian for the first time. This is an extremely valuable summary that does not lack psychological delicacy and poetry, which are representative for the authentic traditional spirituality’s climate of India.

After his memorable meeting with YOGA SWAMI, Susunaga Weeraperuma started to practice YOGA intensely and he was profoundly drown towards Jidu Krishnamurti’s spiritual teachings, this Indian whose international reputation is unanimously accepted and with whom many important persons of our time had profound and spiritual discussions (to whom the great French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle made two remarkable busts).

It is not at all surprising that a librarian like Susunaga Weeraperuma is actually the author of “Biographies and studies of Jidu Krishnamurti’s life”, the most documented and rich biography that was ever written on Jidu Krishnamurti (appeared in Leiden, in 1971). It was the object of a very favourable and substantial gloss of Francoise Thomazo in Libraries’ Bulletin from France, in February 1977.

The English original edition of this famous work upon Yoga Swami was published in 1970 in England under the title “Homage to Yoga Swami”.

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