If AI takes over, humanity could go extinct, experts warn

At some point in the probably sooner-rather-than-later future, artificial intelligence (AI) robots will become so “smart” and advanced that they develop the capacity to kill off humanity, researchers are warning.

Experts from the University of Oxford say that AI robots of the future will, in fact, be able to “kill everyone” if they so choose. And by that point, there would be no ability for humans to stop them.

These “superhuman” AI robots could appear before or by the end of the century, according to statements made to the United Kingdom’s Science and Technology Select Committee. And all countries currently involved with their development are immersed in a “literal arms race” to see who can unveil them the fastest.

Michael Osborne, a professor of machine learning, is calling for global regulation to stop tech firms from creating out-of-control AI system that threaten to “eliminate the whole human race.”

I think the bleak scenario is realistic because AI is attempting to bottle what makes humans special, that has led to humans completely changing the face of the Earth,” added Michael Cohen, a doctoral student, during the session.

So if we’re able to capture that in technology then of course it’s going to pose just as much risk to us as we have posed to other species – the dodo is one example.”

Will humanity even make it, as is, to the end of the century?

Such a scenario was predicted in the 1999 film The Matrix, which at the time seemed like futuristic sci-fi that was unlikely to ever become a reality. Now, we are closer than ever before to seeing a robot-controlled world manifest before our very eyes.

The deep state’s obsession with trying to erase humanity and replace it with transhuman robots will ensure that such projects continue as planned, even though many are now coming forward to warn about the dangers of these items being unleashed.

Perhaps Elon is right and we are already in the simulation,” wrote a commenter about how bizarre all this is.

Humans have also grown pretty good at destroying the human race,” said another about how we don’t even need superhuman AI in order to see the human race annihilated.

It’s just a question of which occurs first: nuclear Armageddon or an out-of-control lab-made pandemic. By the time AI is sufficiently sophisticated to do the job, there may not be much left to destroy.”

Someone else speculated that given humanity in its current debased form, it will be destroyed by people, not AI robots.

After this cultural madness we are experiencing – psychic disorders and self-harm rates skyrocketing, cultural norms being attacked, deviance celebrated, and loss of the family unit and community, children committing felonies, societal roles being blurred into miasma of contempt and confusion, and adulthood being delayed into the late 30s and early 40s – extinction may just be warranted.”

One major driving component to this social miasma is the free-for-all of fraud, criminal activity, and other crimes that are no longer punished in the United States. Injustice is the new normal, and society is on a rapidly accelerating downward spiral as a result.

These ‘super computers’ only need to learn one simple fact: that the human race cannot function without electricity,” wrote another person about how easy it would be for superhuman AI robots to destroy humanity. “Once they realize that and shut down the power supply grid, ‘we’ are finished.”


March 6, 2023


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