Indigo children – messengers of the new millennium

by Rafael Matei

Over the past 30 years, those in charge with raising children, such as parents, teachers, educators, psychologists and doctors have noticed that something special is going on with the new generation. Called crystal or indigo children, it seems that more and more children who are born in recent times have a higher consciousness and a much increased potential to manifest freely and creatively. Far from perfect, however, they come equipped with a new set of human features, designed to transform fundamentally the old conceptions on the world. More than ever, the new generations are not prepared to take over mechanically the information conveyed by the old system. Letting themselves guided by a superior intuition, indigo children know since an early age who they are, their direction in life being inspired by authentic values and not materialistic goals. The more “the older” will recognize sooner the new consciousness appearing on this planet, letting themselves inspired by it, the faster the human race will make the leap to a better world and not least, more spiritual.

In Hindu tradition, planet Earth is now at the end of KALI YUGA, the fourth age of a great time cycle, the era of a maximum spiritual decay, characterized by the fact that human beings are completely ignorant to their divine origin. If we are able to look around us with great attention and beyond appearances, we can see that the vast majority of people behave like mimics, passive, slumbering human beings, having generally the same preferences, making the same choices, leading linear lives, almost entirely under the control of inferior materialistic desires and passions.

Could it be that the emergences of new generations of children, many of them come equipped with a new outlook on life, one of the first signs of re-spiritualization of the human race and of enriching of its genetic dowry? According to numerous books published on the phenomenon of the “new children”, they generally have a higher intelligence, and even of a genius, some of them being equipped with a very big creative potential. Many of the decisions and actions of the indigo children are based on their relationship with the vaults of the Ageless Wisdom, expressing values that don’t depend on their age, education or social context.

The next era (SATYA YUGA) in which humanity prepares to enter will be a world of the Spiritual Truth. According to some scientific evidence and of numerous spiritual prophecies, in the present times (year 2012), our planet is very close to penetrate into the fourth dimension. The “New Earth” will be characterized by the revival of divine consciousness of the whole humanity.

In a meaningful way, since the 1980s, some different children began to be born on Earth, children who are more inclined not to accept the materialistic illusions and the lies of the materialistic world. It is not the first time when on this planet human beings with a particularly spiritual potential are born. However, in the past they didn’t come in such a great number, as in the past 20 years. Many considered this a sign that the human race is evolving.

The meaning of the indigo color, present in abundance in the auras of the “new children”

Although clairvoyance is regarded as a sensational item currently, in the future of the human race, this characteristic will be fully awakened and activated. Currently, there are some scientific ways, such as Kirlian photography, through which we can attest the presence of an energy field (aura) around the human body, colored differently, depending on the personality and mental and psychic potential and states of the person photographed.

Chromo therapy, a science of healing and harmonization which has been successfully used on this planet for hundreds of years, reveals many of the mysteries of color and their influence on the human body and psyche and implicitly on the energetic aura.

The color indigo (or dark blue) is a very elevated color. It signifies, in general, the denial of the absurd, fully intelligent action, spiritual life, transcendence of the illusion, passing beyond appearances, love for truth, practical intelligence, and the extraordinary. Spontaneous preference for indigo indicates a spiritually evolved being, detached from the surrounding environment, integrated into the ideal, above all ignorant of what is profane and fleeting. In some situations, this shows the revolt and escape from an environment perceived as not being as it should and that brings no satisfaction to that human being.

At psychological level, the indigo color has the following effects: restraint, transcendence, exemplary introversion, kindness, impression of extraordinary depth, ecstatic fullness, speeding up of thought, merge with infinity, almightiness, maximum creativity. The psychological meanings and affective resonances of the indigo color are detachment, freedom, living in objectivity, supra consciousness, euphoric plenitude, and absolute knowledge.

Spiritually, the indigo colour puts us in resonance with the energy of the Holy Spirit and this allows us to understand the immense value that it has in the removal of obsessions, demonic resonances and even of states of possession (it has exorcizing effect).

Features of the “indigo people”

-They have a strong self esteem and an obvious sense of self;
-Hardly accept discipline and/or authority;
-They are frustrated with rigidly structured systems, routine or processes involving a low level of creativity;
-Often find ways to do things at home, at school or at work in a better way;
-Do not want to comply with the desires and habits of others;
-They always want to know why, especially when they are requested or told to do something;
-Have a strong intuition;
-Have a strong empathy towards others or have no empathy towards others;
-Develop abstract thinking very early;
-Have a warrior character in comparison to “crystal children” who are more peacemakers;

-Indigo children are recognized for the fact that in their case, education and the conditioning based on fear and guilt does not work. They will never listen to those who treat them with superiority and will not respect them. Although they will continue to have a dignified attitude, they will lose confidence in adults, defying them and shutting down in themselves. Even when they appear to comply, they will do it out of a compassionate duty and not out of a sense of guilt.
-Often these children accumulate enormous amounts of anger because they do not feel accepted and treated at their true value, which they have a very good intuition on;
– They are talented, visionary, equipped and/or extremely intelligent;
-In some cases, children or adolescents may be diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder);
-They are very open to the spiritual planes and can manifest extrasensory abilities;
-Often they need help to balance and find themselves more easily;
-They come into this world with the attitude that they are noble and often behave in this way;
-They have the feeling that they have earned the right to be here and are surprised when the others do not recognize it;
-Even when they are very little, they can “read” the hidden intentions of the people and therefore are difficult to deceive;
-If limits are not imposed on them, they can be very manipulative with those around them, as they have a quite good intuition on the weaknesses of others;
-They respect only those who really deserve it; for them age or social status don’t matter, but the authenticity and integrity of the character.
-They seem antisocial if they are not among those alike. If there are around them no other people with the same kind of consciousness, they often become interiorized, considering that no one understands them;
-They most often find it difficult to accept the school as a social organization.

Types of indigo children

Based on the testimonies of parents, teachers and psychologists, researchers of “the phenomenon of the indigo generations” got to the conclusion that there are four types of indigo children.

The humanist

The “humanist indigo child” will work with the masses of people. Children belonging to this type are very interested in the good of other human beings and are hyperactive. They are extremely sociable and friendly and their views are very clear and firm. Sometimes they are pounding against the walls because they forget to put on the brakes. They can’t play with one toy, they spread them all over but then they may play with them, or not.

The conceptual type

This type is full of ideas and concepts. Conceptual indigo children deal with projects more than they do with people. They are very athletic and tend to be dominators, including with their own parents and tend to hold control in every situation. This type of indigo children has tendencies to addiction (particularly drugs) in adolescence.

The artist

Indigo artists are very sensitive and passionate of arts. Any job they would do, they will approach the creative side. Between four and ten they can choose 15 different arts – will do one for five minutes and then give up. Indigo artist can work with five, six different instruments, then when reaching adolescence, will choose one and will become the master.

The inter dimensional

They have a physical structure greater than others and from the age of one or two you can no longer say anything to them. They always say to their parents: “I know. I can do alone. Leave me alone.” Where behavior problems arise, these children will need counseling.

Indigo children within the educational system

Unless they are treated respectfully, indigo children will not communicate at all with adults and will not accept them as coordinators. The concept according to which the “little ones” are born, like some empty vessels that have to be filled with teachings from adults, does not match the pattern of the indigo children. They seem not to be able to understand why their ideas are not taken into account and are ignored or rejected due to age, level of education or scientific evidence. Here are a couple of examples that highlight this.

During a biology lesson at the second grade, the teacher began the lesson by saying:
“-Unlike plants, water does not have life.
-Water is alive, it moves – said a little girl from the second desk.
-No, water is not alive – answered the teacher.
-But it transforms; from hot it becomes cold. Maybe it decides this itself, argued a boy in the back desk.
-No, said the teacher. Our science book gives us a list of everything that is alive, and the water is not on this list.
-But the water feels certain things. I saw this in a book, answered a child.
-In what book did you see this? asked the teacher.
-A book about how water can look like, as a happy snowflake or as a bad day, depending on what you do to it.
-Well, we do not use that book, do we? fought back the teacher, moving ahead with the lesson.”
A little 10 year old boy came to the psychologist office with his mother because she didn’t want to go any more to her English classes. Asked why, he replied that the teacher is stupid and askes him to read a book that has no value. Instead, the child said that along with other colleagues they wish to stay after hours to study English on the internet and need an adult to supervise. The psychologist suggested that he might be smarter than his teachers, but that still has to learn from them. Further, he encouraged him for his innovative idea, and the little boy relaxed. The child’s mother was amazed by the intervention of the psychologist, but ultimately decided to support her child in his desire to study English after hours. After this incident, a large part of her child’s school problems improved considerably.

When some first grade students who participated in a seminar on creativity, were asked “what have you come here to do?”, the first joyful and spontaneous responses included statements like: to do well in our world, to learn all I can before I leave, to determine a change, to make friends, to help people, to be glad”. When their teacher, believing that they have strayed from the topic, asked them what they came to do at school, the atmosphere of communication changed immediately, as if a vacuum cleaner reabsorbed all the energy and enthusiasm. Then the teacher helped the children draw up a new list. These answers were given in silence, with hands raised. They included: to spell, to obey, not to talk, to listen, to sit and write what you tell us too.

Many of the children who were born in the last 20 years are different from the previous generations. They are aware, sensitive and can have all the extrasensory abilities. The “new children” do not tolerate, under no circumstance, any form of dishonesty and lack of integrity. They find it difficult to live in the present educational system in which there is so much falsehood: to pretend that we like to be here. Not to talk about how unhappy we all are, because we are forced to come to this place and to learn about things which we are not sure that they have practical applications in life.

Increasingly more teachers and educators who have the gift to empathize with their students, admit that the current curriculum refuses indigo children the access to to their natural way of learning. The “indigo children” have a profound sense of their mission in life, of the need to be genuine and, therefore, they need to engage in a genuine system of learning. Until it will happen, the first reaction of adults to the new and rebellious behavior of the indigo children is to give them drugs to be able to control them.

Ritalin, the drug that “numbs” indigo children

Unfortunately, many very talented children of the new generation are wrongly labeled as suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), and then they are prescribed the drug Ritalin. Although not all indigo children are diagnosed with these disorders and not all those who have ADD or ADHD are indigo children, researchers have discovered that a considerable number of the “new children” are wrongly treated with Ritalin, just because adults prefer the easier way.

Children who are found, as a result of the tests, that they are very intelligent or even geniuses and extremely talented are “drugged” by adults who have them put into in care in an unconscious effort to stop the manifestation of a new consciousness that comes through these children on planet Earth. The parents are exhausted with the personality crises of the new children and with their refusal to follow predetermined social rules. Often, children who exhibit such behavior do not understand what is going on with them, being angry that the adults, who are supposed to protect and to guide them, are not able to do this and feel overwhelmed by the situation.

Although Ritalin is one of the most popular drugs prescribed to pupils with behavioral problems, its secondary effects are not at all neglectable. It was discovered that its negative effects are much stronger on the healthy brain, a fact which should require special attention when it is prescribed. In addition, the drug can cause cardiac muscle changes, being so harmful that the military rejects potential recruits who have taken Ritalin.

Many researchers are of the opinion that proper advice, a balanced diet which as natural as possible, and various unconventional therapies such as traditional Indian medicine, AYURVEDA, can greatly help to rebalance and heal the children who were wrongly labeled as suffering from ADD or ADHD.

How the young indigo deal with their work place

Beyond the many qualities and exceptional talents, “indigo persons” may prove to be a real challenge for those with whom they are interacting. Through the new approach on life that they engage, regardless of their age, at home, at school or in the family, indigo children force indirectly those next to them to transform radically the approach of their relationships and social norms, especially if they want things to “be well”, because “an indigo” does not change due others. Others must be converted so that they can have access to his vision. We could tell that by how egocentric, anxious and skeptical they are that the indigo youth mirrors human society for it to transform.

Regardless of location, home, school or work, one young indigo feature is that they want to have relationships with others based on respect and love, not the acquisition of roles and expectations. Therefore, these “new kids” find it difficult to integrate into the current social system, where it is expected as a child, a teenager or young person to meet certain behavioral patterns.

Testimonies about indigo children

According to testimonies, it seems that many of the “new kids” remember their past lives they had lived, astonishing their parents with their stories. Some of them come “awake” spiritually speaking, talking to adults about a new spiritual vision of the universe and existence. Aware of their eternal spirit, the unity of GOD’s creation, they show compassion and empathy towards all that is alive on this planet.
Although many indigo children still have not remembered the mission they have here, however, by their simple presence, they help to elevate the planetary level of consciousness, for the Earth to step into a higher dimension of peace and love, where wars and power struggles will no longer exist.

When asked about GOD, the responses of some little four year old indigo children sounded like this:
 ”GOD? Just listen to your heart. ”
“You can say: Lord, can you hear me? And he will speak. It’s like talking to yourself.”
“All you need is to hear the words in your head. ”
“GOD is love; GOD is GOD of course that GOD exists.”

This is a testimony of a teacher who has studied the behavior of indigo children: “The most spectacular thing I noticed was how they formed groups, approaching each other, especially around a child who was sick or upset. Most often they gathered in pairs, but sometimes they formed groups or sat in a triangle or diamond shape. It was so natural for them, that when a child needed something from the indigo children they would just go and sit beside him for a while not even talking, then would leave.”

“What is violence, children?” A beautiful girl with stars in her eyes said “It’s easy; there are some beautiful flowers, violets. I smell them every day and they make me happy. “(Robert P Ocker, professor)

“My daughter asked me a few days ago for some cough syrup. When I hesitated to give, she said: you know, Mommy, it is not the drug that actually helps me… the truth is that I think it will take effect, so that it works.”

One day, the girl was angry with her father and said “You have to be nice to me! You wanted me, so you had me. Now you better take care of me! “(Linda Etheridge, teacher)

My wife and I tell Nicholas who is two years old that we love him. Sometimes he tells us he loves us too, but most often Nicholas agrees with us: “I love myself too”. (John O.)

“Once, my angels told me that the stars are angels and their names are Star Angels. The star of desires is everyone’s angel. Star Angels have to take care of everyone here on Earth – no matter what. “(Megan Shubik, eight years old)

“When he visited me last Christmas, my seven year old grandson named Matthew, I offered him a massage session. He told me then that he saw lights moving high above in the dark room. He often speaks about his desire to return back to God and about incineration.” (Sunny G.)

“Our son brought his pregnant girlfriend to live with us. One morning, about six weeks before the baby was born, I noticed in the corner of the living room a pillar of bright light. The pillar of light continued to occur continuously until the child was born and then for another two months. Meanwhile, everyone in the house saw it and they were convinced it was true, though at first did not believe me. The little girl told me when she was one and a half years old that she does not like to sleep and dream. When she was three and a half years old told me that she remembered the blood in her mother’s womb and that it was bad for her, and she did not like to be there. “(Mary V.)

“When Sean, nine years old came into my homeopathy practice, accompanied by his mother, he had a strained expression, something like “Here we go again.” He would wet the bed every night and he had already been to several therapists but all failed to help. Usually, I ask my children to draw their families, but this time, when I looked into Sean’s eyes, I said something different: “I know you know what you need, please draw me that thing.”The child smiled widely, drawing a representation of a homeopathic remedy that I recognized. I showed him a large box with 200 remedies and he passed his hand over them saying that it is not there. Then I showed him another box and again he walked his hand over them, slowing down in one place. He then took out that box and holding it in his hand, closed his eyes and swayed slightly. Sean then said he felt better and since then, his bed is always dry. “(Ann C.)

“While working with a group of children at a primary school, I asked them to write about a significant life experience from their life. An eighth grade boy stood up and asked: “Do you know what the most significant experience of the past 100 years was?” The students looked at each other with questioning eyes and said they did not know. Then the pupil answered honestly: “I am.” Immediately, the other children began to laugh confused. With kindness and respect I approached him, looking with understanding in his confused eyes, saying “It is exactly like this! I am glad you’re here.’ “(Robert Ocker, professor)

“My daughter told me one day about Colin, my two years old grandson: “Oh, mother, let Colin tell you what he told me today.”And Collin said:” No, I don’t want to. “My daughter insisted and then the boy said quickly:” I told my mother about the time we lived in the land of Magog (land described in the Old Testament) and she was not my mother then, she was my friend, then history came and we no longer existed. “(Nancy T.)

“One day I was walking with my three years old son Joshua on the beach. At one point, he asked me who Michelangelo was. I said that he was an artist.

 Oh, yes, he painted the sky, didn’t he?

 -Yes, he painted the “sky” of a large church. Why, did you meet him?

-Yeah, I knew him, he was a good man.

-What do you mean Joshi, tell me more?

 -Daddy, it happened long, long time ago. “(C. Richards)

Some examples of indigo children

Akiane Kramarik is recognized worldwide as a genius indigo child and inspired by God. Self-taught painter and poet, Akiane was born in an atheist family (they did not at all believe in God) on July 9, 1994, in the town of Mount Morris in the U.S. State of Missouri. At four years old she had her first spiritual experience then was when she also started to draw. Thanks to her, all her family converted to Christianity. Her mother tells about the day her daughter confessed that she knows God.

“- Today I met GOD – Akiane said.

– How do you know that was God?

– Just as I know you are my mother and you know I am Akiane.

– But who’s taught you to use the word God?

– I’d tell you, Mom, but you would not understand.”

The girl began to paint at the age of six, and a year later she began to write poems and aphorisms. She says that her inspiration comes from visions, dreams, contemplation of nature, of people and from God. Akiane hopes that people find hope in the presence of her paintings. With each new creation, the girl’s aspiration is that what she paints or composes to be a gift to God and a support for people.

The girl’s greatest wish is for all people to love God and to love one another. As Akiane says, her mission in this life is to send all over the world her love to God and to all people.

Boris Kipriyanovici was born on January 11, 1996 in the city Zhirinovsk of the region Volgograd, Russia. At the age of seven, he made the front page of the newspapers in his country due to his amazing knowledge about the universe and reports about Mars. His mother, Nadejda said that although the newborns cannot fixate their eye sight, as soon as her son was born he looked her in the eyes, sustaining his head by himself. At the age of eight months, Boris began to utter whole sentences. The child was not yet three years old when he began to tell his parents about the universe.

“Sometimes he would sit in lotus position and begin to tell us more about Mars and about other cultures than the current and his words would shock us. He was able to list all the planets of the solar system, including their satellites. He always talked about galaxies, indicating their name and number. At first I panicked thinking that my son was mad but then I decided to check what he said. I read some books on astronomy and I was amazed to see that those names really existed and Boris knew so much about this science.” He also talks as if it happened yesterday, about the Lemurian civilization and its destruction. According to the scientific evidence, Lemurians lived about 70 000 thousand years ago and were very advanced compared to the people today.

“When I took the boy to various scholars, including some UFO researchers, astronomers and historians, all agreed that it was impossible for Boris to invent the things he had been speaking about since a very young age. He uses foreign languages and specific terms that are especially known by the scientists studying these phenomena.” Because he could not adjust to school, because he would always interrupt his teachers telling them they were wrong, Boris’s parents had to hire him tutors. In addition to his numerous extra sensorial abilities that the ones around him have seen in him, but about which Boris does not want to speak, the child is compassionate and empathetic to the suffering around him. His mother gives an example: “When the Kruskal submarine sank, Boris suffered a lot and his whole body hurt. Also, during the crisis in Beslan in 2004, he refused to go to school because he of the suffering he felt inside. Asked about this, Boris said that he was burning inside and knew that this crisis would end in a dramatic way.” Asked how she felt about death, Boris said that he was not afraid of death because he lives forever. He said that “people should not suffer for the mistakes of the past but know as soon as possible what it is destined for them in the present, to seek to reach those heights and move forward in fulfilling their dreams. They should become more friendly and better. If someone strikes you, hug your enemy, apologize and kneel before him. If someone hates you, love him with all your love and devotion that you have and ask for forgiveness.”

According to Dr. Vladislav Lugovenko, a famous Russian scientist (who spent more time with Boris); it is perfectly possible for the extrasensory skills of people to be measured with special devices. He also says that many scientists across the globe conduct research on the special “new children”. “Boriska is one of the children who are called indigo. It seems that these children have the mission to transform the planet earth. According to the conducted studies, many of them have improved DNA spiral which give them an excellent immune system. I have been researching this phenomenon for a long time and I can tell you that I met such children worldwide. I am sure they will transform the human civilization in the future.”

Matias Stefano is a 25 year old young man of VENADO Tuerto Argentina, who currently holds spirituality workshops in Spain and South America. He was born in August of 1987, growing into a family that had no spiritual, religious or metaphysical interests. During his childhood and teenage years, the boy went through extraordinary spiritual experiences and even if his mother did not understand what was happening with him, she always supported him by refusing to administer medication that the doctors prescribed to her son. Here is an excerpt from Matthias’ story:

“I am one of those indigo children who were born lately to bring a new consciousness. In the first seven years of my life, I could see the ethereal beings that almost all the indigo children can see. These “imaginary friends” were elemental spirits and also angelic beings that helped me understand the reality in which I was. There followed a period of 11 years when I had to gradually remember everything I did before coming here on earth, to write all these and to draw them. At that time I received countless visions and memories accompanied by some very big headaches that ceased only when I turned 18. All the physical pain I endured as a teenager came along with millions of emotions and memories, all having gigantic proportions for me. A large part of my mission here on earth is to remember. Before I embodied, I was working at what here on earth is called the Akashic records, and that is why I can remember. “My essence” was used to working with huge amounts of information and knowledge. For I had already known how to organize this information, my guides in the subtle level allowed me to remember ever more. When we remember, a part of our brain that unites us with the cosmic memory activates. Everyone can do this, but some of us already come specialized in it.”

”Another part of my mission is to help organize the knowledge that humanity has now, to be able to understand what the current (at earth, galactic and universal level) process of the earth crossing to a higher dimension means and what is our role is as humanity in it. All the projects I work at are called Ater Tumti, which means, “Heaven on Earth”. This expression is in Sayonic language, language that was spoken on the nowadays coast of Egypt 9000 years ago BC and that my spiritual guides allowed me to me to remember. At that time, Ater TUMTI expressed the Divine Plan for which humanity was created, to bring the heavenly awareness on earth, in order to support the development of the planet. The being that is our planet is in constant evolution and the races that populate this world, both inside and on its surface, have the capacity and mission to help in the process of “enlightenment of the planet”. 

„In the past 12 000 years, humanity has gone through the spiritual cycles of the galactic autumn and winter. The mission of the human beings in this period was to work here on earth and to purify their experiences by living them fully. So in the last 12 000 years humanity has fallen from its divine essence. During these 12,000 years, man has specialized in matter and density. The year 2012 is the year in which this “cycle of density” ends and a spiritual cycle of 12,000 years of galactic spring and summer starts. The Earth is meant to turn into a sun. We who are now on earth have the mission to help the planet to follow this path of ascent. Our work, of humanity is to help and stimulate the Earth to “enlighten” consciously. The year 2012 is not the end of the world although the transformation process could be perceived as tough. It will take at least 200 years (from the ’70s and ’80s until around 2050). In this transitional period, humanity will adapt to changes on the surface of the Earth, which will go through tectonic and climatic changes, to start the galactic spring. We should not be afraid of catastrophes, what should concern us is the lack of communication and the many problems which it generates.” 

„The most important thing is to let ourselves guided by what the earth experiences now. In a process as strong as the elevation of vibration it is important to balance ourselves as much emotionally and do breathing exercises. Also, food should be as pure as possible. We need to have patience and to respect the pace of transformation and that of the planet because we are on the good track. I would suggest people to become the masters of their own knowledge. I do not introduce new things, but rather I explain what is happening currently in a simple manner, based on the information I have received. It is necessary for historical events to be clearly presented and the myths that make humanity live currently in despair to be destroyed.”

Considering that now we witness the beginning of a fundamental spiritual transformation of the human race, we can expect that as we progress in this period of transition to a new dimension, to have more and more evolved souls reincarnate on planet earth. According to existing studies up to now on the “phenomenon of indigo children” it was noticed an increased capacity of the psychic and creative intelligence in children born in the last 10-20 years. If it really takes at least 200 years to complete the installation of a new level of consciousness all across the planet, we can say that the generations that follow will belong, to a very large extent, to the “New Earth” of the Spiritual Truth.

Whether we are “indigo children” or not, we all have a chance to be here, in this period of extraordinary transformation through which our planet goes through and thus we are offered the chance to evolve spiritually with her very much. It is important to note that for human beings engaged in a genuine spiritual path, the chances that they become “indigo people” or even more than that is very high. As yogis, it is essential for us to put into practice the numerous spiritual processes that we have available.


26 June 2012


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