Judge Mădălina Afrăsinie says: “I am not judging you because you got vaccinated. Very good. But that doesn’t give you the right to blame me and restrict my rights because I decided not to get vaccinated.”

Judge Mădălina Afrăsinie from the Bucharest Tribunal criticized the new system being installed in Romania because of the anti-covid vaccine, which ended up dividing people into two camps: the camp of the vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated.

Call for decency

I’m not judging you for getting vaccinated. Very good. It is your right to choose! I respect your choice! I don’t look at you with an air of superiority, but that doesn’t give you the right to blame me and restrict my rights because I decided not to get vaccinated.

The aggressive campaigns you perform make me reluctant to the ‘miracle’ serum.

Do you remember when doctors came out and praised the vaccine, even though many of them had been sponsored during their careers by the pharmaceutical companies that produced it?

As a miscellaneous fact, in my profession, if you receive money from a part of a case that you judge, after taking some courses, you are excluded from the judiciary!

I have given this example just as a miscellaneous fact, all the more so as the Law is clear regarding… the publicity made by the medical staff.

I have asked a series of questions about this vaccine and I received no answers.

Why did I ask? Because my profession is not that of a doctor and I have the right to be informed. I still have this right! It’s true, I don’t know for how long.

Was I wrong to ask? Do I still have any rights in this country of Statistics?

For over 15 years, the society has been divided! ‘Congratulations’! You have managed to deepen this rift even further. Now there is no longer only the private employee who is working and the ‘fat’ state employee living on the back of the private employee, the retirees humiliated by those ‘with shameless pensions’, now there are the vaccinated and ‘the terrorists’ (those who are not vaccinated).

Debatable measures are being taken and under rounds of applause! Did you forget? This is how a dictatorship is established. With applause!

And do you know what else you forgot? Or do you not want to accept? The fact that there are still judges. And not just in Berlin!

Otherwise, I am convinced that you will continue the campaign to… (re) educate those who still have the courage to speak out, because that defines you! By dividing ‘us’ you will reduce us to silence!”, stated Afrăsinie.


June 19, 2021


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