KALI, the great Cosmic Power of Time

a synthesis made by Verona Buţu and Dan Bozaru

“KALI is the great Cosmic Power of the Energy of Time and for the one who adores her, she is the one who grants Spiritual Liberation. KALI always protects and inspires those who know and love her. For the fearless, KALI is the Terrible, the Destroyer of Time. As the dark Shakti of Shiva, KALI is the space, air, fire, water and earth. KALI carries out all the physical desires of Shiva. She governs the sixty-four arts and she is also the one that produces the Joy and endless Happiness of the Master of the whole Creation. KALI is Shakti (the Feminine Cosmic Force) in Her Purely Transcendental aspect. KALI is the Night of the Darkness from which the mysterious energy of Time springs.”


KALI is the cosmic Force of time

The great Cosmic Power KALI, one of the most emotional personifications of the primary female energy in the cosmic drama, has gained great popularity and she is often the subject of a full of fervor devotion in Tantric worship. She is, not at all accidentally, the symbol of power representing the unity of the transcendent.

This Great Cosmic Power got to be worshipped in her many forms in many parts of the world. Thus, in Nepal, it is known as Guhyakali; the Greeks used the name Kalli, formerly there existed a city named Kallipolis (currently Gallipoli); in Finland, the name of Kalma (Kali Ma) is also attributed to goddess Kali; even the Gypsies who came from India adore her under the name Sara Kali; in prehistoric Ireland the priestesses were called Kelles, because they were the worshipers of goddess Kele. Many other examples can be found.

The worship of Kali is characterized by a steady abandonment of oneself in front of Mother. By expressing their love and faith, the worshipper obtains a more profound spiritual consciousness and a gets closer to their own inner truth.

We briefly present you the contents of this ample material on the Great Cosmic Power KALI:

1. The act of the universal creation. The whole universe is Kali’s stage
 In Tantric cosmology, the whole universe (the macrocosm) is considered as being born and constantly supported by the dual forces of SHIVA-SHAKTI, the masculine and feminine principle; however, the Supreme Goddess says in Devibhagavata says: “At the time of the final dissolution (pralaya), I am no longer man or woman, or neutral.” She becomes devoid of form and attributes in this last aspect of reality. Read the full text here…

2. Aspects of the Great Cosmic Power KALI
 In his vision, Ramakrishna describes Kali as follows: “The world in its totality is the toy of the Divine mother, which, under various aspects, plays with it. Sometimes she is Mahakali, unconditioned, formless. Another time It is as the immortal Nitya-Kali, separate from her work. In another aspect, she is Smasana-Kali, the being who reigns over death, over the destruction of everything. She is on the other hand Rakshya-Kali, standing in front of us, always ready to protect and bless her children that love her (the worshippers). She also appears as Shyama, the intensely blue charming Mother, accompanied by the God of Eternity and Infinity.” Read the full text…

3. The traditional symbolic representation of the Great Cosmic Powers, KALI
Kali is often depicted, as the Divine Universal Mother, being surrounded by a lot of other gods and goddesses. She is at the same time the low and the unscrupulous in the Creation, but also she is the highest refinement and subtlety in the various spheres of the Manifestation. Devoid of any sizes and spatial-temporal objectivities, she however takes countless forms and names in order to meet the most hidden desires of her fervent worshipers. Kali is represented in most aspects as having a black body, holding in her many hands symbolic objects or making mudras (symbolic gestures), with garlands or necklaces with dead heads around the neck, having her tongue pulled out and dancing on the inert body of Shiva, in the midst of a burning pyre. She appears as the aspect of Death, transcending Illusion. Read the full text here…

4. The Tantric Sadhana. Ways of adoring the Great Cosmic Power of Time, KALI
The great Yogi and liberated Ramakrishna said: “What does the strength of a disciple consist of? Of his tears of longing for God. Just as a mother cannot resist to the desire of her crying child, so God grants His child who cries with longing for Him, His Supreme grace.” Read the full text…

5. Hymns of praise dedicated to the Great Cosmic Power KALI
“Great Goddess, who are You?”
She responds: “In my essence I am in Brahman (the Absolute or God).
Out of me the world was formed at the beginning…” Read the continuation here…


6. The Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power KALI
A YANTRA is a simple geometric diagram in which there are synthesized the essential symbolic characteristics of a certain great Cosmic Power, a deity or a certain divine energy of the Macrocosm. It is used for the purpose of a telepathic consonance, to accomplish the fusion with the Consciousness or the reality of that sphere of force, being a key symbol of her divine characteristics, powers, or of certain fundamental aspects.  You can see here the yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Kali…


5 iulie 2012


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