Let’s Stay Open And Always Attract In Our Being The Divine Energy Of Forgiveness When Necessary

by yoga teacher Gergorian Bivolaru

Just like the energy of love, happiness, or joy, so does the divine energy of forgiveness exists – that we can tune to through the occult resonance process. The same way love attracts love, happiness attracts happiness, in the same way the forgiveness attracts forgiveness. In order to generate in our inner universe the state of forgiveness, we need to attract in our being the subtle energy of forgiveness.

That state of utmost sensibility that love assigns to our life, a specific vulnerability incurred by the surrendering and the state of unselfishness towards the beloved one, can sometimes lead to suffering. In some situations, it is possible not only to hurt the one we love, without intention, but sometimes we may risk ourselves such harm. Such situations, in which some human beings undergo sorrow, caused by love, are almost unavoidable. It is however essential to remember that all these suffering are showing, in fact, our incapacity to detach.

The ones that are capable to detach will never be affected and, as a result, they will never suffer because of love. However let’s see what can be done in the case of those, that due to their incapacity to instantly become detached, they suffer or feel hurt because of love. For the ones unable to detachment, love can leave behind all kind of pains of pain and even scars in the soul. The supreme remedy that heals it all is as simple as it is irresistible: the divine energy of forgiveness.

The approach of the law of talion – which implies „a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye” – will result in each human being has the right to revenge. Such being would have no apparent reason to forgive. However the forgiveness is not only a welcome action of psychic therapy. Forgiveness is also an action that reveals the soul hidden behind the wounded heart.

Every human being in sorrow has faced aspects, situations and experiences apparently unforgivable. All these stir in the human being the huge urge of revenge. But for such situations, which we can be assessed as spiritual lessons and initiation tests, we would never truly learn what forgiveness is. Nevertheless, we have to forgive.

When we manage to forgive, the forgiveness that appears does not necessarily mean forgetting (the complete repression from our memory of the detail or action which has hurt us), nor does it mean turning a blind eye (playing the fool). Forgiveness doesn’t mean pretending, in a ridiculous way that nothing has actually happened (relying on all kind of speculations, obviously bizarre). On the contrary, forgiveness implies the lucid and detached examination of the suffering and of the scars from all points of view, which will be then completely healed, by the divine subtle energy of forgiveness, which shall enable similar effects simultaneously echoed at the level of the soul. 

In order to forgive, we must bring upon in our inner universe, through invocation, the subtle energy of forgiveness. This can be done through sincere, humble and deep love begging of help from GOD THE FATHER. In such situation, after we have consecrated the fruits of this action to GOD THE FATHER, we would ask GOD THE FATHER to bestow into our being the divine energy of forgiveness. In the standing position, best eastward, we would then say the following simple and efficient prayer: “LORD ALMIGHTY, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, I BEG YOU WITH ALL MY HUMBLENESS TO POUR INTO MY BEING YOUR DIVINE ENERGY OF FORGIVNESS. I IMPLORE YOU TO HELP ME TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FORGIVE ALL WHO HAVE CAUSED ME GRIEF, BY THEIR WILL OR NOT. THANK YOU FOR HEARING MY PRAYER AND FOR HELPING ME. AMEN.”

Then we shall say this simple prayer minimum seven times and every time, in the end, we will feel the divine subtle energy of forgiveness flowing down in our being through the head crown, and flooding our whole being. When we feel that this flow of divine subtle energy of forgiveness stops, we then start on the second prayer and continue the same way with each prayer.

In the end of these prayers, we think clearly to the human being that we wish to forgive and the actions or situations for which we forgive her/ him. We will then feel how the divine subtle energy of forgiveness operates as an ineffable action, at the end of which a specific state of relief and inner purification appears, to point that the divine subtle energy of forgiveness has accomplished this annihilation with success. In the end, we may check whether forgiveness is efficient or not, in a state of complete detachment towards the aspects, actions and situations that have caused us suffering as much as and towards the human being that has triggered it.

In case we still notice some strange tendencies, showing us that forgiving is not completely attained yet, this process will be resumed until the state of complete detachment will occur in our being as presented above.

Here is another method that helps us forgive by means of the divine energy of forgiveness. In his situation we have to utter again for seven times the prayer stated above, in this chapter before applying it. Then, after we topped our being with the divine energy of forgiveness, we pass on to the next stage and apply the method we are going to expose now.

Let’s see the exact steps of the action in order to forgive. First of all we shall put ourselves in the shoes of that one who had hurt us. Keeping this attitude, we’ll start thinking what we would have done in his/her shoes, given the same conditions. Then, we have to wonder in plain lucidity and detachment how we would have acted.

We will immediately consider the person who caused that pain or sorrow, beyond the offending conditions and through our creative imagination we’ll put him/her in a completely different frame. For instance, we may try to imagine that person as he/she looked as a child, or, even better, we’ll remember thoroughly a situation when we met it and got on very well with.

In the end of this visualisation we’ll stay our eyes closed, in a state of collectedness and then aspire to completely open our heart, calling the help of GOD OUR FATHER, asking Him to cover our heart and being with the subtle energy of His infinite compassion.

In the end of this action, there must emerge the state of complete detachment we have previously stated. When fulfilled by means of the subtle energy of forgiveness, inspired from the Macrocosm, forgiveness means a double gift. It releases the forgiven one from the feeling of guilt and also removes the specific sorrow, pain and stress always prevailing in the heart of the being that lacks forgiveness.

We should mention that forgiveness fulfilled by means of the subtle energy of forgiveness shows the forgiven one in a new light, which is the mysterious light of love and not of judging. The state of detachment that will appear soon after forgiveness is achieved is a sign that we certainly managed to forgive for good. In case this state of complete detachment is not there yet we will resume the process for several times till we succeed. We may add that at the beginning it is difficult to operate with the divine energy of forgiveness, but as we get the necessary experience it will turn out easier. As we stated in the beginning forgiveness attracts forgiveness. The occult resonance process will unavoidably begin there.

As a conclusion, we need to understand that when we don’t forgive the one who hurt us, the state of trouble and torment sticks to our heart and triggers a state of occult resonance that will feed that sorrow till the energy of forgiveness removes these wounds for good. Whereas judging tenses the soul and inflicts endless sorrow, forgiveness sets it free and providing peace makes it bloom.
22 march 2008

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